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What to Look for in a Winter Groom’s Suit

Are you thinking of having a winter wedding? Then you’re in the right place! Because when it comes to dressing for a wedding at this time of year, the unforgiving weather must be a consideration. And finding the line between staying warm and looking like your clothes are engulfing you, is a true balancing act. Luckily, the lovely guys and gals over at The Gentlemanual are here to help! Today they’re giving us the low down on just what to look for in a Winter suit for your big day, including some of the best fabrics, patterns and colors…..

Winter Groom's Suit Ideas

Winter Wedding Suits Advice

Onelove Photography via Chic Vintage Brides

“The fabric of the suits you choose for your special day can make all the difference. Luckily, looking sharp is even easier with those heavier winter fabrics. Here is our definitive guide on what to look for in a winter suit. You’re sure to look cool and stay warm when you say “I Do.””


Winter Suit Fabrics

If anyone tries to sell you a suit under the claim that it’s suitable for year-round wear, grab your money and run. A fabric that’s breathable and lightweight in the summer will make you miserable at your winter ceremony, and vice versa. Unless you’re getting married in a very temperate climate, you should be focused on fabrics with a little more weight.

The optimal winter suits are made of a warmer, thicker fabric that’ll keep you nice and toasty while standing up at the altar. Stay away from lighter suit fabrics like cotton, polyester, linen, seersucker, chambray, and fresco, as these will induce endless shivering. Instead, these six fabrics are the way to go.

 The Wool Suit

Wool Groom's Suit

Rebecca Hollis Photography via Chic Vintage Brides

To this day, wool remains the most popular suit fabric. Wool is a fabric renowned for its ability to drape nicely, maintain its form, and its versatility in how it’s woven. A tight weave will keep you warm if you’re going to be staying in a suit for the entirety of your wedding.

Worsted wool is the most popular wool used for suits, as it’s highly adaptable to temperature change. You never know what the weather could end up like on a wedding day, especially if it’s all outdoors. It wears well and gives off that slight shine that you find in most suits on the market. This type of suit will give you a more traditional and understated look, perfect for a traditional ceremony.

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The Cashmere Suit

Cashmere Suit

Photography – Lindsay Hackney via Chic Vintage Brides

Arguably one of the most coveted and luxurious suit fabrics on the market, cashmere is known for its unparalleled soft texture, comfort, and warmth. However, some of the biggest drawbacks for this fabric is its price tag, and lack of durability. If you’re on a budget for the wedding and want a suit that you could wear on multiple occasions, 100% cashmere might not be the way to go. Instead, opt for a blend of wool and cashmere or polyester and cashmere to keep prices lower while giving you the advantage of other fabrics’ durability.

Along with softness, cashmere’s also an amazing fabric for keeping you consistently warm, no matter how low the temperature drops. The fabric is highly adaptable to climate change and will insulate you very well. However, be very particular how you store your suit after the occasion because cashmere attracts moths. If you do decide on all cashmere or a cashmere blend, protect your purchase with a cedar closet or mothballs to preserve your special suit.

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The Flannel Suit

Flannel Groom's Suit

Photography – Heather Roth via Chic Vintage Brides

Another winter suit fabric is flannel. Traditionally speaking, flannel suits are for more mature gentlemen, but recently flannel is reinventing itself.  It’s typically made out of worsted wool, and is similar to tweed and herringbone in terms of looks, but is softer to the touch. If you’re looking for an unconventional and bold wedding suit, this is the fabric.

Though these suits are weather appropriate, they may not always be comfortable when you’re dancing or moving around a lot, as the fabric tends to be quite heavy. Flannel makes for a hip or rustic look — if your reception is taking place at warehouse or barn, this may be the right style for you.

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The Tweed Suit

Tweed Groom's Suit

Photography – Tyler Branch via Chic Vintage Brides

Tweed is a great winter suit fabric that’ll always give a timeless ease to the wearer. The fabric is made from wool and created by combining three differently colored yarns, which are then twilled.

Tweed makes a fine winter suit choice because it’s thick, warm, water resistant (no champagne stains on this suit) and durable. However, tweet suits are a little heavier compared to most suits, and the fabric is coarse to the touch. If the wedding is in a very cold winter climate and you don’t mind the feel of the fabric, a tweed suit is definitely the way to go to make a classic statement.

If your wedding has some 1940s touches, we especially encourage incorporating this fabric into your groom’s fashion.

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The Herringbone Suit

Herringbone Groom's Suit

Photography – Jarrod Reno via 100 Layer Cake

Much like tweed, the herringbone suit is heavy, warm and durable. What distinguishes herringbone from tweed is the distinctive thin zigzag pattern. Herringbone suits are made from twilled yarn, typically from materials like wool or flannel. Both tweed and herringbone fabrics consist of a tighter weave than most suits, making for a more structured and durable garment.

The thickness of the fabric paired with the subtle zigzag design gives this suit the illusion of depth, making this suit ideal for the groomsmen or groom on the slimmer side.

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The Velvet Suit

Velvet Groom's Suit

Photography – Olga Siyanko via Chic Vintage Brides

Perhaps the boldest fabric on our list, one of our fabric winter fabrics is velvet. This luxurious fabric has made a huge comeback and will certainly make a statement on your big day. Velvet is made from a variety of different fabrics but is distinct in its short, dense pile that gives it a super soft feel.

This style is not for the faint of heart. Switch out a traditional jacket for a velvet one to stand out amongst your groomsmen. For extra style points, go for a suit jacket in your wedding’s color palette.

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Oh and depending on how cold it gets where you’re getting married, be sure to stick to half or fully lined suit jackets. This will help resist wrinkles, retain warmth, and hold up better when you’re busting a move on the dance floor.

Winter Groom's Attire - Navy Suit

Photography – Manuela Kalupar via Chic Vintage Brides


Winter Suit Colors

If you have the flexibility in dress code, choosing a color outside the traditional grayscale or navy blues can make for a unique suit choice.


