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Chic Vintage Bride – Daphne Nixon

Today’s Chic Vintage Bride is no royal, screen siren or style icon (like the brides in yesterday’s post), but she sure made a beautiful bride…..

Chic Vintage 1940s Bride - Daphne Nixon(Image Source)

Daphne Nixon married George Hamilton Brown on 18 April 1942 wearing a beautiful v-neck gown of ethereal lace ~ isn’t it lovely? Her bridesmaid, the groom’s sister, Edith Brown is wearing a dyed dress of the same material. I would love to know the colour, I like to imagine it was a celestial blue, so maybe it is for the best I never know what colour it actually was! I also love how Edith’s veil and bouquet is almost as grand as the brides…..by the way, are those daffodils in the Daphne’s bouquet?