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Chic Vintage Bride

Chic Vintage Bride – Carolyn Dubrin

It seems us brides have always had a penchant for splurging on the perfect wedding dress, just ask today’s Chic Vintage Bride…..

Chic Vintage 1940s Bride Carolyn Dubrin (Image Source – My Vintage Vogue)

Beautiful bride Carolyn Dubrin married in 1948, wearing this stunning liquid silk satin gown – don’t you just love those long sleeves and that gorgeous neckline? (actually that neckline reminds me a little of Elizabeth Taylor‘s first wedding dress) It cost Carolyn, or more likely her parents, $100 which today sounds like a bargain! But in 1948 that would have been close to a month’s salary for many people, now that puts it into perspective……. it was a stunner though!