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20 Quirky Alternative Boutonnieres

There is no end to the ways your wedding can be made as unique as you are. It started with brooch bouquets and alternative wedding cakes and now we are starting to see our gorgeous grooms expressing their personalities by shying away from the traditional floral buttonhole, choosing instead quirky, daring or just darn cute alternative boutonnieres. So if your man, or you, are just not loving colourful floral arrangements, or you are wanting a boutonniere you can keep, or you are trying to watch the pennies, look no further! Whether your style is fun, whimsical, vintage, sophisticated, I have boutonniere inspiration perfect for every theme, scheme and budget……

Shell BoutonnieresShell Boutonnieres 

Paper & Ribbon BoutonnieresPaper & Ribbon Boutonnieres

Nautical Alternative BoutonniereNautical Boutonniere by Norma Dean Designs

Windmill Boutonnieres

Pinwheel or Windmill Boutonnieres

Button Boutonnieres

Button Boutonnieres

Button, Feather, Leaf BoutonniereButton, Feather & Leaf Boutonniere

DIY RickRack Boutonniere

DIY Rickrack Boutonniere

Autumn Alternative Boutonniere Wheat & Felt BoutonniereFabric Boutonniere

Ribbon & Button Boutonniere

Ribbon & Button Boutonniere

Vegas Inspired Boutonnieres

Vegas Inspired Boutonnieres

Cone Boutonnieres

Cone Boutonnieres

Superheores Boutonnieres

Superhero Boutonnieres

Button & Fabric Boutonnieres

Button & Ties Boutonnieres from Monicaj on Etsy

Beaded & Paper Boutonnieres Beaded BoutonnierePaper Boutonniere from Flower Blue on Etsy

Feather BoutonniereFeather Boutonniere from Pomp & Plumage on Etsy

Dapper Alternative Boutonnieres Party Noisemaker Boutonniere & Silver Boutonniere 

Or with a little time (and I would imagine patience) you could create your own meaningful boutonniere following this simple tutorial on A Beautiful Mess…..

DIY Feather BoutonniereDIY Feather Boutonniere – A Beautiful Mess

Wow, so much can be achieved with a little imagination and creative flair! (it almost makes me wish Mr E and I had had a little more time) What do you think? Any of these alternative boutonnieres have you or your hubby-to-be smitten?

For more traditional boutonniere inspiration take a look at the posts from the end of last year – 20 Summer and Winter Boutonnieres, and keep an eye out for the Spring and Autumn posts going live over the coming weeks.