Chic Vintage Bride – Carolyn Dubrin

October 22, 2014

It seems us brides have always had a penchant for splurging on the perfect wedding dress, just ask today’s Chic Vintage Bride…..

Chic Vintage 1940s Bride Carolyn Dubrin (Image Source – My Vintage Vogue)

Beautiful bride Carolyn Dubrin married in 1948, wearing this stunning liquid silk satin gown – don’t you just love those long sleeves and that gorgeous neckline? (actually that neckline reminds me a little of Elizabeth Taylor‘s first wedding dress) It cost Carolyn, or more likely her parents, $100 which today sounds like a bargain! But in 1948 that would have been close to a month’s salary for many people, now that puts it into perspective……. it was a stunner though!




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10 Ways to Style Your Groom (and his men) Vintage

October 21, 2014

With all of this talk of NYBFW and the unveiling of the latest bridal collections for 2015, I fear the men in our lives may be feeling somewhat neglected. So today’s post is all about our Groom and his Groomsmen! When planning your wedding much attention and talk is of finding THE dress. However, the challenge of how to style your groom vintage, whilst retaining his unique personal style, can feel just as utterly overwhelming. We all want our groom and groomsmen to be waiting at the end of the aisle with sartorial elegance on our wedding day, and this post is here to help with 10 easy ways to style your groom (and his men) vintage…..

10 Ways to Style Your Groom Vintage Photography ~ Samara Clifford via Polka Dot Bride

Long gone are the days where a grooms only option is the traditional morning suit or tux, accessorised with a pocket handkerchief and cuff links. Oh no, today’s grooms are faced with options almost as endless as ours. I love that our men are now able, and wanting, to put their own stamp on their wedding day style. But with this increase in choice comes an increase in pressure to get it right, which can be daunting – especially for the groom who is happier in a sports kit than a suit! And even if your man has his suit all figured out, giving his look a suitably vintage vibe for your big day, can be just as much of a challenge. I have found the perfect looks, suits, accessories and finishing touches befitting of any vintage wedding, so sit back and take a look, see if these aren’t just the thing.


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“Starlet” Johanna Johnson’s 2015 Bridal Collection Full of Old Hollywood Glamour

October 20, 2014

Good morning lovelies! I have something extra special for you from NYBFW to see in this new week. I know it is hard to imagine anything could top the gorgeous “Gothic Angel” collection from Claire Pettibone (which, by the way if you missed it, you really should take a peek at and you can do so here) but Johanna Johnson‘s “Starlet” literally had me oohing and aahing out loud! If you love old Hollywood glamour and art deco decadence have your pinning finger ready…..

"Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection

Johanna Johnson is known for re-igniting the romance and craftsmanship of yesteryear with her collections and has long been the designer of choice for many a bride and celebrity looking for a modern gown with some old world glamour, grace and understated elegance. If you have been a follower of Chic Vintage Brides for any length of time then you will know just how much I adore the designers distinctly 1920s inspired signature style - you don’t have to go far on CVB before you find a post featuring one of her real bridesveils, accessories or decadent bridal gowns, or inspired by them; and you will find her equally glamorous past collections here, here, here and here. Her timelessly elegant and sophisticated gowns of liquid silk satin, with their bias cuts, splashes of embellishment and nod to sirens of the silver screen (I can just imagine Bette Davis sashaying across a Hollywood set in one) quite simply stole my heart from the moment I saw them, and the “Starlet” collection is no exception! Negligee-like gowns that are just the right side of sexy, beaded fringing for some Gatsby razzle-dazzle and flashes of red, gold and dusky blue that add a whole new dimension…… these are wedding dresses with all the glitz and glamour of the red carpet!

Art Deco inspired wedding dress from "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection Art Deco inspired wedding dresses from "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection Art Deco inspired wedding dress from "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection Long sleeved wedding dress from "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection Art Deco inspired wedding dresses from "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection Art Deco inspired wedding dresses from "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection Short wedding dresses from "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection Long sleeved wedding dress from "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection "Starlet" Johanna Johnson's 2015 Bridal Collection

See what I mean? Aren’t you smitten?

Oh and if you want to try on a Johanna Johnson wedding dress, stockists can be found here. I still hope one day one of these beauties may be mine, in a petrol or emerald green – it will look fab-u-lous with my feather collar!

