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Top 10 Style Tips For Dapper Grooms

Today I am super excited to be sharing some fashion ideas and advice for those oft neglected guys of ours from the lovely peeps over at The Gentlemanual (a must read for any soon to be groom!) Because much as the talk and attention on the big day surrounds the bride and her dress, finding the groom’s attire can be just as challenging! So we’re here to help, with 10 ideas for a dapper groom’s look…..

Top 10 Ideas for Dapper Grooms

Top Style Tips for Dapper Grooms

Whenever you hear the phrase “wedding fashion,” it may immediately conjure up thoughts of wedding dresses. With so much of the focus placed on bridal attire, it’s understandable that the groom’s style decisions may feel less important, or altogether neglected. However, there has never been a better or more exciting time to get creative with your groom style.

Today more than ever, grooms (and wedding designers) are thinking outside of the box and experimenting with unconventional colors, textures, and elements to make groom suiting a unique and exciting experience. Gone are the days of slim pickings when it comes to acceptable outfits to wear when you say “I do,” but with so many options and directions to go, modern day groom suiting can be daunting. Here are 10 style tips to make your wedding day ensemble dapper……

1. Make Yourself Stand Out

Don’t spend too much time worrying about matching your groomsmen (or even your fiancé, for that matter). Yes, your looks should complement each other, and there should be elements of each of your looks that play into the other’s, but that’s not to say you should be carbon copies of one another, either. When it comes to you and your groomsmen, your outfit should be easily and noticeably distinguishable from the rest. You can achieve this by choosing different accessories, a different suit color, or even by subtly varying the outfit (say, you wear a suit jacket but your best men rock suspenders instead).

Mismatched Groom & GroomsmenMismatched Groom & GroomsmenMismatched Groom & GroomsmenMismatched Groom & Groomsmen

1 ~ Mi Amore Foto via SMP // 2 ~ Groom’s Suit Noose and Monkey, Photography by Ken Kienow Wedding Photography via Green Wedding Shoes // 3 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Zara, Photography by Melissa Fuller Photography  // 3 ~ Dan Stewart Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic // 4 ~ Groom’s & Groomsmen’s Attire ~ J.j.lindeberg, Photography by Blue Rose Photography via SMP

When it comes to your fiancé, both of your looks should emphasize your individual tastes, but you can easily incorporate complementary elements, like matching the colors of your accessories or jacket to her bouquet, for example.

Co-ordinating Bride & GroomCo-ordinating Bride & GroomCo-ordinated Bride & Groom

1 ~ Anna Delores Photography via Green Wedding Shoes // 2 ~ Photography Daniel Lopez Perez on Swooned via Aisle Society // 3 ~ Natalie McNally via Chic Vintage Brides


2. Think Beyond Black and White (and Gray)

A black tux with a crisp white shirt is standard groom fare. But these days, the suiting and color options are endless. When choosing the foundation of your look, consider alternative colors, suit separates, and other directions beyond your basic black and white.

Burgundy Groom's SuitSuit Separates for a Casual Groom's LookGroom & Groomsmen SeparatesBurgundy Groom's Attire

1 ~ Emma Case via Love My Dress // 2 ~ Groom & Groomsmen’s Attire ~ Wolf Kanat (Jacket) & Ben Sherman, Photography by Bless Photography via Chic Vintage Brides //  3 ~ Groom’s Suit ~ Country Road, Photography by Jimmy Raper Photography via Nouba // 4 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Zara, Photography by Jordan Voth Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

If you do opt for a suit though, go for the 3-piece. You’ll have a suit jacket when you walk down the aisle, but at the end of the day when you want to take the jacket off and dance, you’ll still look put together and sleek with a matching vest in tow.

Pale Blue 3 Piece Groom's Suit3 Piece Tweed Groom's SuitNavy Blue 3 Piece Groom's Suit

1 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ J.Crew, Photography by HannaMonika via Intimate Weddings // 2 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Jack London, Photography by The Kitcheners via Green Wedding Shoes // 3 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Espy, Photography by Milton Photography via Chic Vintage Brides


3. Get your Outfit Tailored or Go Bespoke

Fit is key! No matter what look you go for. So, if you’re getting a suit off the racks, be sure to pay your tailor a visit so that he can customize the best and most flattering fit for your build. Or, if you can afford to spend a little more, and if you’re planning to buy a suit that you will wear well beyond your wedding day, you may also want to consider opting for made-to-measure, or even bespoke, as either option will lend you a superior fit and comfort – that off-the-rack simply can’t beat.

