Jenny Packham’s Enchanting Spring 2016 Bridal Collection

May 4, 2015

Following on from last Monday’s glimpse of the gorgeous tea length gowns in House of Mooshki’s 2016 Bridal collection (which, if you missed it, really is a must see), we’re starting this week with something a little extra special from designer of the moment Jenny Packham and last month’s Bridal Market. If you love art deco decadence and ethereal elegance then have your pinning finger ready…..

Jenny Packham's Enchanting Spring 2016 Bridal Collection

Jenny Packham is known for re-igniting the romance and craftsmanship of yesteryear with her collections, and whether for walking the aisle or the red carpet she has long been the designer of choice for many a bride, and of course one rather stylish royal! If you have been a follower of Chic Vintage Brides for any length of time then you will know just how much I adore her distinctly 1920s inspired signature style – you don’t have to go far on CVB before you find a post mentioning her name or featuring one of her decadent bridal gowns; and you will find many of her past collections here – 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012. Of course as a Jenny Packham bride myself I could be slightly biased, but her timeless and exquisitely embellished gowns, quite simply stole my heart from the moment I saw them some 5 years ago, and has done so time and again with each collection since – and her 2016 collection is no exception!

Inspired by a midsummer dream and a fairy queen, Jenny Packham’s latest offering has an otherworldly, whimsical grace that we’ve not seen from the designer before. With gowns of celestial silk tulles and cascading silk chiffon, in hues of soft meadow green, dusky pink, champagne, platinum and a radiant ivory; the collection is wonderfully romantic and feminine. With sculpted corsetry and dramatic necklines, all decorated with appliqué organza blooms, majestic ostrich feathers, crystal foliage motifs and delicate floral lace, alongside the designer’s signature art deco embellishments; it celebrates the lavish artistry of nature with a bohemian ethereal elegance, whilst remaining true to the vintage aesthetic JP is renowned for.

Naming each gorgeous dress after characters of a Midsummer Night’s Dream, and showing them against a backdrop inspired by Shakespeare’s fairy realm, her catwalk show was truly the stuff of fairy tales!…..

Jenny Packham's Enchanting Spring 2016 Wedding Dress Titania Jenny Packham's Enchanting Spring 2016 Wedding Dress Luciana Jenny Packham's Enchanting Spring 2016 Wedding Dress Rosemarie Jenny Packham's Enchanting Spring 2016 Wedding Dresses - Peasblossom Jenny Packham's Enchanting Spring 2016 Wedding Dresses Jenny Packham's Enchanting Spring 2016 Bridal Collection - Nerissa Jenny Packham's Enchanting Spring 2016 Bridal Collection - Portia Jenny Packham's Enchanting Spring 2016 Bridal Collection - Octavia


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Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons – 5 Perfect Hair Accessories for a Vintage Bride

May 1, 2015

Good morning lovelies! Well today sees the start of a new month (I can’t believe we’re in May already?!) and the end of another week, but before you head off for the weekend I have a post packed full of pretty for your delectation. In this week’s Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons we’re continuing the bridal accessories theme by looking at beautiful adornments for your wedding hair!…..

5 Perfect Vintage Bridal Hair Accessories


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Chic Vintage Bride – Kathleen Johnson

April 29, 2015

The 1960s have never been my favourite era in terms of fashion, but they are growing on me thanks to my Chic Vintage Brides. Before they truly started swinging and before flower power, there was a simple elegance about them that is beautifully timeless. Think Breakfast At Tiffany’s AudreyJackie Kennedy and today’s blushing bride…..

Chic Vintage 1960s Bride Kathleen Johnson (Image Source)

Kathleen Johnson married Henry B. Eyring on 27 July 1962 and I love her chic ensemble: the ever so simple but beautifully fitting gown with its classy bateau neckline, her elbow length gloves and that pretty set of pearls. It is graceful, polished and perfect!…… And after our recent obsession with lace, I wonder how long it will be before we return to sleek satin?

For more inspiring chic vintage 1960s brides and weddings, have a peek here for a vision from vogue, here for a bide in something short but sweet, here for a society belle, and here for a royal wedding or here for the wedding of the king of rock’n’roll!



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Top 10 Wedding Colours for Autumn 2015 from Pantone

April 28, 2015

It feel likes only yesterday that I was sharing Pantone’s pick of colours for Spring 2015 and yet, they have already released their favourites for fall – and if you thought the Spring palette was pretty, just wait until you see the beautiful array of colours they chose for Autumn!

Pantone's Top 10 Fall 2015 Colours

Here’s how Pantone, the global authority on colour, described the palette “This season displays an umbrella of accord that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural. The colors are evocative of a love for nature and a timeless appreciation for warmth and security, which are conveyed through naturally inspired colors that remind us of things that are real and protective. This Fall, designers’ pay homage to progressive moments in American history – from the seductive ‘20s to the bohemian hippie and modernists of the ‘60s and ‘70s.”

Sounds like my idea of heaven! So how do they translate into Autumnal weddings? Well, here are a few ideas…..


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The Fabulous 1950s-Inspired 2016 Bridal Collection from House of Mooshki

April 27, 2015

Those of you who enjoyed last week’s post packed full of the prettiest tea length wedding dresses (and I know there were lots of you!), are simply going to swoon over today’s collection of bridal beauties, because no-one does tea length quite like the House of Mooshki! Epitomising the glamour and grace of the 1950s with their swinging tulle skirts, illusion necklines and long sleeves; if you haven’t seen House of Mooshki wedding dresses before then you are in for quite the treat!…….