You can also stay up to date with all the latest Johanna Johnson news, trunk shows and collections by following the lovely lady herself on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.




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“Gothic Angel” Claire Pettibone’s Captivating Bridal Collection for Fall 2015

October 18, 2014

Claire Pettibone has long been my favourite bridal designer (although Jenny Packham will always have a special place in my heart, as the designer of my own wedding dress, as well as some of the most gorgeous art deco wedding dresses in the world!) Whilst I may feel a little disloyal saying it, Claire Pettibone collections, with her distinctive signature style, are always so full of the most feminine and ethereally elegant wedding dresses that it is quite simply impossible not to be charmed and captivated by them. Designed with a hint of the Art Nouveau era, and not lacking in beauty or old world romance, her wedding dresses are quite simply perfect for the vintage loving bride…..

Claire Pettibone's 2015 Wedding Dress Collection - Gothic Angel

No-one designs a wedding dress with vintage glamour or grace quite like Claire Pettibone and “Gothic Angel” her Fall 2015 Collection, inspired by iconic cathedrals such as Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey and St. Patrick’s, is full of everything we have come to expect from the inimitable designer: ornate lace details, intricate floral embroidery, delicate splashes of colour, diaphanous layers, graceful necklines, elegant long sleeves (as well as some billowing bohemian sleeves), beautiful portrait backs plus a few surprises! For whilst undoubtedly her designs are instantly recognisable, she is also a designer who always manages to create collection after collection each somehow even more gorgeous than the last. And Gothic Angel is Claire Pettibone at her absolute romantic best……

“The iconic angel comes to life, not on the feathered wings of an imagined future, but here and now, as a powerful and beautiful woman welcoming use to Heaven on Earth.” – Claire Pettibone

Gothic Angel Bridal Collection from Claire Pettibone Gothic Angel Bridal Collection from Claire Pettibone Gothic Angel Bridal Collection from Claire Pettibone Gothic Angel Bridal Collection from Claire Pettibone Gothic Angel Bridal Collection from Claire Pettibone Gothic Angel Bridal Collection from Claire Pettibone


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Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons – 5 of the Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses For 2015

October 17, 2014

Hello lovelies. Well, New York Bridal Fashion Week has been and gone for another year! NYBFW is just about my favourite time of year – I love seeing the talented designers of the wedding industry raise the bridal beauty bar each and every season. Just as I think they have achieved perfection, the next collection somehow wows even more than the last – and this year was no different! The catwalks were awash with lashings of the most luxurious fabrics, heavenly embellishments, elegant necklines and every silhouette you can imagine. Over the next week or so I will be sharing with you some of the most exquisite vintage inspired collections from NYBFW, as well as highlighting some of the key trends – and there are some beauties! For now though I am going to tease you with just a glimpse of 5 of my favourite looks (oh and whittling this list down to 5 was no mean feat!)

Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons - 5 Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses for 2015 Immersed in the wedding world as I am now, it is hard to imagine anyone might not have heard of New York Bridal Fashion Week. But only 4 short years ago I knew nothing about it and as a bride-to-be may well have wondered why I would even want to know about it. So for any of you who may not understand (yet) what all the fuss is about - New York Bridal Fashion week is THE wedding industry event where bridal designers, from around the world, share their latest wedding dresses, gowns, shoes and accessories – basically everything that bridal boutiques will be brimming with next year. So you see, if you’re getting married in 2015 (or even 2016) then NYBFW is as important as those Pantone colour picks revealed last month (oh didn’t you see them? Take a look here and here if you missed that announcement).

Now I have piqued your interest, here’s my selection of 5 of the most beautiful wedding dresses for 2015….

1. Starting with this long sleeved lovely from Naeem Khan, who only last year debuted his first bridal collection!

Fall 2015 Bridal Collections - Naeem Khan Photo by John Aquino via WWD


2. Inbal Dror is known for her sultry, skin baring, figure hugging dresses that create the slinkiest of silhouettes, which is why this charming tea length gown really caught my eye on her runway……

Fall 2015 Bridal Collections - Inbal Dror SYPhotography via Style Unveiled

 Oh and if you’re a tea-length lover, then 2015 is the year for you, because the catwalk was full of them!


