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Wedding Wisdom – What Super 8 Can Do For Your Vintage Wedding

I have the biggest confession to make!….. There are an increasing number of things that, given another chance, I would do differently when planning our wedding. Eek, there you go, I’ve said it! That’s not to say that our day wasn’t perfect in every way, it is just that, through Chic Vintage Brides, I have learned there is so much more available to make your day perfect, than I ever realised. If only I had known back in 2010, what I know now!! How our wedding was captured and memories of our big day preserved, is definitely one of those things. As I do believe Super 8 could just have been the cherry on our vintage wedding pie!

What Super 8 Can Do For Your vintage Wedding

Because when it comes to creating a day, and lasting memories, with all the nostalgia and romance of eras past; could there be any way more perfect to capture all those important moments and details than with Super 8? It is only thanks to Chic Vintage Brides that I have even heard of Super 8, and I am definitely no expert on the subject – just a fan! So I am going to hand you over to someone who is, Joel Valle, to talk you through what this super special form of videography can do for your vintage wedding…..oh and I have even included a few examples of some beautiful weddings shot in Super 8 (seriously, they are gorgeous!!)

Ashley and Tony from 

Joel is “a proud geek and film buff” who studied in the New York Film Academy in 2005. Looking to practice his craft, he bought his first super 8 camera on ebay – because for him, shooting on digital could never quite capture the fun, nostalgic look of the old school movies he so loves. “In a world where digital is ubiquitous, and every wedding video can look the same, Super 8 stands out from the crowd. It can give the most important day of your life a look of more depth , a timeless quality and it can complete your vintage theme. There is no better way visually to declare your love of vintage, than by having your wedding shot on Super 8. It is the only way to truly capture perfectly and preserve the mood and feel that you are seeking for your big day.

 California Vintage Super 8 Wedding from 

So what exactly is Super 8? I hear you ask. Well Super 8 film is a motion picture format that was released back in 1965 by the Kodak Company. It was created  as an easy and affordable way for families to  make home movies (who doesn’t remember the opening credits to The Wonder Years??) with similar aesthetics of movies from  Hollywood studios. Over time, as technology advanced, in the same way as vinyl records were replaced with CD’s, Super 8 was succeeded by digital cameras. But as with the  recent increasing demand for vinyl, Super 8 movies are also making a comeback – propelled by the strong passion of people who love the visual aesthetics and the nostalgic feelings that watching these  movies elicits.

Beth & Ryan’s Wedding in Super 8 | Austin, Texas from 

Since Super 8 is rare these days people tend to react to the camera quite differently, compared to when there is a normal digital videographer. Some are driven by curiosity, never having seen a Super 8 camera before. Some are driven by nostalgia, since they remember watching home  movies from their childhood. Often, as with Photobooths, it brings out peoples fun side, allowing friends, family and loved ones to be captured exactly how you know them to be. This romantic, old version of film allows people to be relaxed and to be themselves, bringing out the sort of natural smiles and laughter that otherwise may not have been seen.

Sarah & Blake // A super8 love story… from 

Perhaps the most important aspect of capturing all of your borrowed, collected and perfectly styled vintage decorations and details on Super 8 film though, is its longevity. When properly stored it can last for more than 50 years and can always be backed up or transferred to digital files without the loss of quality. No matter how technology and viewing platforms changes in the next 50 years (and looking at how much they have changed in the last 50, they are no doubt bound to!) you can expect Super 8 film to be transferred to whatever medium is available. This makes it the ideal visual time capsule for future generations to enjoy and treasure.”

Thank-you Joel for sharing these little snippets on Super 8. I am SO in love with those wedding videos! I do wish Mr E and I had known about Super 8…..of course, who says it’s only for weddings?! It’s never too late to capture some of life’s magic moments.