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Chic Vintage Bride – Shigeko, Princess Morihiro of Higashikuni

There is little I love more than my step back into times past for a Chic Vintage Brides post, except maybe when it is a bride from a far off, exotic location, and a royal bride at that!

Higashikuni-no-miya 1943 Wedding

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 This week’s Chic Vintage Bride Shigeko Higashikuni was the eldest daughter of Emperor Shōwa and the elder sister to the present Emperor of Japan, Emperor Akihito. Marrying Prince Morihiro Higashikuni in 1943, in the middle of World War II, the wedding was modest for a royal wedding, with ceremonies and expenses kept to a minimum. The bride wore an elegant long sleeved gown painted with chrysanthemums that belonged to her mother, and carried a fan…. I only wish I could find a picture of it open, I am sure it would have been exquisite.

Such a beautiful beginning in such uncertain times.