3. The statement train and exquisite lace of this gorgeous gown from Ines Di Santo just took my breath away……

Fall 2015 Bridal Collections - Ines Di Santo Photo by Maria Valentino/MCV Photo via The Knot


4. There is nothing I don’t love about this dress from Monique Lhuillier – the colour, the sleeves, the neckline, the sparkle…..and don’t even get me started on the accessory!

Fall 2015 Bridal Collections - Monique Lhuillier (it looks like my long wished for crown revival may finally have started for Monique Lhuillier wasn’t the only designer to send her brides down the catwalk adorned with diadems!)


5. And last, but by no means least, this stunning floral wedding dress from Elizabeth Filmore……have you ever seen anything so romantic?

Fall 2015 Bridal Collections - Elizabeth Filmore Photo by Steve Eichner via WWD

Ahhh, one day I hope to get there and to be able to report back to you having seen all of the glorious dresses in person!

Oh and if you’re wondering where the Claire Pettibone dress is, then you’ll have to pop back later! It was impossible to choose just one from my favourite designer’s “Gothic Angel” collection, so I thought I had better dedicate an entire post to it.

See you later!



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The Modern Muse – A Sophisticated and Magical Bridal Collection from Gwendolynne

October 16, 2014

It has now been over a month since I teased you with that first glimpse of Gwendolynne‘s latest collection The Modern Muse (if you missed it you can see it here). So I thought it was high time I unveiled the full collection as I promised. If you saw the post, or are a regular visitor to Chic Vintage Brides, then you will know just what to expect from Gwendolynne. As well as being one of Australia’s leading bridal designers, Gwendolynne and her divine dresses also happen to be an absolute favourite of mine – you can see more of her work on CVB herehere oh and you should see this! If however the name Gwendolynne is new to you, then you are in for quite the treat! So sit back and prepare to swoon…..

Art Deco Wedding Dresses from Gwendolynne - The Modern Muse Bridal Collection

Gwendolynne is a designer renowned for creating gowns for the modern bride looking for something a little magical. However, there is never any doubting her vintage inspiration, clearly drawing from the aesthetics and styling of the beautiful Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. A Gwendolynne wedding dress is always instantly recognisable and her signature style is ever present in The Modern Muse - the whole collection is ethereal and romantic, the gowns are waisted with exquisite embellishment creating stunning silhouettes that are sophisticated in their beauty and utterly unique. In her inimitable way Gwendolynne has combined luxurious silks and soft pleating so that they float around the body; and layered misty chiffon veils, with intricate details, over metallic silks to create dresses that will quite literally take your breath away……

Willow - Art Deco Wedding Dresses from Gwendolynne

And this season, for the first time, the collection also includes some elegant long sleeved dresses……

Phoebe - Art Deco Wedding Dresses from Gwendolynne

For The Modern Muse, alongside her love of architectural sources, Gwendolynne also referenced the tastes and style of some inspirational modern women, both contemporaries from within her own sphere and from fantasy including The Lady Mayoress of Melbourne, and passionate advocate of the arts, Emma Page Campbell; Elke Doust of the fabulous Melbourne design duo Tettmann.Doust; Kyra Pybus, founder of Pybus PR; the influential blogger Phoebe Montague of Lady Melbourne; and my favourite Daenerys Stormborn, Khaleesi from Game of Thrones!…..

Game of Thrones inspiried Khaleesi  - Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses from Gwendolynne Isn’t it beautiful?

Stasia - Art Deco Wedding Dresses from Gwendolynne Emma - Gwendolynne Long Sleeved Wedding Dress Alexis - Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses from Gwendolynne Kyra  - Art Deco Wedding Dresses from Gwendolynne Celeste  - Art Deco Wedding Dresses from Gwendolynne Nouveau  - Art Deco Wedding Dresses from Gwendolynne Elke  - Art Deco Wedding Dresses from Gwendolynne


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Chic Vintage Bride – Baroness von Linden

October 15, 2014

I must start today’s Chic Vintage Bride with a confession!  Because whilst I wholeheartedly believe she is as inspiring as any bride (and I hope you are going to agree), these aren’t actually bridal portraits……. they are stunning though aren’t they?

Victorian Court Dress - Baroness Christine von Linden I am still utterly obsessed with the pomp and splendour of court dress – and it is all Downton Abbey Season 4′s fault!

