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5 Things Your Wedding Cake Maker Wishes You Knew

Remembering all too well, even 6 years later, how much my head spun in our first (actually, in every) meeting with our wedding professionals, I have asked wedding cake designer extraordinaire Dalana of The Cake & The Giraffe to join us here on Chic Vintage Brides and help shed some light on things couples should know about choosing one of those beautiful iced confections. And so she is stopping by today with the truth about 5 ‘myths’ she often hears about wedding cakes…….

5 Wedding Cake Myths BustedHayley Rae Photography

5 Wedding Cake Must Knows

Dalana is a creative cake designer and pastry chef  who has been baking since the age of 4. After graduating from high school she completed Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts, won a scholarship from Les Dames d’Escoffier, and attended the Bonnie Gordon School for Cake Design – this lady knows her stuff! So without further ado let me pass you over to her so she can share her expert insights….. oh and be sure to have your pinning finger ready because her wedding cakes are simply stunning!

“Ah cake – the sweetest part of the wedding! (other than your sweetheart sitting next to you, of course) When shopping for a wedding cake, there are a lot of myths (and money saving tricks) many couples bring with them to consultations, and I would love to clear some of those up! :)”

1. The “Budget-Friendly Side Slab” isn’t (always) as budget-friendly as you might think!

I get a lot of clients asking about having a big fake cake to have for show and a side slab to serve to guests.

This option can save a little money if the cake you are looking for is plain white with some fresh flowers… but the way to really think about it is double labour! When making a wedding cake, so much of the cost is in the labour to make it gorgeous! So when you want to purchase a fake cake and a side slab, you are really just buying two cakes. Depending on the design you choose, this can often end up being much more than just a big, beautiful, all edible cake!

Plain White & Gold Striped Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake ~ The Cake & The Giraffe // Photography ~ Blush Wedding Photography

Art Deco Inspired Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake ~ The Cake & The Giraffe // Photography ~ Ophelia Photography


2. “Simple” doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper.

It is easy to assume certain designs are simple, and many times they are. But often, the simplest, understated cake can take hours to create. I’ve had responses of, “It would really be that much for a simple cake like this?”, when in fact the cake is covered in hand made fondant ruffles or maybe it’s plain white but with a cascading trail of sugar flowers – sugar flowers can significantly increase the cost of the cake.

Floral Sugar Icing Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes ~ Sweet Appetite // Photography by Chymo & More via Chic Vintage Brides

Floral Sugar Icing Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake ~ The Cake & The Giraffe // Photography ~ Simply Rose Photography

This cake was super “simple” and understated, but that monogram was all hand piped and painted

White Monogrammed Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake ~ The Cake & The Giraffe // Photography ~ Cliff Ma Photography

Cable Knit Cake

Wedding Cake ~ The Cake & The Giraffe // Photography ~ Christie Graham Photography via SMP


3. Wedding cakes don’t love the great outdoors!

I LOVE outdoor weddings – I had one myself! But guess who doesn’t always like them…. Cakes! The ideal temperature for a cake is about 20˚c, which is at the low end of ideal for many outdoor weddings. (*I love the heat!)

Cakes, especially fondant covered ones, are pretty resilient but playing it safe is always a good idea! So, there is one situation I would suggest you consider ignoring myth number 1 and opt for the side slab! If you want a big, fancy cake and are hoping to get married in the middle of summer and you know it’s going to be at least 27˚c, then the fake cake might be the perfect fit for you!

Pretty Painted Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake ~ The Cake & The Giraffe // Photogrpahy ~ Camilla Anchisi Photography via Fab You Bliss

Stunning Spring Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake ~ The Cake & the Giraffe // Photography ~ Caroline Ross Photography

4. We prefer not to ‘re-create’ that dream cake you found on Pinterest!

As a cake designer, I am also a cake artist. I respect the work other cake artists and therefore kind of think of recreating their work as ‘cake plagiarism’. I do love however when clients bring in inspiration photos that we can work with to create a unique cake just for them!

Painted Dream Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake ~ The Cake & the Giraffe // Photography ~ Sparrow Photography

Bison Painted Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake ~ The Cake & the Giraffe // Photography ~ Jelger and Tanja Photographers via Rocky Mountain Bride


5. The sooner you book your cake, the better!

For couples planning their wedding during the peak wedding season (that’s June to September here in the US) I always recommend getting in touch at the end of the previous year – so that’s 6 to 9 months before your wedding date.

Whilst it may not take 6 months to bake and decorate a cake, most of us are booked up for the season by the end of March. Because depending on the size of the operation, many cake designers can only take on a limited amount of cakes per week to ensure the highest quality. If you are planning a wedding on any of the long holiday weekends, booking early is especially recommended!

Geometric Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake ~ The Cake and the Giraffe  // Photography ~ Kirill Bordon Photography via Chic Vintage Brides

Art Nouveau Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake ~ The Cake & The Giraffe // Photography ~ Cliff Ma Photography

Wow, I for one will think twice before labelling a cake ‘simple’ in future! A huge thank-you to Dalana, for sharing all of her know how – fingers crossed I hope to bring you more from her soon! In the mean time, if you can’t get enough when it comes to wedding cake inspiration, then you might want to see these roundups of the yummiest chocolate wedding cakes, 20 single tier stunners (perfect for brides on a budget), elegant wedding cakes with playful proportions, or for something a little unconventional how about these black beauties? And of course you don’t have to go with a cake at all, here are 20 alternatives to the traditional iced confection.

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