Oxblood Groom's Suit

Greg Finck Photography via Style Me Pretty

Oxblood suits are popping up everywhere these days. It’s a deep shade of burgundy that commands presence and attention when you walk into a room while maintaining a suit’s formal essence — a color perfect for the bold groom. This color looks especially great when paired with gold accessories like a great tie bar or lapel pin.

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Hunter Green

Hunter Green Groom's Suit

B. Matthews Photography via Chic Vintage Brides

Another great color that makes a statement is this particular shade of dark green. Slightly jewel-toned in hue, but still deep and reserved, you’d be hard-pressed not to consider this color for your wedding. We love this tone for a woodsy wedding or any other ceremony with rustic vibes.

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Plum Groom's Suit

Photography – Emma Case via Love My Dress

Deep, deep purple on a suit will be sure to give you an edge to stand out. We recommend this color only for the groom because it is quite eye-catching. This unexpected choice looks perfectly at home next to the dramatic clouds of a winter wedding.

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A huge thankyou to the folks over at The Gentlemanual for sharing their style tips for a Winter groom, I love each and every one of them, don’t you? If you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I have, you may also want to take a look at their fabulous insights on the humble pocket square, the sartorial staple that is suspenders and the must have for creating a polished look on your big day (unless you’re wearing a bow tie of course) the tie bar!




Inspiration Boards

10 Alternative – Yet Romantic – Winter Wedding Color Palettes


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (we even put our Christmas tree up yesterday 🙂 ) And so there could hardly be a more perfect time to revel in the wonder that is Winter and look at some beautiful color palettes for anyone considering a wedding at this time of year. As a Winter bride myself (New Year’s Eve to be precise!), I can honestly say that whilst Summer may be the more popular season, Winter is definitely the most magical in which to say “I do” Think elegant long sleeves, roaring fires, sparkly lights, blankets and a coffee bar, because the nights draw in early – meaning more time for celebrating!

Now whilst red, gold and green may be the more traditional Winter color palette, I have rounded up 10 alternatives that I think might have even you Summer brides swooning!


Winter Frost

Nothing says Winter wedding quite like snow! And of course no Winter color palette roundup would be complete without a collection of blue hues, but these dusky shades add a hint of age and elegance perfect for the vintage loving bride.

'Winter Frost' Winter Wedding Color Palette

Wedding Cake – Catherine George Cakes // Photography – Lissa Ryan Photography via United with Love


Frosted Jade

These soft ethereal shades of jade are just exquisite! They look so regal paired with a pearly white and sparkly silver – plus I love the idea of bucking the gold (and rose gold) trend that has been so strong for the last few years.

Frosted Jade Winter Wedding Color Palette

Crown – Eden Luxe Bridal // Photography – Meg Fish 


Winter Rose

It may seem an usual choice for a Winter wedding, but again these dusky shades of purple and sage would make such a romantic and feminine alternative to the traditional Winter hues.

Winter Rose Feminine Winter Wedding Color Palette

Photography – Jenna Henderson via Every Last Detail on Aisle Society


First Snow

The key to this palette is to keep it understated, so lots of white with just hints of color. It would be especially lovely for a wedding high up in the snow-covered mountains somewhere… just imagine traipsing (or sledging) through the snow to your ceremony!

First Snow Wedding Color Palette

Stationery Suite – Lichenink


Fig & Fuchsia

There’s something lovely about a color palette that offers a surprise and the bright pop of fuchsia in this one does exactly that. This is a romantic choice for a feminine bride, and perfect for a floral affair!

Fig & Fuchsia Winter Wedding Color Palette

Photography – Rebecca Yale Photography via Chic Vintage Brides


Masculine Greenery

And from the feminine to the masculine….. I love the rich Wintery shades of blue and green in this color palette With a lingering hint of dusk they would be perfect for an historic estate or barn wedding, where the groom and groomsmen can embrace their inner country gent (think Lord Grantham) and don something tweed!

Masculine Winter Wedding Color Palette

Photography – Erin Morrison Photography via Glamour & Grace


Sunshine in Winter

Nothing says Summer quite like yellow, which is why I love it so much for a Winter wedding! Especially paired with blue – to highlight its delicate warmth. Use sparingly, perhaps only in your flowers, for a timelessly elegant take on this palette.

Winter Sun Yellow Winter Wedding Color Palette

Bouquet – Kennedy Occasions // Photography – Alex Thornton via Mountainside Bride


Cosy Blush

You may think of this palette as being more perfect for Spring or Summer, but how lovely do these Winter ladies look? Blush will not only add a hint of warmth to any Winter wedding, it is also a gorgeous shade for pairing with neutrals. Personally, I am in love with this little collection of colors!

Cosy Blush Winter Wedding Color Palette

Photography – Our Love Is Loud


Glamorously Gothic

Now for something completely different! With Victoriana and velvet having been such big trends recently, there can be no better time to embrace your inner goth and show a little of your dark side. You may think this palette a little too bold for you, but dark colors have an opulence and drama like no other! And you can always brighten it up with some berry hues, if you wish.

Glamorously Gothic Winter Wedding Colour Palette

Tyler Branch via Chic Vintage Brides


Winter Brights

Last but most definitely not least, I wanted to show you that bright colors aren’t only for the Summer months! This eclectic mix of the boldest shades will look spectacular on even the coldest of days…. and talk about wowing your guests, is there anything more wow than a red dress??

Winter Brights Winter Wedding Color Palette

Bouquet – Bramble Haus // Photography – Sophie Baker Photography via The Wedding Playbook

Now, if these don’t have you dreaming of a Winter wonderland wedding, I don’t know what will! If none of the above have caught your eye though, or set your heart a flutter, you might want to have a look at the 11 Winter wedding color palettes from last year…. they’re still just as lovely, don’t you think? Or there are plenty of beautiful ideas in CVBs Inspiration Board archives! Such as




A Romantic Italian Elopement on Viverone Lake


It may have been foggy and cold when Beatrice & Gabriele said “I do’ on the edge of lake Viverone, Italy, but this romantic Winter elopement will definitely melt your heart! Beautifully intimate and with a color palette of greyed jade and thistle blue, that reflects both the season and their chosen setting, it captures the very essence of love and reminds us that weddings don’t have to be big to be breathtaking….