Victorian Court Dress - Baroness Christine von Linden (Image Source – Lafayette)

The young Baroness von Linden was presented in May 1898 and wore for the occasion this magnificent dress. It was described as “…an undergown of white chiffon over white satin, with lace insertions and frills of chiffon, edged bébé satin ribbons, and long sash ends of chiffon; train of white satin duchesse with white chiffon and lilies of the valley.” by The Gentlewoman (an illustrated weekly paper for women, that was incredibly popular at the time and quite ahead of its time in many respects – it actually launched a campaign against “tight-lacing” 5 years after this photo)

Whilst not my favourite era I do love the neckline and bustles so fashionable in the Victorian era. You will find more Victorian brides (and I promise they are real brides!) here or if you are as in love with court attire as I am, then take a look at some more fabulous court dresses here, including the captivating Lady Crofton!

I am not sure what to marvel at more, the headdress, the train or her impossibly tiny waist??




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Ivory Romance ~ A Rustic Chic Wedding Inspiration Board from Beacon Lane

October 14, 2014

Hello lovelies! It’s been rather a perfect start to the week here, with nothing but blue skies, the birds singing in the trees and yesterday’s gorgeous glamping engagement session. I hope you didn’t miss it because with a teepee, a flower crown and the most magical dusk light it really was something special. It made me wish, even more than ever, that Mr E and I had taken the time out of wedding planning to arrange an engagement shoot – take a look for yourself and see what I mean here. Well, today the gorgeousness continues thanks to the creative talents of the lovely ladies at Chic Vintage Brides fave Beacon Lane who created this rustic chic wedding inspiration board especially for you……

Rustic Wedding Inspiration Board - Ivory Romance by Beacon Lane Flower Crown ~ Leaf & Honey, Jessica Sim Photography via Magnolia Rouge, Barrel ~ Cheryl Dawn Photography, Inc. via Style Me Pretty, Table Setting ~ Whitewall Photography via 100 Layer Cake, Dress Detail ~ Vera Wang, Groom ~ Grace Photography via One Fab Day, Invite ~ Ivory Romance by Beacon Lane

 With just the right mix of rustic chic and romance it is brimming with ideas perfect for a cosy barn wedding or a relaxed mountainside wedding. I love the natural colour palette of browns, ivory and just a splash of dusky pink with that heavenly flower crown. And how pretty is the updo? Loose and natural it has a hint of old world romance but would suit the more bohemian bride perfectly too! In fact, it is definitely deserving of a closer look……

Flower Crown

Also I adore the use of baby’s breath, or Gypsophila, so simple it is the perfect choice for a rustic wedding. The delicate little white flowers means it makes a super pretty bouquet and boutonniere, whilst its budget-friendly price also makes it ideal for table centrepieces and aisle decor.

Baby's Breath (Gypsophila) Barrel Aisle Decor Rustic Groom with Baby's Breath (Gypsophila) Boutonniere

Sara and Jessica at Beacon Lane pulled this lovely board together around their burlap boxed wedding stationery suite Ivory Romance, a timeless classic created from recycled paper. I love it in this palette with the rich brown design against the warm taupe of the invite paper. Whilst the layers of textures with the sand specks in the off-white envelope, burlap liner, and the fabulous hand made flower gives it a look that is both rustic and opulent at the same time……

Ivory Romance - Rustic Wedding Stationery from Beacon Lane Ivory Romance - Rustic Wedding Stationery from Beacon Lane

 You just know your guests will feel special unwrapping such a beautiful little box! The full suite includes everything paper you could possibly need: invitation, ceremony card, info card, RSVP card, envelopes, belly band and name or date tag. There are even Thank-you cards available to match! But don’t panic if that sounds a lot, because Beacon Lane have various alternative packages, that enable you to tailor your order to suit you and fit your budget. And if you want to see Ivory Romance before placing an order, I know it can be hard to make these all important decisions online without having seen how the finished article looks, then you are able to purchase a sample over at their Etsy shop, just click here for details.

Ivory Romance - Rustic Wedding Stationery from Beacon Lane

If you love this design but not the colours, then fear not for all Beacon Lane stationery suites are  fully customizable – you can change the colours, fonts, wording, backing paper, lining material (as well as burlap they have linen and tissue if you want a more luxurious look)… In fact, pretty much everything can be altered during the ordering process.

