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12 of the Loveliest Winter Wedding Color Palettes

After the venue and the dress, choosing a color palette for your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you will make – and it’s not as easy as it may sound! After all it is not just finding a color that you and your beloved both agree on, there is so much more to consider than that. Such as whether the color you are considering will work with your chosen venue, and compliment your bridesmaids colorings? Will there be flowers in season in such shades and does it reflect you and your style as a couple? Your color scheme often sets the tone for your wedding as much as your chosen setting and season, so consider it carefully.

So, with this in mind, I thought it would be a good time to look at some perfect palettes for a Winter wedding. I have rounded up 12 of my favourite color stories for a celebration in the cooler months from the more traditional shades associated with the season, to more unusual choices…. all are absolutely lovely though!

1.Evergreen & Cinnamon

Starting with something of a traditional palette that mixes the soft emerald green of the seasonal trees so abundant in Winter with a warm neutral and cinnamon. This is a palette perfect for a rustic affair in a barn or atop a mountain somewhere…..

Evergreen & Cinnamon Winter Wedding Colour Palette

Photography – Sara Elizabeth Photography via Hey Wedding Lady

2. Ice & Crimson

I just love the bright pop of red in this palette! It is the perfect contrast to those deep shades of blue and teal. This is a vibrant and bold color scheme that will work so well, if not by a frozen lake, in a chic city celebration!

Ice & Crimson Winter Wedding Colour Palette

Photography – Maria Grinchuk via Chic Vintage Brides

3. Winter Neutrals

From bold blues to duskier hues…. This color palette is understated and not overly feminine, yet would still look romantic – and imagine the bridesmaids in a mix of mismatched blues! The key to it not looking too cold is to layer plenty of cosy fabrics and texture.

Winter Neutrals Wedding Colour Palette

Boutonnieres – Bare Root Flora || Photography – Shannon Von Eschen via Wedding Sparrow

4. Icy Blush

This may not be the most obvious choice for a Winter wedding, but it sure is one of the prettiest! Only the palest shades make the cut, which when mixed together and layered with feathers and furs looks oh-so-lovely and surprisingly wintery!

Icy Blush Winter Wedding Colour Palette

Photography – Lauren Fair via Style Me Pretty

5. Winter Rose

Another color palette that is oh-so-feminine and romantic, but this time a little bolder with a richness that can’t fail to wow your guests. I can just imagine an abundance of red roses in tall centerpieces…. the key to this palette is to keep the darker shades to the florals, with the rest of the details and decor in the softer colors.

Winter Roses Wedding Colour Palette

Bouquet – A Very Beloved Bloom || Photography – Greg Finck via Chic Vintage Brides

6. Mid-Winter Monochrome

Nothing says timeless elegance quite like a monochromatic color scheme and it works particularly well against a snowy backdrop with just a hint of blush, and of course lots of greenery, to warm it up. Black & white is a classic wedding colour combination for a reason!

Mid-Winter Monochrome Wedding Colour Palette

Photography – Brumley And Wells via Style Me Pretty

7. Gold & Dusky Rose

Or for an even more romantic twist to that sophisticated color palette add a splash of gold with a rich mustard and a dusky pink for a nod to eras past…. so divine!

Gold & Dusky Rose Wedding Colour Palette

Stationery – My Morning Glory || Photography – Olga Siyanko via Chic Vintage Brides

8. Copper & Sapphire

Don’t you just love this mix of dazzling shades of blue with a burnished copper brown? A bold take on the more traditional icy blues that as well as being rich and opulent, also has an unmistakably contemporary feel. And it is a color palette that somehow manages to be both stylishly masculine and beautifully feminine…..

Copper & Sapphire Winter Wedding Colour Palette

Photography – Manuela Kalupar via Chic Vintage Brides

9. Winter Sunshine

You know how I love to choose an alternative to the traditional color palettes and nothing could be less wintery than yellow. And yet you only need to look at this holiday wedding editorial to see how well it works!

Winter Sunshine Wedding Colour Palette

Bouquet – Blushington Blooms || Photography – Ellen Ashton via Hey Wedding Lady

10. Jade & Mink

Jade is just one of those colors that just looks beautiful whatever the season! Utterly timeless and oh so flattering it is perfect for pairing with soft neutrals…. And you can always add a splash of blush should you wish to warm it up a little.

Jade & Mink Winter Wedding Colour Palette

Photgraphy – Simply Sarah via Style Me Pretty

11. Iced Ginger

Icy blues always work in Winter, and mixed with soft neutrals make such a heavenly choice for a rustic wedding celebration. Balancing cool and warm tones it is as versatile as it is breathtaking and would look just as lovely for a Spring or Fall wedding!

Iced Ginger Winter Wedding Colour Palette

Photography – Lissa Ryan Photography  via Chic Vintage Brides

12. Timeless Holiday Romance

And no list of Winter wedding color palettes would be complete without a nod to Christmas and the holidays. And there is no palette more traditional than red, green and gold… and yet this is such a romantic and contemporary take on it, don’t you think?

Holiday Winter Wedding Colour Palette

Photography – Greg Finck via Chic Vintage Brides

I love them all…. there’s just something about a snowy white backdrop that makes colors pop. It always makes me wonder why more couples don’t choose to get married in Winter?!

Anyway, if you are considering a wedding in the most romantic season of the year (Winter) and you would like to see some more perfect palettes then take a peek at these 10 alternative – yet romantic – Winter wedding colors, and this chic take on a woodland wedding or  this elegant colour palette of coffee, bronze & gold.

Or if you haven’t decided on a season yet you might want to peruse some of my favourite palettes for Fall, Spring & Summer.