A Romantic Italian Elopement on Viverone Lake

A Romantic Italian Elopement on Viverone Lake

Groom Gabriele is an illustrator, so when it came time to pop the question of course the romantic used his artistic talents to create the perfect proposal. Beatrice explains “He proposed in the most personal and natural way as possible. I was at his house and after dinner he gave me a drawing. Just a simple house with a heart balloon on top and a phrase: will you marry me?” Awww, how cute is that?

“Our special day was simply perfect. There was us, our love, our story, the colours we chose (inspired by the lake and the nature surrounding ourselves) and all the little details that make the difference. We decided to opt for a unique ceremony (at least here in Italy were we live)! Just the two of us on a dock in the middle of a lake. We knew this was our kind of wedding for the very beginning, we are creative people and we really wanted something different. I couldn’t be more grateful to Danielle who perfectly planned and styled everything and to Irene that was able to tell our story in such a lovely, romantic way.”

Greenery Bridal Bouquet Books Wedding Ring Pillow Elopement Wedding Dress Unique Engagement Ring Winter Groom in Emerald Green Dinner Jacket

“Our wedding day started at home. We wanted to share everything, from the beginning to the end, so we got dressed in the same room. I loved my dress! When I shared a picture of that crop top to my granny she started grumble, but I knew it was the one. I first saw it online -Maura (the designer) shared a video of her new collection and I immediately felt in love. So a month later I booked an appointment. I tried that dress and two more, but that one was the one. No doubts. And then Gabriele found his suit a couple of days later in the same atelier (Il Sogno Atelier). He was a dream in his green jacket. Smart and informal at the same time!”

Vintage Inspired Elopement Bride

“It might be obvious but the ceremony was definitely our fave part of the day. Just the two of us and some swans on a dock at sunset time. It was such a cold day, but the sun decided to came out just in time for our vows exchange. It was so magical and I’m sure we will never forget that special moment, it was so surreal and amazing!”

Italian Lakeside Wedding Lakeside Wedding Ceremony Lakeside Elopement Italian Lake Wedding Ceremony Italian Lakeside Elopement Dock Wedding Ceremony Unique Non Diamond Engagement Ring Elopement Bride Relaxed Elopement Groom Italian Lakeside Wedding Italian Lakeside Wedding Romantic Winter Elopement Romantic Italian Winter Elopement

“And finally we came back home, just the two of us and enjoyed a lovely meal drinking Italian wine and finally tasting Dewis’s from Passione Cupcakes cake. We loved our cake: it had the lake hues, the water silver glare, and some colours inspired by my bouquet.”

Elopement Wedding Cake Elopement Wedding Table Elopement Wedding Place SettingWedding Chair Decor Drizzle Wedding Cake

Pearls of wedding wisdom from the bride….

“Our number one piece of advice would be: have your own kind of wedding. There’s nothing that you must do and nothing you can’t do. If you want a intimate wedding then go and get it. Don’t be afraid to think different and enjoy every moment because you’ll be surprised at how quickly the day passes.”

Elopement Wedding Table Rustic Vintage Elopement Rustic Vintage Wedding Sweetheart Table Wedding Chair Lasercut Decor Lasercut Wedding Chair Decor Drizzle Wedding Cake

Tell us a little about your photographer…..

“Irene it’s such an easy person to work with: passionate and nice, not intrusive at all. So if you want a natural and romantic reportage of the day she’s definitely the one for you!”

Italian Lakes Elopement Romantic Vintage Winter Elopement


Wasn’t everything about Beatrice & Gabriele’s elopement just dreamy?? *swoon* Many many congratulations to the happy couple, and a heartfelt thankyou to them and photographer Irene Fucci for allowing me to share their beautifully intimate celebration with you. If you love Irene’s style of photography and would like to see more of her work, pop and take a peek at this ethereal bridal shoot (at the most stunning Italian villa) or head on over to her website at, and be sure to follow her on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Pinterest!

Or if you’re considering an elopement and are looking for more inspiration then you will love this elegant affair in the city of romance, or how about this chic city hall elopement, oh and this enchanting Venice elopement is one not to be missed!



Contributors & Credits

Photography – Irene Fucci // Event Design – Danielle Design // Cake Topper – Geraldine  – lovely Crafts // Floral – Danielle Design // Jewelry – Giverso Gioielli // Wedding Cake – Passione Cupcakes // Vintage Car – La Manovella // Hair & Makeup – Hair and Makeup by Anka // Wedding Dress – Maura Brandino // Groom’s Attire – Maura Brandino // Robes – Mes Petites Dentelles // Groom’s Shoes – La Marchigiana // Submitted via Matchology

Inspiration Shoots

Snowy & Floral-Filled Vintage Winter Wedding Inspiration


Brimming with romantic florals in an array of pretty hues, balanced by elegant black and set against a castle backdrop, today’s wedding editorial is a beautiful embodiment of vintage elegance. All the way from Russia, in a landscape dusted with snow, it shows just why Winter weddings are so magical….

Snowy & Floral-Filled Vintage Winter Wedding Inspiration

Aristocratic Snowy Winter Wedding in Russia

Here’a few words from Olga Siyanko about what inspired this frosty aristocratic wedding editorial….. “When we met Olga and Alexander they were dreaming about a winter wedding. They dreamed about waking up into a frosty noble morning of England during 1930s-40s and going for a walk through crunchy snow around their own ancestral estate…

The venue for this vintage wedding inspiration shoot was an old castle built in the English style. Every brick was filled with a sense of history! The groom came for his bride in a vintage car – a black Chrysler Desoto from 1939.