Tea Length Wedding Dresses from House of Mooshki

House of Mooshki specialise in designing and creating gorgeous vintage inspired wedding dresses, and since their launch 5 years ago have grown from a small English company into an internationally renowned brand. Inspired by the 1950s and 1960s, and iconic Couturiers such as Coco Chanel and Cristobel Balenciaga, House of Mooshki bridal collections always perfectly capture the sheer elegance of the era (more so than any designer I have ever seen) and their 2016 offering is no different!

With dreamy silhouettes for the discerning modern day bride that range from fun and flirty tea length to long sumptuous ball-gowns and sleek, elegant wedding dresses with show stopping detachable trains; all created in luxurious fabrics with embellishments and guipure laces in romantic shades of ivory, blush and champagne; their 2016 bridal collection dovetails their fun and flirty, 50s inspired signature style with a new sophistication to create a range of wedding dresses that are fabulous through and through……

Tea Length Wedding Dresses from House of Mooshki Tea Length Wedding Dresses from House of Mooshki Leonora - Tea Length Wedding Dress from House of Mooshki's 2016 Bridal Collection Tea Length Wedding Dresses from House of Mooshki Felicity - Long Sleeve Wedding Dress from House of Mooshki's 2016 Bridal Collection Felicity - Long Sleeve Wedding Dress from House of Mooshki's 2016 Bridal Collection Felicity - Long Sleeve Wedding Dress from House of Mooshki's 2016 Bridal Collection Ruby - Tea Length Wedding Dress from House of Mooshki's 2016 Bridal Collection


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Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons – The Most Beautiful Veils for a Vintage Bride

April 24, 2015

I don’t know about you but I was quite sad to come to the end of the series of Spring themed Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons last week! Or at least I was until I started thinking about what I could share with you this week!! And I decided that I have been somewhat neglecting the all important bridal hair accessories of late. Because, for all the importance we as brides put on the dress, it is after all the accessories that truly make us feel like brides – when else in your life will you have the chance to wear a veil?? So today, I thought I would share 5 of the most perfect veils for a vintage loving bride…..

The Most Beautiful Vintage Wedding Veils (more…)

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The Latest Collection of Unashamedly Romantic Wedding Dresses from Sally Lacock

April 23, 2015

I must admit this is one of my absolute favourite times of the year! Not only because of the beautiful change in season, but also because its around this time we start to get early glimpses of the beautiful new bridal collections. I can’t help it, there is little I love more than perusing the latest exquisitely designed and consummately crafted wedding dresses!! Other than, of course, sharing them with you, and today I have one for you I just know you are going to love. Delicately vintage and unashamedly romantic, Sally Lacock‘s latest collection is quite simply sublime……

Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses from Sally Lacock

Sally Lacock is a London based designer renowned for her beautiful vintage inspired wedding dresses. Using luxurious fabrics in antique hues, Sally imbues her designs with a lightness, delicacy and intricate beauty often only found in true vintage garments – thanks to time-honoured skills and an attention to detail that is rarely found in today’s modern world of mass production.

Inspired by her love of vintage wedding dresses and antique lace Sally, who launched her eponymous wedding dress label in 2010, creates gowns that draw from almost every era – from the golden age of Art Noveau full of Edwardian elegance, to the decadent days of the roaring 1920s with hints of Gatsby glamour, through to the feminine and fabulous 1950s. In just the few years since its launch, the Sally Lacock label has developed an inimitable style, enchanting vintage loving brides and bloggers alike!

This her very latest collection, features a show-stopping liquid silk 1930’s Hollywood inspired gown, a slinky dropped waist ‘20s piece, a playful ‘50s debutante inspired dress (with elegant long lace sleeves) and a high necked column dress that exudes an aristocratic opulence. Building on the foundation of her signature delicate vintage style, it strikes just the right balance between nostalgia and modernity; creating a look that is elegant, timeless, and perfect for today’s discerning, modern bride! So be sure to have your pinning finger ready as you scroll through these heavenly bridal gowns…..

Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses from Sally Lacock - Carly an Edwardian inspired wedding dress Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses from Sally Lacock - Emmeline a 1940s inspired wedding dress Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses from Sally Lacock - Emmeline a 1940s inspired wedding dress Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses from Sally Lacock - Madeleine a vintage Hollywood wedding dress Sally Lacock's Madeleine - a vintage Hollywood wedding dress


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Chic Vintage Bride – Margery Waterlow

April 22, 2015

Oh today’s Chic Vintage Bride has me completely enchanted! Actually, she’s not strictly speaking a bride in this photo, although her beautiful gown of white is certainly worthy of a wedding. Instead this portrait was taken on the occasion of Miss Margery Waterlow being presented at court on March 11th 1898…..

Chic Vintage Victorian Bride - Margery Waterlow (Image Source)

The skirt and bodice were trimmed with frills of pleated chiffon edged with satin, and both the train and the bodice were adorned with clusters of lilies of the valley and trails of ivy, to match her lush bouquet. So, not a wedding dress (in fact this beautiful young lady didn’t get married until she was 28, which would have been thought of as quite ancient in those days!) but not at all dissimilar to the bridal fashion of the time, and still wonderfully inspiring isn’t it?

If you’re loving the lavish opulence of court dress, then you will find more delightful examples hereherehere, and here; oh and you simply must take a peek at the rather scandalous Lady Crofton! Or if you would rather see some Victorian bridal fashion (which is just as lovely!) you will find some truly incredible royal brides here and here or an intrepid Victorian beauty here.

And don’t forget, if you have a Chic Vintage Bride (from Victorian to the 1960s ) in your family that you would like to share, then please do email me at with ‘Chic Vintage Bride Submission’ in the subject box. Please include at least 1 high quality image (crisp, clear and greater than 650 pixels wide) of the bride and as many details as you are able to provide – names, dates, locations and love stories. I look forward to seeing and sharing them!



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