And if rustic isn’t for you, but you love the artisan look of Beacon Lane invites, then do take a peek at their past wedding inspiration boards Vintage Lace or the sleek and chic Urban Elegance, or the super sweet Ruffled Romance - a floral beauty in the prettiest of pinks! With such a varied selection of styles and designs you are sure to find something you love. You can also follow Beacon Lane on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be the first to see any new designs!

Oh goodness, after such a gorgeous start to the week I am going to have to find someone extra special for tomorrow’s Chic Vintage Bride!




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Gorgeous Glamping Engagement Session From We Are Origami

October 13, 2014

Oh my goodness, to say I am in love with today’s gorgeous, glamping engagement session would be an understatement, and I just know it is going to steal your heart too! With its oh so pretty (but quite DIYable) styling, and super sweet couple Susan & Alfred whose smiles light up every frame, plus breathtaking evening light, all captured so flawlessly by We Are Origami Photography; it is the perfect way to kick start the week!

Gorgeous Glamping Setting for an Engagement Shoot by We Are Origami Photography

From David at We Are Origami Photography “Susan and Alfred met at work and have known each other for over 6 years now (they caught the same train to and from work). They’re different but compliment each other very well – Susan is usually the decisive, spontaneous/impulsive one while Alfred is the grounded, calm but indecisive one. They value each other’s opinion and always manage to find a common ground.

For their shoot, we decided to use the colour purple as the primary colour (also since it’s Susan’s favourite colour). Carina (our stylist) also blended in a mixture of soft/neutral and hints of bold colours to give a bit of pop to the shoot. We always loved Teepees and couldn’t think of a better couple that would have suited this look. Combining all this with a lovely location that had plenty of lush greens and shares of brown – we recreated bits and pieces from a romantic picnic/ beach soiree and a travel bug theme!” 

Seriously this engagement sess is so gorgeous I can’t wait to see the wedding!

Gorgeous Glamping Engagement Shoot by We Are Origami Photography Gorgeous Glamping Engagement Shoot by We Are Origami Photography Gorgeous Glamping Engagement Shoot by We Are Origami Photography Gorgeous Glamping Engagement Shoot by We Are Origami Photography Gorgeous Flower Crown for an Engagement Shoot by We Are Origami Photography Gorgeous Bride-to-be wearing a Flower Crown for her Engagement Shoot by We Are Origami Photography Gorgeous Glamping Engagement Shoot by We Are Origami Photography Gorgeous Glamping Setting for an Engagement Shoot by We Are Origami Photography Gorgeous Glamping Setting for an Engagement Shoot by We Are Origami Photography Gorgeous Glamping Engagement Session by We Are Origami Photography Gorgeous Glamping Engagement Session by We Are Origami Photography


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Chic Vintage Bride’s 3rd Blogiversary

October 11, 2014

Three years ago today I sat down, with a mixture of trepidation and excitement, to write my very first post. I can’t quite believe it, honestly it only feels like yesterday, and there’s not a day goes by that I am not grateful for all that has happened since then. So today I am taking a moment in celebration of Chic Vintage Bride’s 3rd year of being, to look back at all we (for without you, there would be no CVB) have achieved and to share with you a few things we have to look forward to!

Chic Vintage Bride's 3rd Blogiversary (Image – The Sweetest Occasion)


I am so proud of everything my little blog has become and achieved in just 3 short years. I don’t usually like to blow my own trumpet, but I think its important to recognise and celebrate these milestones. Especially as so many have only been possible thanks to you! A few highlights have been reaching 4 million followers on Pinterest, making the Top 100 Wedding Blogs list, being named one of Huffington Posts 11 Inspiring Wedding Pinners to Follow oh and of course that mention in Vogue. And in just the last year CVB has joined Google+Instagram and the brand new Ello (have you seen it yet? I am LOVING it!), was named one of 25 Must Follow Wedding Pinners and most momentous of all? I gave up my job to work on Chic Vintage Brides full time….. and got a puppy! I have to be honest and say life feels pretty perfect right now….. but never one to stand still for long, I have such a lot of exciting new developments, plans and projects up my sleeve!


