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Chic Vintage Bride

Chic Vintage Bride – Mary Nanton

Today’s Chic Vintage Bride is really more of a Chic Edwardian Wedding, but it is so fabulous I just had to share it with you…..

Edwardian Wedding of Douglas Cameron and Mary Nanton

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Mary Georgina Nanton married Douglas Cameron on September 5th 1912 in Winnipeg. But whilst the bride does look beautiful, I especially love her veil, I confess it is the wedding party in their glorious Edwardian attire that I really find enchanting. Each and every time I look at it I see something new I love: the ladies in their fine feather adorned hats (I definitely want to see more guests wearing hats at weddings, by the way!), the sweet flower girls with their baskets, the angelic looking ring bearers all in white and the lace capped bridesmaids….oh and have you ever seen so many flowers? Even Grandma (seated) appears to have a huge arrangement of flowers! How on earth did they carry them all day?

Oh yes, I think this wedding has made the Edwardian era once again my favourite!