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Must Read Bridal Shoe Shopping Advice from Top Bridal Shoe Designer Emmy Scarterfield


If you watched the royal wedding or are a regular visitor to Chic Vintage Brides then you will no doubt be familiar with the beautiful designs of Emmy London. If this is a name that is new to you though then you are in for a treat, because no-one does bridal shoes quite like Emmy! And today I am excited, and exceedingly proud, to be welcoming the brands founder, designer and namesake, Emmy Scarterfield to these pages, to share some words of wedding wisdom. Because when it comes to offering advice on finding the perfect pair of heels (or flats) for the big day, who could possibly be better than one of the world’s leading bridal shoes designers?!

Bridal Shoe Shopping Advice

Must Read Bridal Shoe Shopping Advice
Top Bridal Shoe Shopping Advice Emmy London
Top Bridal Shoe Shopping Advice

But first, a short interview by way of an introduction to the lady herself…..

Tell us about your background?

I’m a creative first and entrepreneur second. I’ve always loved shoes even from a really early age and always knew I wanted to be a shoe designer which I feel very blessed about. I trained at Cordwainers College, then went straight into my first design job at Marks & Spencer which I lovingly refer to as my finishing school phase now. From there I moved to Milan and worked for Giorgio Armani and Bottega Veneta designing shoes and bags, thats where my love and appreciation of refined craftsmanship really took hold of my heart. When I returned to London, I freelanced for a few British fashion brands until I took the plunge and launched my own luxury shoe brand, Emmy London.

Emmy Scarterfield of Emmy London

How did you get into the bridal industry?

The idea was born out of a lightbulb moment, after a very disappointing shopping experience for my best friend I realised that there was a genuine gap in the market. For me it was all about matching my skill set – my attention for detail and passion for craftsmanship, with the opportunity that I saw missing. Bridal is niche but has wide appeal with longevity – it is the perfect fit for my feminine, elegant and timeless aesthetic. 14 years on and I still love my job, I love that I get the opportunity to make so many women happy with the power of shoe love!

Cinderella Bridal Shoes from Emmy London

How would you say bridal fashion and shoes in particular have changed in the 14 years since you launched Emmy London?

Bridal has changed massively over the past fourteen years and definitely for the better. It has become much cooler, more integrated with mainstream fashion. There is so much more choice available now and a freedom for brides to express their own personal style and be the bride they want to be. The industry is less traditional and far more personal – there is something for everyone to express their own individual style. The days of feeling like you have to conform to conventions of what a bride should look are long gone (thankfully!)

Emmy London - May Bridal Shoes

What are the biggest trends in bridal footwear you see right now?

Colour is still such a huge trend in bridal, from soft romantic palettes of blush and powder blue to bright pops of colour. Bespoke is also hugely popular with brides wanting to design a shoe that is completely unique to their personal style. Different heel heights and shapes continue to be such a big trend, we have added various different heel heights and shapes to our collection over the past couples of years – from platforms and wedges, to bridal flats and our new block heel there really is something for everyone.

Emmy London - Bluebell Bridal Shoes

And where do you think they will lead in the coming seasons?

We will continue to see more use of colour and more bridal flats – with intricate detailing and beadwork bridal flats certainly don’t need to be boring!

Emmy London - Bonnie Bridal Flats

There’s so much to consider and so many styles to choose from, what advice would you give to brides shopping for their perfect shoes?

The most practical advice when buying wedding shoes is to stay within your comfort zone. And by that I mean, to stay within the heel height that is doable for you. Because your wedding is a long day and you are on your feet. And I think if your feet start to hurt, it can potentially ruin your big day. So it’s important to stick to the shape and heel height you know and love. And if you start from there, you can then look at details and embellishments that match your look.

'Iris' Bridal Kitten Heels

Have a open mind! Sometimes what you imagine you want, much like the dress (or boy!) actually isn’t want you end up going for.

Don’t be afraid to personalise we are seeing much more of a demand for customisation, ranging from changing heel heights, colours, details to adding personal messages, dates and initials. The wonderful thing about that is, customisation is a really big part of our DNA. We started our business as purely bespoke and so we offer that service in our boutique and online.

And consider buying heels AND flats – we are currently seeing a trend towards brides buying heels and flat shoes as well. And often, the flats aren’t so much to change into, because our heels are super comfortable and really amazing to dance in, but many brides wear their flats the day before, the day after or on their honeymoon.

Emmy London - Arabella Pink Bridal Shoes

And what’s the biggest mistake you see brides make when choosing their footwear?

Not addressing the balance of comfort and beauty by instead choosing a heel that is maybe a little higher than they would normally wear. Your wedding day is not the time to try something new in that way. You will regret it if you end up unable to walk (and dance) in comfort in your

Emmy London Bridal Shoes

What’s the number one, most important thing every bride should remember when making their choice?

Fall in love with the shoe!

Emmy London - Valentina Bridal Shoes

And the one question every bride is asking, is it possible to be comfortable all day in heels?

Absolutely! At Emmy London we pride ourselves on the comfort of our shoes. I strongly believe in creating shoes to be enjoyed and treasured FOREVER with complete confidence – this is achieved by expertly pioneering the perfect balance of comfort and beauty. Each of our shoe designs starts with developing the last, a mould which defines the shape and comfort of the finished shoe. Our team test each style and several development processes are conducted to ensure the ultimate level of comfort and fit, two essential ingredients of our brand.

Emmy London - Bonnnie Bridal Flats

A huge thankyou to the lovely Emmy Scarterfield for her time and thoughtful words of wisdom! To find out more about Emmy London, do take a look at the beautiful website www.emmylondon.com. Here you’ll find the online shop (that includes not only bridal shoes but accessories and beautiful heels for the bridesmaids, Mother of the bride, and guests too), as well as details of the bespoke process and a fabulous blog. Or for a window into Emmy’s world follow Emmy (and her adorable twin girls) on Instagram, and you can keep up to date with all the latest news, and get glimpses of all the gorgeous designs, by following Emmy London.
And if you have loved the peek at the swoonworthy heels and flats in above, then you will definitely want to come back tomorrow when I will be sharing more of the exquisite ‘Meadow Dreaming’ collection!


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