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How to Wear a Bold Colored Suit on Your Wedding Day

Today I am excited to be welcoming back gurus of all things groom’s attire, the folks over at The Gentlemanual. You may have seen their fabulous insights over the last few months on the humble pocket square, the sartorial staple that is suspenders and the must have for creating a polished look on your big day (unless you’re wearing a bow tie of course) the tie bar! Well this time they are sharing advice for your groom and groomsmen on how to rock a bold colored ensemble on your big day…..

How to Wear a Bold Coloured Suit on Your Wedding Day

How to Wear a Bold Coloured Suit

“You’ve got your suiting basics down. In your closet, you’ll find tailored charcoal, navy, and khaki suits. Although these suits will take you through the seasons, your wedding day requires something more memorable. Fall and winter may call for heavy and textured fabrics, and spring for something lighter and brighter. But no matter your wedding date, this post is for you. Today, we’re talking about color. A bold suit, on top of being a fun alternative to your usual, is sure to to be a showstopper. This striking choice will help you easily stand out among your wedding party and though your bride may feel bound by tradition, you certainly aren’t! Here are some tips on how to make a bold suit even better.

Emerald Groom

Photography – Sambajoy via Chic Vintage Brides


Accessorize with Restraint

You’re already wearing a show-stealing suit, and the last thing you’d want is for your accessories to distract from that. You want your ties, shoes, lapels, etc. to complement the outfit, rather than draw all the attention. Think in terms of brown, tan, beige, and black. This isn’t to say that other colors aren’t doable. If you want to add more color, it is possible, but requires a more in-depth understanding of color combination.

Golden Yellow Groom's SuitGolden Yellow Groom's Suit

Photography – Apryl Ann Photography via SMP

Accessories are also a great way to create cohesion between yourself and your wedding party. If you’re wearing  a bottle green suit, groomsmen could try suspenders or a bowtie in the same tone.

Blue Groom's Suit

Photography – Finch Photo via Chic Vintage Brides


Consider the Season

When selecting the color of your suit be sure to consider the season in which you are getting married – also worth keeping in mind when choosing the fabric of your suit too! Most times when a groom selects a bold suit, he chooses something within the color palette of the wedding, which will likely be seasonally appropriate.

Groom in a Pale Pink SuitVintage Inspired Groom & Groomsmen

Photography – M & J Photography via Rock My Wedding

If you decided to go farther off the beaten path, remaining in a complementary color family will make your look cohesive. Jewel tones like burgundy or emerald are great for fall and winter, while soft pastels such as a coral or yellow are perfect for spring and summer.

Bold Groom's Suit

Photography – Kylee Yee Photography via Love My Dress


Fit is King

We’re sure you know this already, but it always helps to get down to the basics. Unless you’re buying bespoke, most suits will need tailoring. Learn how to talk to your tailor, and make sure your fit is pristine. Color, especially brighter tones, are much less forgiving of an imperfect fit. Remember, this is going to be one of the most (if not the most) important days of your life, and the last thing you want is to be tugging at your suit throughout the day. Not to mention, there will be plenty of photos as well.

Royal Blue Groom's Suit

Photography – Lynette Boyle Photography via SMP


Confidence is Key!

When it comes to wearing a bold colored suit on your wedding day, wearing it with confidence is key. You may not be accustomed to wearing a lot of a single color, but rock it as though you’ve been wearing it for years and you will wow your guests almost as much as your bride!

Checked Grey & Purple Groom's SuitChecked Grey & Purple Groom's Suit

Photography – Bless Photography via Chic Vintage Brides

Because they’re not traditional, some may see choosing color for such a big day as a bit of risk. But hey, bold suits are the next step into defining your personal style, and a little risk can go a long way. Just remember this day is about you and your bride. A wedding is first and foremost a celebration, and a bold suit will reflect exactly that. So, pick a color, find the suit, tailor it, and above all, enjoy it.”

Chic Vintage Brides Shop the Look

Emerald Green Groom's Suit

Noose & Monkey Green Suit

Skinny Purple Groom's Suit

Skinny Purple 3 Piece Suit

Light Blue Wedding Suit

Light Blue Suit with Floral Print Lining

Pink Velvet Groom's Suit

Noose & Monkey Pink Velvet Suit

Checked Groom's Suit

Skinny Suit in Large Blackwatch Check

Burgundy Wedding Suit

Burgundy Wedding Suit

Peacock Blue Groom's Suit

Peacock Blue Suit

Dazzling Blue Wedding Suit

Royal Blue Suit

Dusky Pink Wedding Suit

Dusky Pink Wedding Suit

Or go really bold with a floral suit!

Velvet Floral Groom's Suit

Floral Velvet Suit

A huge thankyou as always to the lovely folks over at The Gentlemanual for sharing their expertise and insights. If you loved this post, and feel inspired to add some sartorial flair to your wedding look, you might also like to read their 10 fabulous style tips for dapper grooms. Or for more Groom & Groomsmen inspiration delve into Chic Vintage Brides’ archives here.

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