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21 Ideas for a Gorgeous Garnet Wedding


Whilst many of us swoon over gemstones for their beauty, did you know that lovers in eras past assigned meanings to them too? For example, diamonds only became popular in engagement rings during the Victorian era because their clarity and durability symbolized eternity and the strength of love’s bond, isn’t that romantic? Well, I for one love the idea of hidden messages and thought it would be fun to re-look at the meanings behind our most cherished stones. And what could be a more perfect gem to start with than Garnet, which is of course the birthstone for January – as well as the state mineral of Connecticut, and New York’s gemstone…. I never even realised US states and cities had gemstones?!……

21 Gorgeous Garnet Wedding Ideas

Of course the Victorian’s weren’t the first to fall in love with semi precious stones, Garnets have been popular since Roman times! But because of the strict etiquette they lived by, the Victorians used the symbolism of these precious stones (and flowers!) to communicate their intimate emotions to those they most ardently admired. With each stone or bloom representing something different, love could be declared with a single bouquet or sentiment ring.

Whilst diamonds symbolize eternity and love’s strength, Garnet is a stone of love and passion; representing increasing commitment, honesty, hope, and faith. It may have been the birthstone of January long before the Victorians, but it was only when Tiffany & Co published 12 sweet poems (one for each month) in 1870 that they they really started to peak in popularity. January’s poem read…. “By her who in January is born,  No gem save garnets should be worn; They will ensure her constancy, True friendship, and fidelity.” Garnet is also the stone that celebrates the 2nd wedding anniversary – worth making a note of for that special occasion, don’t you think?

You don’t have to just rely on the gem alone to bring your wedding to life though! Garnet has come to mean not only the stone, but also the beautiful rich shade of red that they so often come in. So even if you prefer diamonds, emeralds or sapphires, you can still give a nod to the sentiments and symbolism with some creative incorporation of this deliciously dark hue. Here’s some ideas to get you started…..


Engagement Ring

Whether you were born in the month, planning to celebrate your big day in January, or just love the colour; garnet makes a beautiful alternative to the traditional diamond for an engagement ring…..

Garnet Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring SetGarnet Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring Set ~ By Laris



Give your guests a glimpse of your garnet theme with your stationery. Deep, dark and romantic it is a perfect shade for some olde world calligraphy, or if you’re nervous of garnet overkill on the day, just use it for your envelope…..

Garnet Wedding StationeryStationery ~ The Nouveau Romantics // Photography ~ Taylor Lord via Green Wedding Shoes

….you can always just add a touch of it to the inside of your envelopes!

Rose Floral Envelope LinerRose Floral Envelope Liner ~ Greyberry Design



Bridesmaids Dresses

Garnet is a bold and beautiful color choice for your bridesmaids! Universally flattering it has long been a favorite of Fall brides, but it can look just as lovely in Spring or Summer…..

Mismatched Garnet BridesmaidsBridesmaid Dresses ~ Jenny Yoo // Photography ~ Plum & Oak via Ruffled

Chic Vintage Brides Shop the Look

'Lovely as Lychee' Garnet Bridesmaid Dress‘Lovely as Lychee’ Dress ~ Modcloth


Bridal Bouquet

Garnet Bridal BouquetFloral Design ~ Broadturn Farm, Photography ~ Emily Delamater Photography ~ via SMP


Bridesmaids Bouquets

Or to keep them from becoming too deep, and lend them a look more becoming for Spring or Summer, bring in a few lighter tones. Soft shades of blush and pale pink, alongside plenty of mixed greenery also gives a more contemporary feel to the arrangements…..

Garnet Bridesmaid BouquetFloral Design ~ Wallflower Designs // Photography ~ Maggie Fortson Photography via Brenda’s Wedding Blog



Whether in vintage or modern pieces, garnets are a gorgeous choice for brides and bridesmaids alike…..

Garnet Drop EarringsRed Crystal Earrings ~ Poetry Jewelry

Vintage Garnet NecklaceAntique Necklace ~ Maejean Vintage


Aisle Arch

Garnet Wedding Aisle ArchForet Design Studio // Photography ~ HENRY + MAC via SMP


Floral Centerpieces

Garnet Floral Wedding Centerpiece

Spruce Floral // Photography ~ Dave Bradley via Boston Magazine


Chair Decor

Aisle FlowersSara & Rocky via Southern Weddings


Hair Accessories

Garnet Bridal Hair PinsPhotography ~  Cadence Kennedy, Hair Pins ~ Bobby Pin via Grey Likes Weddings



Glamorous Vintage Bridal MakeupCharlotte Tillbury

Chic Vintage Brides Shop the Look



Garnet Bridal ShoesDynamic Debut Heel ~ Modcloth


Place Settings & Tablescapes

Garnet Place SettingPhotography by Ashley Cook Photography via Hey Wedding Lady

Garnet Place Setting Lani Elias Fine Art Photography via Once Wed


Wedding Cake Topper

Garnet Bird Wedding Cake TopperGarnet Bird Wedding Cake Topper ~ Lovenesting


Grooms Attire

You could be brave and go with a suit in this gorgeous shade….

Garnet Groom's 3 Piece SuitGarnet Suit ~ ASOS

Or for something a little more subtle, offer a hint of Garnet with some well chosen accessories, like a velvet bowtie? Boutonniere? Or even just a watch?…..

Groom's Garnet BowtieGroom's Garnet BowtieGarnet Velvet Bowtie ~ Scocca Papillon

Garnet Floral BoutonniereAbigail Steed Photography ~ Pom Pom Blossom

Garnet Men's Watches


Wedding Cake

When it comes to your cake, you can either go all out and have it iced in this fabulous shade for an opulent look that will wow your guests; or for something a little more understated decorate a traditional white cake with a painted layer and some fresh flowers, or choose something all together different…..

Garnet Wedding CakeCasey Hendrickson Photography

Painted Garnet Wedding CakeThe Pretty Little Details Co. // Florals & Styling ~ Magdalen Hill // Photography ~ Meredith Lord via Paper + Lace

Garnet Cheese Wedding CakeThe Bespoke Cheese Company // Photography ~ Emma Barrow  via Want That Wedding

Garnet is a color I never even considered when planning our wedding – I think because I saw it as more dowdy than divine! But it’s fair to say that Spring Jewels inspiration board and this little roundup has given me a whole new appreciation for this lavish shade.

And I am already looking forward to February’s birthstone which is amethyst – I have always been partial to purple!