Their brunch was held at an elegantly set table. All the flowers around them were in an autumnal color palette: terra-cotta, caramel, marsala, mustard, and milk. And every single piece of decor like tables, chairs, tableware, cutlery, brass candlesticks, were all were chosen to compliment the vintage wedding style.

The couple was styled to create an aristocratic old-world sense for our bride and groom: a noble velvet tuxedo, an elegant dress made from natural silk and a vintage fur cape on bride’s shoulders. The bride’s vintage style was perfected by a special hand-embroidered headpiece.

Additionally, the calligraphy wedding invitation suite enriched the spirit of the shoot and gave it a perfect final touch!”

Black Vintage Chrysler Desoto Romantic Floral Black Wedding Invitation Suite 1930s Inspired Bride Vintage Inspired Winter Groom Wearing Velvet 1930s Inspired Bride Romantic Vintage Wedding Place Setting Vintage Wedding Table Floral Wedding Centerpiece Vintage Wedding Table Decor Black Calligraphy Wedding Menu Vintage 1930s Inspired Bride & Groom Bright Bridal Bouquet Calligraphy Black Wedding Stationery Art Deco Inspired Bride & Groom Snowy Vintage Bride & Groom Snowy Vintage Winter Wedding 1930s Inspired Vintage Winter bride Snowy 1930s Inspired Wedding Fine Art Wedding Portrait Vintage Wedding Getaway Car Bright Romantic Bridal Bouquet Vintage Winter Wedding Vintage Chrysler Desoto Wedding Car Snowy Castle Wedding Inspiration


Now if that doesn’t make you consider a Winter wedding, I don’t know what will! Every single detail is just perfection. I can’t thank the creative team behind this beauty (listed below) enough, especially Olga Siyanko for photographing it so exquisitely and for allowing me to share it on Chic Vintage Brides. If you love this shoot as much as I do, do pop over to Olga’s website to see more of her stunning work, and you will also find her on Instagram.

If its the exquisite fine art style of photography that has you swooning, you should take a look at this creative rustic Legends of the Fall inspired wedding editorial and this elegant affair was also inspired by the Art Deco era – and more specifically, my favourite, Downton Abbey. Or if the fairytale location is making your heart skip a beat, this timeless inspiration shoot took place at a French Chateau!



Contributors & Credits

Photography – Olga Siyanko // Wedding Agency – WED Kiosque // Flowers & Décor – FLO Kiosque // Styling – Svetlana Sokolova // Jewelry – Nch Wedding // Wedding Dress – Karina Galstyan Fashion // Calligraphy – My Morning Glory // Chairs & Flowerpot – Rocketmice // Armchair – Celebrate It Rent // Brassware & Table – RENT Kiosque // Fur Coat – Skornyakova Design // Car – Retro Garag // Venue – Private Residence near Moscow, Russia

Inspiration Shoots

Sweet Blue Ridge Mountains Wedding Inspiration


Today’s sweet wedding editorial in the Blue Ridge Mountains is earthy and natural, laid-back yet elegant, and just oh so lovely! Brimming with greenery and timeless details it shows exactly why intimate celebrations are often my favourites. Because cutting down on size and keeping things simple, doesn’t have to mean scrimping on style!……

Sweet Blue Ridge Mountains Wedding Inspiration

To tell us a little more about the shoot and the creatives involved in pulling it all together, here’s Meaghan Clare Photography…. “The Blue Ridge Mountains were the perfect backdrop for Thomas and Elisa’s intimate, candlelit, country wedding. Thomas, a Maryland native, and Elisa, a Texas gal, knew they wanted a wedding that was elegant, rustic, and intimate, nodding to both of their rural roots. Shelagh Bolger, Event Planner and sister of the Groom, styled the event. From the blush-colored wine glasses, to the vintage dishware and handcrafted ladder bar, she knew just how to design an elegant, rustic atmosphere that would speak to the couple’s taste.

The cotton paper invitations, designed by Mindy Ascosi, Calligrapher and Graphic Artist at Ascosi Creative, added the perfect element of classic simplicity. Brooke Gagnier ofStem and Thistle , provided a gorgeous, herbal floral bouquet and gorgeous chair swags made of a mix of olive branch and italian ruscus. My personal favorite floral element was the little sprigs of olive branches that she used to decorate the menu cards. Shauna Kennedy, Hair and Makeup artist, helped emphasize the bride’s natural beauty. Lastly, the adorable floral covered cake baked by Sweets by Sarah Lynn was just as wonderfully tasting inside as it looked from the outside.”

Sweet Blue Ridge Mountain Wedding Inspiration Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Intimate Blue Ridge Mountain Elopement Sweet Vintage Inspired Bride & Groom Bride's Flower Crown Intimate Blue Ridge Mountain Wedding Table Simple White & Gold Outdoor Wedding Table Olive Wedding Table Decor Olive Wedding Chair Decor Intimate Outdoor Wedding Table Understated Wedding Place Setting Blush Wedding Glass Chic White & Gold Wedding Table Sweet Outdoor Wedding Table Engagement Ring Spring Blue Ridge Mountain Elopement Rustic Outdoor Wedding Bar Textured White Wedding Cake Textured Small White Wedding Cake Spring Blue Ridge Mountain Spring Peach Rose & Greenery Bridal Bouquet Vintage Inspired Spring Blue Ridge Mountain Elopement Rustic Vintage Blue Ridge Mountain Elopement


Isn’t the brides flower adorned braid crown gorgeous?? And I love the freshness of the understated color palette, just white and gold with little splashes of color. A huge thankyou to all the wedding pros involved but especially to Meaghan of  Meaghan Clare Photography for capturing every detail so perfectly. If you love this shoot and would like to see more of Meaghan’s wonderful photography head on over to her website at and be sure to find and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

For more elopement inspiration you should pop and take a peek at this elegant Columbia Gorge elopement, this City Hall affair in San Francisco is oh so chic, and this woodland elopement will enchant you utterly. If retro is more your style there is this mid-century styled shoot, or if you have a Spring elopement in mind, do take a moment to swoon over this blossom filled beauty. Oh and for a destination elopement, is there anywhere more romantic than Paris?? Just take a look at this stylish stunner.



