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Wedding Wisdom

10 Tips for What to Wear for Your Engagement Shoot

The lovely Emily Ganey, fine art photographer extraordinaire, is back today for the third in a series of Wedding Wisdom posts focusing on wedding photography. I hope you caught her past posts, which have looked at some of the differences between film and digital photography and why you should use your wedding photographer for your engagement session. Well this time Emily…

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Groom & Groomsmen

Everything You Need to Know About Tie Bars

The wonderful folks over at The Gentlemanual are back today with another must read for any soon to be groom! Last time they helped us with that wedding attire staple, the pocket square. Well today we’re turning our attention to the tie bar. An accessory oft forgotten, but no less important (unless of course you’re wearing…

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Wedding Cake

5 Things Your Wedding Cake Maker Wishes You Knew

Remembering all too well, even 6 years later, how much my head spun in our first (actually, in every) meeting with our wedding professionals, I have asked wedding cake designer extraordinaire Dalana of The Cake & The Giraffe to join us here on Chic Vintage Brides and help shed some light on things couples should know about…

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