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Chic Vintage Bride

Chic Vintage Bride – Vinka Lucas

Today’s Chic Vintage Bride not only designed her own incredible wedding dress, but she also (unsurprisingly) went on to become one of New Zealand’s top Bridal Couturiers. Just wait until you see her dress…..and her bridesmaids!…..

Chic Vintage 1950s Bride - Vinka Lucas

(Image Source – Courtesy of Vinka Design)

Vinka Lucas is the charismatic owner of Auckland based Vinka Design, which was established in the 1960s after Vinka designed and created her own bridal gown to walk down the aisle in when she married David Lucas. Created from 500 metres of hand-pleated tulle and Chantilly lace, Vinka’s beautiful wedding dress was apparently so heavy it required curtain wire as support! In 1980 she laughingly described her gown as ‘the greatest monster I have ever created’. Personally, I think it was a stunner – and I am in no doubt that the photo doesn’t do it justice. And as for her bridesmaids, well, have you ever seen dresses so cute??