Bespoke Groom's SuitGroom's SuitGreen & Yellow Vintage Summer Groom's AttireVintage Inspired Bride & Groom

1 ~ Suit ~ Alexander McQueen, Photography by Eclection Photography via Love My Dress // 2 ~ Leah Marie Photography via Bespoke Bride // 3~ Bespoke Suit ~ Tam Custom Tailor Shop, Photogrpahy by Sambajoy via Chic Vintage Brides


4. Consider a Vested or Jacket-Free Look

If you’re going to have a themed, outdoor, small, or vintage wedding, you could also consider an entirely different alternative to the traditional suit: going jacketless. This look can be achieved in several different ways. You can try out a vest and rolled-up sleeves for a rustic, vintage aesthetic. Or, go for some classic suspenders—the kind with buttons—for you and your groomsmen for a more casual, 20’s-inspired look. You could also do without any extras and simply don a tucked in button-up; just make sure that the level of formality (or lack thereof) of your ensemble is in line with the vibe of the wedding, as well as the venue.

Vested Rustic GroomSmart Jacketed Groom's LookVested Groom's LookVested Rustic Groom

1 ~ Sposto Photography via Chic Vintage Brides // 2 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Studio Suits, Photography by Leo Patrone via SMP // 3 ~ Waistcoats ~ Topman, Photographer by Michelle Lindsell Photography via Love My Dress // 4 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ ASOS & The Tie Bar, Photograhy by Kate Weinstein Photo via SMP


5. Try Out a Pattern

Patterns don’t have to be off limits, as long as you make sure you’re choosing them tastefully and not going overboard. If you’re leaning towards a solid suit, consider injecting some personality into your look with a patterned shirt. If you’re considering a patterned suit, try something classic like chalk stripes. Regardless of where you incorporate pattern, offset your look from the rest of the groomsmen’s by having them wear solid variations.

Patterned Groom's SuitPatterned Shirt and Contrasting Tie & BoutonnierePatterned Vintage Groom's SuitPatterned Groom's SuitChequed Groom's Pants

1 ~ Photography ~ Hayley Savage via Love My Dress // 2 ~ Suit ~ DKNY, Photography by Michael Radford Photography via Wedding Sparrow // 3 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Frama, Photography by Nataschia Wielink via Chic Vintage Brides // 4 ~ Groom’s Suit ~ J.Crew, Photography by Amanda Lenhardt Photography  via Coastal Bride // 5 ~ Attire ~ Topman, Photography by Phil Chester via Green Wedding Shoes


6. Elevate Your Neckwear

Just because your wedding color is garnet, or serenity, or amethyst, or, well, you get the picture, doesn’t mean you’re limited to solid-colored, one-note neckwear. Consider patterned or textured neckwear that falls into the color scheme of your wedding. Patterned or textured ties are an easy way to elevate your look from traditional to unique. As you consider alternatives to traditional colors, you should also consider alternatives to the standard necktie shape. While the tie may be some men’s preference, others may find that a skinny tie, bow tie, ascot, or even a tie-free ensemble is more fitting. It all comes down to your personal taste.

Alternative Groom's TieAlternative Groom's TieVelvet Bow TieGroom's Cravat TieGroom & Groomsmen with No Ties

1 ~ Lara Hotz via Chic Vintage Brides // 2 ~ Heather Roth Fine Art Photography via Chic Vintage Brides //  3 ~ Photography ~ Diana McGregor via Grey Likes Weddings // 4 ~ The Grovers via The Knot


7. Inject Personality into Your Accessories

An easy way to inject your ensemble with personality, and distinguish yourself from your groomsmen, is to choose fun, unique accessories – beyond your neckwear! Consider your socks, pocket squares, watch, and even your shoes as opportunities to get creative. If you like eye-catching footwear, consider a pair of socks or shoelaces that either reestablishes the theme or highlights who you are.