Credits & Contributors

Photography – Meaghan Clare Photography // Styling – Shelagh Bolger // Models – Tommy Bolger and Elisa Dehan // Hair & Makeup – Shauna Kennedy // Floral Design – Stem and Thistle // Calligrapher – Ascosi Creative // Wedding Cake – Sweets by Sarah Lynn

Rustic Vintage Weddings

A Vintage Garden Party Wedding in a Botanical Garden


After seeing today’s wedding, it comes as no surprise to hear the bride & groom run their own vintage shop, Hoof & Antler. Because not only was their gorgeous garden party brimming with DIYed details (cleverly crafted by the bride’s father), lush organic florals, with that ‘just picked’ feel, and creative garden details; but also vintage ephemera decorated every surface and corner!

A Vintage Garden Party Wedding in a Botanical Garden

Jennifer & Ronnie got married on their 10 year anniversary, and if you think that is sweet, just wait until you hear about their first date! “We met for our first date at a coffee shop in South Philly, which initially was supposed to consist of coffee, a quick bite to eat for lunch, and some time spent playing chess. As we polished off our lunch the conversation flowed and it was at this time that our mutual love for thrifting surfaced. Before long we were digging through countless treasures at thrift stores, antique shops, and used book shops just a few blocks away. At one point we discovered a shelf full of dusty vintage games which kept us enthralled for hours. When all was said and done our first date lasted over 12 hours and as we went our separate ways we both realized that something very very special had just happened. Since that day we have been inseparable, on our eight year anniversary, we returned to the coffee shop where it all began and got engaged.” Isn’t that just the sweetest??

Anyway, when it came to planning their big day, the couple knew just what they wanted from the start. Jennier explains, “Living in the city, we wanted to stay true to our Philly roots, while also wanting to be surrounded by the beauty of nature. Since we run a vintage business it was important for us to incorporate vintage decor throughout the event, as it’s a huge part of who we are as a couple. The wedding was situated within a botanical garden, so we created a “vintage garden party” look and feel!”

Boho-Vintage Garden Wedding Boho Vintage Wedding Dress Photo Boho Vintage Bridal Accessories Bride Getting Dressed Bride Getting Ready Bride Getting Ready Photos Bride Getting Ready Photos Wedding Rings and Ring Box Groom's Accessories Groom Getting Ready Photos Vintage Inspired Groom Organic Bridal Bouquet Boho Vintage Bride Wedding First Look Romantic Garden Wedding Portraits Boho Vintage Bride & Groom Romantic Wedding First Look Modern Wedding Portraits Boho Vintage Bride & Groom Vintage Garden Party Wedding Tassled Wedding Dress Boho Vintage Bride Vintage Inspired Fall Groom

“Luckily for us we have lots of very talented friends, so we decided to put their talents to good use throughout the day! Our wedding ceremony pianist + violinist, our officiant, and DJ were all close friends of ours, which, coupled with our bridal parties, really added to the overall sense of family and celebration. Having all of our favorite people taking part in the event is something that we’ll never forget.”

 Wedding Sign Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Decor Bride & Father of the Bride Outdoor Garden Wedding Ceremony Romantic Outdoor Garden Wedding Ceremony Romantic Garden Wedding Ceremony Romantic Garden Wedding Ceremony Romantic Garden Wedding Ceremony Cute Vintage Flower Girls & Ring Bearers Vintage Inspired Bride & Groom Boho Vintage Bride & Groom Boho Vintage Bride & Groom  Boho Vintage Mismatched Bridesmaids Organic Bride & Bridesmaids Bouquets Bride & Flower Girl Groom & Groomsmen & Women

“We created or procured most of our wedding decor. We have a small vintage decor business, and I (the bride) am a graphic designer. We also had help from my father, who is a carpenter, for all of our power tool needs. Our list of DIY projects included: all the paper materials, which we printed and crafted at home; the table runners, table number stands, and cake stands; the ceremony archway; DIY photo booth background; and the giant JENGA game.”

Vintage Wedding Venue Rustic Vintage Wedding Decor Vintage Garden Wedding Lounge Garden Wedding Seeds Seating Chart Garden Wedding Seeds Seating Chart Garden Wedding Seeds Escort CardsGarden Wedding Floral Centerpiece Garden Wedding Reception Rustic Vintage Garden Wedding Place Setting  Boho Vintage Garden Wedding Reception Rustic Vintage Garden Wedding ReceptionWatering Can Wedding Centerpiece Rustic Vintage Garden Wedding Reception Rustic Vintage Garden Wedding Table Decor Rustic Vintage Garden Wedding Reception Wedding Cocktails

Pearls of wedding wisdom from the bride…..

“Being an artist, and avid DIYer, I wanted to finely curate every detail of our wedding. For not just my own sanity, but that of my future husband, I quickly realized we could not do it alone. We needed a planner – someone to “hold our hand” along the way, and take care of all the “day of” logistics. Hiring a planner to handle your “day of details” will allow you to relax, maximize time, and really enjoy your day. Plus, by opting to DIY everything possible, we were able to hire a planner at a budget friendly price.”

Trio of Wedding Cakes Drizzle Wedding Cake Wedding Cake with Bird Cake Topper Wedding Reception

Isn’t that portrait such fun! Huge and heartfelt congratulations to the happy Jennifer & Ronnie! A big thankyou to them and of course to the wonderful Tree of Life Films & Photography who captured all the important moments and gorgeous details so perfectly. If you love their photography as much as I do, and would like to see more of their work, head over to their website and don’t forget to follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Boho Vintage Bride & Groom Garden Wedding


And if, as I do, you’re head over heels with this wedding and are looking for more boho vintage inspiration for your own big day, then you might want to see Bailey & Chad’s blush-infused celebration in the Colorado mountains, Emily & Chris’s Vineyard wedding against another Colorado backdrop and Shelby & Zach’s bright and beautiful garden celebration. Oh and Kristina & Josh’s butterfly filled beauty in the Australian outback is not to be missed!



