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A Stunning Hand-tied Bouquet of Autumn Reds


Today I am so excited to be welcoming back the fabulous Toni of Magdalen Hill with another Bouquet Recipe – and wow is it a show stopper! Some of the most romantic flowers in deep dark reds make this floral arrangement a true Autumn beauty. Grand in size and opulent in colour it is a bouquet for the bride who really wants to make a statement…..

A Romantic Autumn Red Bridal Bouquet // Photography ~ Natalie McNally

As it has been quite some time since our last bouquet recipe, and with so many of you new to Chic Vintage Brides for whom this will be your first, I thought it would be a good idea to do a little reminder of what these posts are all about!

As well as inspire and delight you with some of the most beautiful bouquets you ever will see, our hope with these posts is to shed a little light on all things floral. CVB’s ridiculously creative resident florist Toni of Magdalen Hill lends her expert insights and experience to break down some of her favourite bridal bouquets from the season into blooms, bunches and stems. As well as telling us exactly what blooms make up her stunning arrangements, Toni also shares when they are in season, an idea of cost for budgeting and, most importantly, exactly what to ask your florist for if you find one you love (which I have no doubt you will!)

Without further ado, I will let Toni tell you a little more about this red, Fall stunner, before we take a look at it coming together. “Luckily for me, Raima mentioned a bouquet she had been dreaming of during a consultation with Natalie McNally for her wedding photography. Knowing she wanted to carry red for her ANZAC weekend nuptials Raima’s dream bouquet happened to be the one I had created and Natalie had photographed for our Urban Secret Garden shoot. A favorite for us both, I  jumped at the chance to create something similar…..” 

Romantic Red Wedding FlowersRed TulipsRomantic Autumn Red Roses & HydrangeasStunning Red RoseA Romantic Red Bridal Bouquet RecipeA Stunning Autumn Red Bridal Bouquet RecipeA Stunning Autumn Red Bridal Bouquet RecipeA Romantic Autumn Red Bridal Bouquet RecipeA Romantic Autumn Red Bridal Bouquet RecipeA Stunning Red Bridal Bouquet RecipeA Stunning Red Bridal Bouquet RecipeA Stunning Red Bridal Bouquet RecipeA Stunning Autumn Bridal BouquetA Breathtaking Red Bridal Bouquet

Bouquet Recipe

“With ‘statement bouquet’ in mind  Dahlia, Black Magic roses and Hydrangea were used to  create a depth to the center. Tulips which moved playfully away were complimented by the interesting textures of Grevillia and gum. Ficus, olive, and foraged greens escaped giving width to the bouquet. Amaranthus combined with ivy and asparagus created length to the bouquet, a nod to cascading bouquets of the past hinting at a sense of nostalgia. Whilst Pierus and hypericum berries offered contrast and softened the deeper tones. Raima’s bridesmaids carried  much smaller ‘just tied’ upright bunches to purposefully emphasize her show stopper bouquet. A vision in red, and I was in love.”

Bridal Bouquet BloomsRed Autumn Bridal Bouquet Recipe

Bridal Bouquet Price: $$$$       (Budget Key: $ = Thrifty – $$$$$ = Lavish)

Season available: This bouquet was created in the early Autumn. While most blooms nowadays are available year round, choosing flowers that are out of season when you’re getting married can have an impact on price. If you talk to your florist however they should be able to suggest seasonal alternatives that would create the same, or similar, effect.

Ask your florist for: An oversized hand-tied bouquet in deep red tones, with an organic variety of textured foliage to create width and a cascading effect. Raima chose red for her ANZAC weekend wedding, which suited her style, the occasion and time of year. But this bouquet would be just as glorious in blush, peach, pink or even pure white. Ask for the same colour (or palette) in a variety of shades to really give the bouquet depth and allow each bloom to shine.

Just one more look before we go…..

A Romantic Autumn Red Bridal Bouquet

As ever I am utterly in awe of Toni’s talents – and more than a little envious of lucky bride Raima! A huge thank-you to both Toni and Natalie, who captured it all so perfectly, for their hard work and for letting me share it with you.

I promise you won’t have so long to wait until the next Bouquet Recipe! But if, like me, the days simply can’t go quickly enough you can always take a look at some of their past creations. If you love this bouquet, then I would most definitely start with the bouquet that inspired it – it really was beyond beautiful. Or if you’re a fan of the foraged trend you may want to peek at this ‘just-picked’ posy, or if you’re looking for something with timeless elegance then this bouquet of roses and peonies could be for you. You can see all of these and more right here.




Floral Design ~ Toni McGregor from Magdalen Hill // Photography ~ Natalie McNally