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Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons – Top 5 Posts of the Last Year

October 10, 2014

With tomorrow being Chic Vintage Bride’s 3rd Blogiversary (I know, I can hardly believe it either – it seems impossible that 3 whole years have passed since my very first post, and it only seems like yesterday that I sat down to write this post!) I thought it only fitting, before I go off to do a spot of candle blowing myself, to share a special Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons with your favourite 5 posts from the last year – and there are definitely some surprises!!

Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons - CVBs 3rd Blogiversary


5.  This years inspiration boards have been some of my absolute favourite posts, so I was chuffed to see you love them as much as I do, with the ethereally romantic Driftwood & Daydreams (created back in May) by far the most popular. Such a pretty palette of colours, utterly timeless and just perfect for a beach wedding…..

Driftwood & Daydreams Beach Wedding Moodboard (Please see the original post here for the full credits)

Driftwood & Daydreams Beach Wedding Inspiration Board  (and I will be sharing even more inspiration boards in the coming year!)


4. Over the last year CVB has been awash with some of the most captivating bridal collections and the most breathtakingly beautiful wedding dresses, but it seems none caught your attention as much as these incredible wedding dress all for under $1000!

20 Incredible Wedding Dresses Under $1000 (Oh and you will find all of these dresses and more, take a look at CVB’s Pinterest board full of beautiful bridal gowns under $1000)


3. I have long been of the opinion you can’t put enough emphasis on the right lighting for an occasion, and even more so for a wedding. The right lighting (even cheap and simple lighting, as long as it is done well) creates an atmosphere and can make a wedding wow! And I am pleased you were as enamored with my reception lighting inspiration as I was…..

20 Beautiful Reception Lighting Ideas (I also shared ceremony lighting ideas which, if you missed it, you might like to see)


2. Finding the perfect bridesmaids dresses is often almost as much of a challenge as finding THE dress (hardly surprising when you are trying to please 3, 4, 5….7….9 different girls, not just 1) so the second most popular post of the last year was no surprise to me – My Top 5 Bridesmaids Trends included some of the prettiest dresses to suit any wedding, theme, season and bridesmaid!

5 Beautiful Bridesmaid Trends for 2014


1. And your favourite post? Somewhat surprisingly ladies, I have to admit, was all about the boys! As well as being surprised, I am quite pleased that you loved my Top 5 Trends for Grooms (from March) as I am working on a post sharing 10 ways to style your man (and his men) vintage – keep a look out for that one, I just know you’re going to love it! In the meantime though, just in case you missed it, here is the most popular post from the last year…..

Top Autumn Grooms Looks

If, after the week of celebratory discounts last year, you are wondering where the rest of the celebrations are, well you will just have to come back tomorrow to find out.

Have a wonderful weekend, I’m off to scoff some cake!




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Introducing Beautiful Paper Wedding Essentials from Smock. – with an Exclusive 15% Discount

October 9, 2014

I adore beautiful stationery and so today I am super excited to be sharing a new collection of Wedding Essentials from eco stationery experts, and lovers of the historic craft of letterpress, Smock. There is so much to love about this little eco print shop, the sister company of Bella Figura (who, if you follow CVB, you will know is a favourite of mine! You can see posts featuring their luxurious wedding stationery here) I don’t even know where to begin! Smock not only creates the most beautiful letterpress invitations and stationery (all designed by Amy Graham Stigler and printed using antique printing presses), but they also ensure that they do so sustainably. And to celebrate the launch of their latest addition to their paperie suite (and CVBs 3rd blogiversary) the lovely people at Smock have kindly offered you an exclusive 15% discount with the code ‘cvb3bday’ on their wedding essentials collection, which includes everything you could possibly need to complete your big day: wedding cards, wedding stationery, and tabletop accessories.

Letterpress Wedding Table Numbers from Smock Letterpress Wedding Menu from Smock Letterpress Wedding Essentials from Smock

Smock is an environmental print shop based in Syracuse, New York who follows sustainable printing practices: they are wind powered, source recycled packaging and reuse packing materials from their vendors; and print either on an exclusive bamboo paper or 100% PCW recycled, FSC certified paper. All of Smock’s goods are made locally in Central New York with the planet in mind, and if that isn’t enough to make them the obvious choice for any eco conscious bride-to-be, they also donate 1% of profits to environmental causes; and offer bus passes to their employees as well as subsidize local organic produce for them through a discounted CSA subscription. You can read more about their green printing here – this is a company who truly practices what they preach!


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