Credits & Contributors

Photography – Tree of Life Films & Photography // Event Planning – Shannon Wellington Weddings // Venue – Bartram’s Garden // Floral Design – Fresh Design Florist // Catering – Day by Day // Wedding Cake – Nutmeg Cake Design // DJ – DJ Carrie Dangerous // Makeup Artist – ONLO // Hair Styling – The Cutting Point Salon // Wedding Dress – Rue De Seine via Lovely Bride Philly // Bridal Accessories – BHLDN and Naturalizer // Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Adrianna Papell from BHLDN // Groom’s Apparel – Joseph Abboud // Tabletop Rentals – Modern Relics and Hoof & Antler // Furniture Rentals – Maggpie Vintage RentalsFox and Finch Vintage Rentals, and Barnes Handcrafted Farmhouse Tables

Inspiration Shoots

Pretty Pastel Art Nouveau Wedding Inspiration


Today’s Art Nouveau inspired wedding editorial comes in a palette of the prettiest pastels – making a refreshing change to the dark and moody fall hues we’ve been seeing so much of lately. With every detail bringing the Edwardian era to life, from the Alphonse Mucha inspired stationery suite, to the ceremony backdrop, painted wedding cake, and stunning turn of the century venue; this really is a a beautiful step back in time.

Pretty Pastel Art Nouveau Wedding Inspiration

Marisa of Peterson Design & Photography shares….“This was a total passion project for me! I absolutely adore all things vintage and wanted to have a mixture of classic art nouveau with modern touches that could be applicable to any bride. Some of the main elements I really wanted to focus on were color and texture inspired by our venue, Ruby Street which was originally built as a church in 1905 during the original American arts and crafts movement. The invitation suite by GoGoSnap was a jumping off point for many of the elements we used in this shoot. We focused on texture with the soft ombre influences in the linens, opal ring, ribbon, and arch and with patterns in the repeating floral, scrollwork and feathers.”

Art Nouveau Wedding Invitations Art Nouveau Wedding Invite Romantic Illusion Neck Wedding Dress Opal Vintage Engagement Ring Vintage Bridal Shoes Vintage Bridal Jewelry Vintage Bridal Headpiece Bride Getting Ready Photos Groom's Cuff Links Garnet Groom's Boutonniere Unique Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Vintage Bride & Groom Vintage Engagement & Wedding Ring Art Nouveau Inspired Bride & Groom Art Nouveau Wedding Lounge Art Nouveau Wedding Decor Art Nouveau Wedding Stationery Art Nouveau Wedding Decor Vintage Wedding Escort Cards Vintage Wedding Sweetheart Table Edwardian Wedding Escort Cards Vintage Wedding Table Vintage Wedding Glasses Vintage Wedding Table Art Nouveau Wedding Sweetheart Table Vintage Bride & Groom Art Nouveau Wedding Cake Art Nouveau Painted Wedding Cake Vintage Wedding Venue Vintage Wedding Venue


Isn’t it fabulous?? Here are a few more words about the details from Marisa….. “We chose the color palette to tie in with the venue, and utilize common colors for the period. And Here Come the Blooms created floral arrangements incorporating the grandeur of the era with a modern twist.

The cake designed by Nicole Bakes Cakes incorporated the ombre and metallic elements of the shoot with the stained glass of the venue and the flower motif from GoGoSnap!‘s invitation suite.

We wanted the attire to reflect the era, so both gowns incorporated unique scrollwork and lace reminiscent of art nouveau designs while the gentlemen donned classic suits with a subtle floral element to their bowties.

The custom made ceremony arch by Paper Moon Shoppe was one of my favorite elements as we worked closely with them to envision a design that hearkened back to the Art Nouveau illustrations in wallpaper and magazines. The signage, ceremony backdrop and sweetheart table backdrop were all hand made and painted by Paper Moon Shoppe and were designed and created over many hours of work.

For the tables cape we wanted to incorporate the feather, ombre and art nouveau motifs together from various other elements in the shoot, so we added gold ombre feathers to the superb menus by GoGoSnap! which all sat upon gorgeous vintage dishware from Via La Roche and ombre napkins from QT’s Pretty Little Things. We wanted a lush and elegant setting for our newlyweds to enjoy their first meal together.”

A huge thankyou to everyone involved, and especially to the lovely Marisa of Peterson Design & Photography for capturing it all so perfectly. If you would like to see more of her work be sure to take a look at this creative Pan-Am inspired mid-century editorial and this delightful Art Deco wedding inspiration before popping across to her website You can also find and follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.



Contributors & Credits

Photography – Peterson Design & Photography // Venue – Ruby Street // Event Planning – Jane Alexandra Events | Floral Design –Here Come the Blooms // Stationery – GoGoSnap // Wedding Cake – Nicole Bakes Cakes // Vintage Rentals – Sweet Salvage Vintage Rentals // Linens – QT’s Pretty Little Things // Hair & Makeup – Bespoke Beauty // Wedding Dress – Maggie Sottero // Groom’s Bow Tie – The Bowtie Boutique // Bride’s Shoes – Rachel Simpson // Bridesmaid Dresses – BHLDN // Bridal Veil & Headpiece – Petals and Stones // Accessories: Petals and Stones // Engagement Ring – Brilliant Earth // Jewelry – Street Bauble // Groomsmen Attire – Express // Ribbon – Shy Myrtle // Tableware – Via La Roche // Signage – Paper Moon Shoppe Co // Backdrops – Paper Moon Shoppe Co // Submitted via Matchology

Inspiration Shoots

Rustic-Vintage Ranch Wedding Editorial Inspired by Legends of the Fall


Today’s editorial takes one of my favourite films, Legends of the Fall, as its inspiration and captures the romance of it flawlessly. The vast open plains of Montana and the beautiful Resort at Paws Up serves as the perfect backdrop to this epic affair; with delicate florals that contrast delightfully with the magnificently rugged landscape, and a reception that is far more elegant than rustic, every detail really is jaw-droppingly gorgeous!

