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Chic Vintage Bride – Hilda

Last week’s Chic Vintage Bride was all about the pomp and splendour of the fancy and frivolous 1953 wedding of Jacqueline Bouvier, whereas today’s post is all about this happy couples beaming smiles……

Hilda's 1930 Wedding Have you ever seen a more gleeful pair? That photo just makes me happy!

I wish I could share the who, where and when with you but I have sadly been able to discover nothing more than the bride’s first name – Hilda.

1930 WeddingI do love all of the guests resplendent in their Sunday best with cloche hats, dropped waists and furs galore….

1930 Wedding(ooh look at the Grooms spatz shoes….. LOVE them!)

 ……but it is the smiling faces of the bride and groom, the slight turn of the groom towards his bride, the light touch of her hand in his arm; all the little signs of love that make this wedding memorable and the marriage I am sure a happy one!