Dapper Groom's AccessoriesSuper Hero Groom & Groomsmen SocksVintage Groom's AccessoriesGroom's Watch

1 ~ Suit ~ The Marriage Vine, Photography by Sarah Hooker via Chic Vintage Brides // 2 ~ Zac Wolf via Chic Vintage Brides // 3 ~ Chyna Darner via Bride Chic // 4 ~ Grooms Suit ~ Reiss, Photography by Kitchener Photography via LMD


8. Consider a Boutonniere

Boutonnieres are a classy and traditional, but totally optional, accessory. These elusive accessories are reserved for formal occasions, as they are most commonly made with fresh flowers. If you choose to go the route of a boutonniere on your big day and want to avoid looking dated or frumpy, keep other accessories to a minimum and skip the pocket square. Go for smaller flowers, leaves/vines, or even a non-flora-based variation to make it more modern and sleek. Going the non-floral route opens up a whole world of opportunity for you (and your fiancé) to get creative. Incorporate a personal message, a nod to your wedding theme, or a symbol of something special into your boutonniere and wear it proudly.

Succulent BoutonniereGreenery BoutonniereBerry BoutonniereAlternative Boutonniere

1 ~ Boutonniere ~ Mary Mary Studio, Photography by Brown Paper Parcel via Chic Vintage Brides // 2 ~ Boutonniere ~ Jessica Sloane Event Styling & Design, Photography by Erich McVey via Junebug Weddings // 3 ~ Grooms Suit Alferano, Boutonniere Krämer, Photography by Marcos Sánchez via Rock my Wedding // 4 ~ KJ & Co


9. Mix Classic and Modern

You may find that certain elements of traditional groom attire are your preference, while certain modern details are also appealing to you too. Don’t feel like you have to skew 100% toward one or the other. It’s your wedding day, and your outfit, so mix things up as you see fit. If you are drawn to the look of a suit and black bow tie, but like the idea of incorporating your wedding color, do so by choosing a colorful suit or a bold pair of socks. If you like the look of a vest and bow tie but want to give it a modern flair, try achieving the silhouette with unorthodox patterns and colors, like gingham and stripes.

Burgundy Groom's SuitGroom in Bow Tie & BracersGroom & Groomsmen Socks Gingham Groom's AttireGingham Groom's Attire

 1 ~ Greg Finck Photography via SMP // 2 ~ Myranda Randle Photography via Chic Vintage Brides // 3 ~ Mekina Saylor Weddings  via SMP // 4 ~ Tim Coulson via Green Wedding Shoes // 5 ~ The McCartneys Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs


10. Play Up the Season

If you’re at a loss for how to customize your look, one of the easiest ways is to look to the season. If your wedding is taking place in the fall or winter, get playful with textures and rich colors. A tweed suit, knit tie, or velvet blazer could serve as great cold weather pieces. If you’re getting hitched in the spring, look into pastels and a suit that’s good for all seasons, like cotton or a cotton blend. If summer is the season for you and your fiancé, consider short-sleeve shirts, vests (or no vest/jacket whatsoever), and breathable fabrics in lighter colors.
Autumn Winter Groom's AttireWinter Groom's LookAutumn Groom's LookSummer Groom & GroomsmenSummer Groom

1 ~ Groom’s Suit ~ Costumecode, Photography by Aleksandra Sashina via Chic Vintage Brides // 2 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ Rock It Again, Photography by Noi Tran Photography via Chic Vintage Brides // 3 ~ Groom’s Attire ~ The Orange, Photography by ruudC Fotografie via Chic Vintage Brides // 4 ~ Groom & Groomsmen Attire ~ Banana Republic, Photography by Anna Kardos via Chic Vintage Brides

How are you planning to be a dapper groom on your wedding day? Whether it be with intriguing accessories, a bold color, or a nontraditional suit, enjoy your big day and stand tall. We’re sure you and your fiancé will look like a million bucks (but hopefully, without spending a million bucks!)

A huge thankyou to writer  and the folks over at The Gentlemanual for sharing their style tips for a dapper groom, I love each and every one of them! And if you did too, you might want to take a moment to peruse these 10 ways to style your groom vintage on your big day – it’s not all bow ties and suspenders!