Legends of the Fall Inspired Fall Wedding

A few words from the photographers who envisaged and captured this beauty, Jeremiah and Rachel Photography…. “This past September, we had the privilege of collaborating with Greenwood Events and The Resort at Paws Up to work on a shoot that had been on our hearts for years. We had a vision of showing Montana in it’s best light, romantic, wild, passionate and untouched. We adore the story Legends of the Fall, and Tristan’s fight against himself. It might be a tragic story, but the happiest he is in that movie is when he’s with his true love, Isobel. And that’s where this shoot was born from. The Resort at Paw’s Up is one of the most beautiful places in Montana, and just being on the ranch was awe inspiring. Darci and Arden of Greenwood Events tapped right into our hearts and created this entire setting, even making a field of wildflowers for our lovely couple.”

Vintage Wedding Vows Ranch Groom's Attire Ranch Wedding Ceremony Arch Blush & Pale Yellow Bridal Bouquet Rustic Vintage Bride Rustic Vintage Groom's Attire Legends of the Fall Inspired Wedding Legends of the Fall Inspired Wedding Ranch Wedding Floral Aisle Arch Romantic Ranch Wedding Ranch Wedding Ceremony Decor Romantic Rustic Vintage Ranch Wedding Ranch Wedding Rustic Vintage Wedding Stationery Romantic Ranch Wedding Reception Romantic Blush Wedding Place Setting Romantic Vintage Wedding Table Rustic Vintage Wedding Table Rustic Vintage Wedding Decor  Calligraphy Escort Cards Legends of the Fall Inspired Fall Wedding Legends of the Fall Inspired Fall Wedding Rustic Vintage Bridal Bouquet Legends of the Fall Inspired Fall Wedding Legends of the Fall Wedding Legends of the Fall Inspired Rustic Ranch Wedding


As always a huge and heartfelt thankyou to all the wedding professionals and creatives behind the scenes, and especially to photographers Jeremiah & Rachel for capturing the details – and the landscape – so flawlessly! If, like me, you are completely in love with their light filled style of fine art photography, you can see more of it over on their website, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

And if you’re this elegant take on rustic has you swooning, you will love this wedding inspiration board and its rich fall palette – which would just as easily suit a ranch as a winery! Or if its the scenery that’s taken your breath away, this desert bridal boudoir is an absolute must see. And you might like Amanda & Ryan’s glamorous Ghost Ranch wedding!




Credits & Contributors

Photography – Jeremiah & Rachel // Event Design – Greenwood Events // Floral Design – Greenwood Events // Wedding Dress – Claire Pettibone // Ring – Trumpet & Horn // Makeup – Skin Chic // Hair – Christina Stevens // Grooms Attire – J.Crew // Invitations & Calligraphy – Cast Calligraphy // Rentals – The Party Store // Location – The Resort at Paws Up // Tabletop Rentals – The Top Collection // Ribbon – Tono & Co // Bridal Boutique – Willow Bride

Vintage Inspired Weddings

A Romantic Olive Infused Winery Wedding


Today’s romantic wedding takes place at the beautiful BR Cohn Winery, nestled between Sonoma Mountain and the Mayacamas Mountain range, in Glen Ellen. With its Picholine olive grove and rolling hillside vineyards it was the perfect spot for Kayla & Matt’s elegantly relaxed outdoor affair…..

A Romantic Olive Infused Winery Wedding

You see, not only was it the vineyard at which Matt met Kayla’s parents for the first time. But with the venue known as much for its olive oils as it is for its wine, the couple held their reception underneath the olive trees, which was the perfect landscape to represent Kayla’s growing up as her family own an olive farm. And as if that wasn’t enough, the couple love Italy – especially its cuisine, so every dish served at their wedding was inspired by the country and its flavours, giving it a real Tuscan feel.

As beautiful as the venue is though, it is how Kayla & Matt decorated it that really caught my eye. With lush florals, that incorporated a special something from home, in the most romantic palette of soft pinks and deep reds; marquee & bistro lighting, gold vintage frames and Vineyard worthy details like a wine barrel altar and cork table numbers. If you’re planning a Vineyard wedding you will find plenty of inspiration in their lovely celebration…..

Badgley Mischka Bridal Sandals Blush & Red Boutonnieres

All of the flowers – including bouquets, centerpieces, aisle decor & the cake – included live olive branches. And all of the branches were hand picked from Kayla’s family farm in Corning, CA and brought to Sonoma to be a part of the wedding.

Bridesmaids Bouquets & Marquee Lighting Bridal Veil Bride Getting Ready Bride Getting Ready Watch Groom's Gift Groom & GroomsmenChalk Board Wedding Sign

Looking out over the vineyards, under the shade of the tree, can you imagine a more perfect spot to exchange vows?

Outdoor Winery Wedding Ceremony Outdoor Winery Wedding CeremonyWedding Wine Winery Wedding Ceremony Decor Wedding First Look Emotional Groom Bride & Father Winery Wedding Ceremony Under a Tree Winery Wedding Ceremony Under a Tree Bridesmaids Wedding Ceremony Photos Exchanging Rings Wedding First Kiss Husband & Wife

How fabulous is the color of Kayla’s bridemaids’ dresses? Just the gorgeous shade of red that is perfect for Summer, Fall, or Winter!

Red & Navy Wedding PartyRed Bridesmaid Dresses Bride & Groom Groom & Groomsmen Winery Wedding Photos Winery Wedding Photos Vintage Inspired Groom Winery Wedding

What a fab idea for a seating chart – and so easy to DIY!

