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Chic Vintage Bride – Clarissa Tennant

Morning! And welcome to Wednesday, hump day, and of course Chic Vintage Bride day! Clarissa Tennant was said, by Dame Barbara Cartland no less, to have been the most beautiful woman she had ever seen…..

Chic Vintage Edwardian Bride - Clarissa Tennant

Clarissa Madeline Georgiana Felicite (such beautiful names!) Tennant married the dashing  Captain William Bethell at St Margarets Church Westminster on the 18th August 1915. She was attended by no less than 8 lovely bridesmaids and 2 terribly cute page boys (although what have they done to the lad on the right’s hair??).

Here’s a wonderful snapshot of the happy couple leaving the church in their open carriage…..

Chic Vintage Edwardian Bride - Clarissa Tennant

(the original of which is actually available to buy on Amazon at the moment)

Clarissa is completely mesmerising and I can quite see how Lady Asquith described her as a most beautiful bride…..and how she came to marry a further twice after this!




P.S. – there is a most beautiful Cecil Beaton portrait at the NPG of ‘Clare Tennant‘ and she certainly was a stunner!