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An Opulent Hand-Tied Autumn Bouquet

Good morning lovelies! Now I have no doubt that all of you who saw this seriously stunning Autumn wedding inspiration a couple of weeks ago will remember it clearly (oh and if you missed it, you can take a peek here – it is definitely one NOT to be missed!) It was a once seen never to be forgotten kind of affair. Brimming with gorgeous vintage styling, a little bit of whimsy, the most incredible braided updo and all captured perfectly by Natalie McNally; the whole thing was perfection. But what really took my breath away, and I think you will agree, was the luscious floral design by Toni McGregor of Magdalen Hill. In rich shades of deep red and plum, they were dramatic, romantic and something to behold. Now, you may also recall my excitement at the fact that it was the first of hopefully many posts featuring that talented duo, well today I am even more excited to be sharing the second…..

Fresh Flower Bridal Necklace

Remembering all too well, even 4 years later, how much my head spun in our first (actually, in every) meeting with our florist – I had never given any thought before Mr E got down on one knee to flowers, their cost, size or seasonality; I asked Toni to help shed some light on the mystery that is flowers. And so every couple of weeks, she will be stopping by with a post packed full of pretty floral inspiration and information. Featuring some of her bridal bouquets from the coming wedding season, as well as some of your favourites from Pinterest, she will be sharing the many different styles and shapes bouquets come in; providing the bouquets recipe (by bloom and number of stems) as well as an easy to understand guide for budgeting – so you know exactly what to ask your florist for in your first meeting! And no bouquet could be more fitting to kick this series of posts off with, than that glorious Autumn bouquet from Toni’s and Natalie’s styled shoot!

Bouquet Recipe

Opulent Hand-Tied Autumn Bouquet Recipe

5 Stems of red Tulips

5 Stems of plum Tulips

3 Stems of red-purple Anemones

3 Stems of red Anemones

3 Stems of red Carnation

5 Stems of red Roses

3 Stems of red Spray Roses

5 Ranunculas

Manuka  (Leptospermum scoparium)

Viburnum Berries and Flowers

Foliage: Asparagus Fern, Olive, Camellia, Geranium.

Even the ingredients of this bouquet sound pretty! I asked Toni to tell us a little more about it “This bouquet is a hand tied bouquet – meaning the bride holds the flowers on their natural stems. It was designed to be asymmetric and the tulips have been allowed to do their own thing, which creates a beautiful sense of whimsy.  Plum tones give depth to the bouquet and reds add a dramatic romance to the combination. Enhanced with trailing foliage such as olive and asparagus fern that will appear to softly dance as the bride walks down the aisle.  Textures are an important feature to achieve the relaxed wildness.”

A Bouquet for the Bride who: A bouquet in this style is great for a bride who wants to make a statement or where the round bouquet would feel ‘too perfect’. The colours will warm an Autumn or Winter wedding although I feel we will be seeing rich tones in the summers to come. (I think you might be right there Toni, if Pantone’s Colour picks for Spring Summer 2015 are anything to go by!)

Ask your florist for: A large rich romantic hand tied bouquet of red and blackish purple blooms. Slightly wild with irregular balance and lots of texture.

Season Available: Late Autumn through to early summer although traditional spring blooms could be substituted to a similar seasonal blooms any time of the year.

Budget Key: $$$$   ($ – Thrifty – $$$$$ Lavish)

Autumn Red Bouquet

Oh and the floral loveliness doesn’t end there! My favourite part of the whole shoot was the gorgeous floral necklace and it occurred to me, being the stylish bunch you are, that some of you may consider a necklace rather than the traditional bouquet – for your bridesmaids if not for yourself. So I also asked Toni to dish the details on this floral masterpiece as well…..

Flower Necklace Recipe

Opulent Red Floral Necklace Recipe

3 stems of Miniature Roses

2 Stems of Helebores

5 Ranunculas

Wax Bud

Viburnum Berries

Asparagus Fern

“A floral necklace is sophisticated option for a bride who would like to wear flowers but feels a floral crown would hide the detail in her hairstyle. It can also be a playful addition for your grand entrance as husband and wife to the reception or dance floor, much like a gown change.  Specialist skill and a lot of time is required to create a floral necklace so advise your florist early if you are considering a bespoke piece like this. A photograph showing the neckline of your dress will be a valuable tool in creating the right shape for you.”

Ask your florist for: Discuss your options with your florist and be guided by their expertise.

Perfect Season: Available all year round.

Budget Key: $$$   ($ – Thrifty – $$$$$ Lavish)

Red Vintage Bridal Inspiration

What do you think, are any of you tempted? I would love to see brides rocking alternatives to carrying the traditional bouquet on these pages!

A huge thank-you to Toni, for sharing all of her know how – I already can’t wait for the next bouquet recipe! In the mean time, if you can’t get enough of these beautiful blooms, do head across to the original post here. For more bouquet ideas, take a look at CVBs Bouquets Board on Pinterest with over 700 pins (and  4 million followers!) I am pretty sure you will find something you love there. You will also find more inspiration here on Chic Vintage Brides,  and do keep an eye out for the White bouquet that Toni will be giving us the recipe for next – it is heavenly!




Photography ~ Natalie McNally

Florals and Styling ~ Toni McGregor of Magdalen Hill

Tableware ~ Style Me Vintage

Dress ~ Rowan McLennan Design 

Hair ~ Teagan from Pure Hair

Makeup ~ Candice Dear from Embellish Me

Venue ~ Black Barn Vineyards