Vintage Wedding Table Plan Outdoor Wedding Reception Floral Wedding Centerpiece Winery Wedding Reception Decor Winery Wedding Tables

I love this heartfelt detail for loved ones who may no longer be with us, but will never be forgotten.

Wedding Missing Loved Ones Winery Wedding Tables

The table numbers were all hand made by Kayla and her mom out of wine corks – many of them from bottles Matt and Kayla had enjoyed together through the years of their relationship.

Cork Wedding Table Number Wedding Sweetheart Table Winery Wedding Reception

The guest book was a wood crafted piece of California made by Matt & his dad. Even the heart which was placed over Sonoma County on the map was hand carved for the piece.

Wooden State Wedding Guestbook White Wedding Cake with Olive Leaves Gold Wedding Rings

Pearls of wedding wisdom from the bride….

“Get a wedding planner. No matter how big or small you think your wedding day will be, the most important part is that you are able to enjoy the day of and not worry about anything. My wedding planner was amazing and when it came to the day of my wedding I was completely dismissed from all stresses because her and her team completely handled the set up and even keeping guests on track as they arrived. It was the best experience to be able to look back and not be concerned about anything, except to enjoy each second of the entire day. ”

Wedding First DanceWedding First DanceCutting the Wedding Cake

Huge and heartfelt congratulations to gorgeous couple Kayla & Matt! A big thankyou to them and of course to the fabulous Onelove Photography who, as always, captured all the important moments and gorgeous so perfectly. If you love their photography as much as I do, and would like to see more of their work, take a peek at this magical Winter wedding or this sweet celebration with a vintage travel themed reception and this garden inspired wedding full of boho vintage elegance. Or head over to their website and don’t forget to follow them on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

Winery Wedding


And if you love Kayla & Matt’s timeless celebration and are looking for more inspiration for your own big day, then you might want to see Betsy & Joel’s showstopping flower-filled wedding, or Laura & Jake’s heartfelt rustic-vintage woodland wedding and Kate & Wes’s colorful celebration is a wedding not to be missed!




Contributors & Credits

Photography – Onelove Photography // Venue – BR Cohn Winery in Glen Ellen // Coordinator – Lindsey Nickel, Lovely Day Events // Wedding Dress – Lauren Elaine // Makeup – Ashley Clark // Hair – Noelle Patton (cousin of the bride) // Wedding Cake – Your Sweet Expectations // Caterer – Park Avenue  // Videography – W. Video Productions // Entertainment – Lucky Devils (Band) // Floral Design – Tori Patocchi // Bridesmaids Dresses – Faviana // Officiant – Tim Boeve // Bridal Shoes – Badgley Mischka

Inspiration Shoots

Elegant Winter Wedding Inspiration at the Hampshire House


Today’s elopement editorial abounds with romance and timeless elegance. Against the historic Hampshire House a sumptuous visual feast was created in a dark and sultry palette perfect for a Winter wedding, with all the opulence of a stately celebration, and just a hint of Hollywood glamour thanks to the modern day Grace Kelly inspired bride and her oh-so-chic gown…..

Elegant Winter Wedding Inspiration at the Hampshire House

Lindsay Hackney, who was not only the photographer but also the designer, says….. “With a space as elegant and lush as Hampshire House, I envisioned an intimate elopement for a modern Grace Kelly with an edge. Ceremony Boston (just up the street from Hampshire House in Beacon Hill!) provided a stunning Sarah Seven gown with clean lines that showed just the right amount of skin.

Our tablescape started with traditional elements–raised damask linens, gold-rimmed glassware, and lush florals from Apotheca Flower Shoppe –which we deconstructed a bit with hand-dyed ribbon, undone napkins and modern flatware. I imagined our couple sitting down to dinner for two after their intimate ceremony, taking in the view of Boston Common and sipping champagne before an evening alone. What could be more romantic?”

Elegant Modern Vintage Bride Getting ReadyElegant Modern Vintage Bride Getting ReadyLush Bridal BouquetCalligraphy Wedding NoteEmmy London Vintage Bridal ShoesGroom Getting ReadyGroom Getting ReadyHampshire House Wedding DecorHampshire House ElopementElopement Place SettingElegant Modern Vintage Wedding Table DecorElegant Modern Vintage Wedding TableCalligraphy Wedding MenuWedding GlassesHampshire House Elopement FlowersModern Vintage Grace Kelly Inspired BrideModern Vintage Grace Kelly Inspired BrideOpulent Modern Bridal BouquetElegant Winter Wedding Inspiration at Hampshire HouseRomantic Bride & Groom PhotosModern Vintage Winter Bride & GroomGrace Kelly Inspired BrideBlack Diamond Engagement RingModern Vintage Bride Inspired by Grace KellyElegant Bridal UpdoElegant Marble Wedding CakeElegant Marble Wedding CakeElegant Winter Wedding Inspiration at Hampshire House


What could be more romantic indeed! So stunning, don’t you think?? To every member of the creative team (listed below) behind this elegant elopement editorial a huge thankyou, but especially to photographer Lindsay Hackney who captured it all so exquisitely. If you would like to see more of Lindsay’s beautiful photography do pop and take a peek at her website, and of course be sure to find and follow her on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and Pinterest for daily doses of gorgeousness!

Or for more timeless wedding ideas you might want to take a look at this blue and blush inspiration shoot or this breathtakingly romantic candlelit affair or this elegant editorial at the beautiful Deux Belettes.




Credits & Contributors

Photography & Design – Lindsay Hackney // Venue – Hampshire House // Floral Design – Apotheca Flower Shoppe // Hair – Hair That Moves // Makeup – The Crown Boutique // Stationery – Lady G. Paperie // Wedding Cake – Artisan Bake Shop // Rentals – Be Our Guest // Wedding Dress – Sarah Seven from Ceremony Boston // Hairpiece – Emma Katzka Bridal // Bridal Shoes – Emmy London