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Everything You Need to Know About Pocket Squares

Today I am pleased to be welcoming back Chic Vintage Brides‘ resident gurus of groom’s attire, the folks over at The Gentlemanual. You may remember they popped in a while ago to share these 10 fabulous style tips for dapper grooms? Well this time they are shedding some sartorial light on the humble pocket square. Sharing everything you could possibly need to know about that little piece of fabric that nestling in a suit (or waistcoat) pocket can elevate a Groom’s look from dull to dapper!

The concept of a pocket square is a little weird, and probably the last thing you’re thinking about when planning the big day. You may even ask yourself how on earth could a functionally useless piece of fabric nested inside a pocket be considered “style”?

Well we’ll just start right out and say that yes, while there may be no definitive “utility” involved in wearing a pocket square, not everything needs to be about function, especially on this day of celebration.

Pocket Squares

Bryce Covey Photography via SMP

For some men, pocket squares are still, understandably, regarded as foreign territory. Often times, men who don’t don pocket squares either feel that doing so would draw too much attention to their outfit, or simply haven’t considered including them in their style arsenal yet (because of the whole lack-of-function thing).

But your wedding day is perhaps the most dapper you’ll ever be dressed. Such an occasion calls for a little extra formality, and the devil really is in the details.  No, in this case, it’s all about style–and that’s exactly what adding a pocket square to your ensemble will do for you!

Simple White Pocket Square

White Images via Chic Vintage Brides

Now before you go looking for the perfect pocket square for your wedding day look, you should know a few basic pocket square rules. Here are the most important things to keep in mind:

1. Usually we’re staunchly against the matching tie and pocket square look. Rather, it should complement a color found on your tie, or contrast your tie altogether. However, we’ll make an exception for wedding parties due to their coordinating nature, and sometimes matching is acceptable. A simple pattern in the same color can help you avoid the full monochrome look.

Matching Tie & Pocket Square

Carrie King Photographer via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Paisley Pocket Square

Alexa Poppe via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Vintage Inspired Groom
Groom's Bowtie & Boutonniere

Photography – Madeline Druce via Chic Vintage Brides

2. No matter which fold you choose, make sure that the resulting look doesn’t get bulky–you want to avoid pocket bulge. Your jacket pocket should still sit relatively flat against your jacket.

Most of these folds are designed in such a way that this problem doesn’t arise, but if you have a particularly thick pocket square (or a smaller-than-average pocket), just keep on experimenting with folds until you find one that works.

Purple Pocket Square

Bonnie Jenkins via Nouba

Grey Pocket Square

Ryan Ray Photography via Wedding Chicks

Yellow Boutonniere & Bow Tie

Photographer – Radostina Photography via Chic Vintage Brides

3. Pocket squares are perfect for your entire party. Consider letting each groomsmen show some personality with a pocket square of their choosing. As long as it’s in the dominant color scheme of the rest of your accessories, you’ll still look cohesive.

Mismatched Groomsmen

Natalie Watson via SMP

4. Your fold should match your mood first, and the formality of your wedding second. Sure, some folds are more formal than others, but honestly, a pocket square is a dressy accessory by nature, no matter how you scrunch it up. Whether your ceremony is seaside or in a grand ballroom, the subtle touch won’t feel out of place.

If you decide on pocket squares for the whole wedding party, make sure everyone is in agreement about which fold to go with. The three-point fold is great for black tie attire, while the presidential fold is better with a blazer look.

Brown Star Spangled Pocket Square

Sarah Horton Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Rust Fall Pocket Square

Lucy Greenhill  via Rock My Wedding

5. And don’t be afraid to wear a pocket square as a guest! There is no rule that says pocket squares are for the wedding party only, so if you’re serious about style, consider wearing a pocket square to every wedding. Wear a square and tie to all formal affairs, and opt for a blazer and square (sans tie) for your more casual celebrations.

Guests Pocket Square

Leighanne Herr via Junebug Weddings

Silver Satin Pocket Square

Bryce Covey Photography via SMP

Pocket squares are little pieces of fabric that speak volumes. We’ll be honest, you might not be the first person people want to see on your wedding day (that would be the lovely lady in the white dress) but as the groom, you are a close second.

A little pop of color or pattern nestled inside your jacket pocket is a sign of sophistication, and also serves as an instant improvement to whatever you’re wearing. So reach for a square and start experimenting with colors, patterns, and folds until you find something that resonates with you and the rest of your wedding party.

Skull Pocket Square

CLY By Matthew via Chic Vintage Brides

Be sure to check out 12 of the most popular ways to fold your pocket square over on Ties – I don’t think you can beat the The Presidential!

A huge thankyou to writer RJ Firchau and everyone over at The Gentlemanual for again sharing their expert knowledge with us – who would have thought such a small piece of fabric could be folded so many ways?! If you loved this post, be sure have a look at their other posts on Tie Bars & suspenders, as well as their advice on wearing a bold colored suit on your big day, and Winter suits. If you long to see more Groom & Groomsmen attire inspiration, click here to look at some of Chic Vintage Brides most popular posts.