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Chic Vintage Bride – Eleanor Wilson

Whilst perhaps not what we would consider conventionally beautiful by today’s standards, today’s Chic Vintage Bride has nonetheless utterly bewitched me!…..

Chic Vintage Edwardian Bride - Eleanor Wilson

I think its those big beautiful blue eyes! Eleanor Wilson, daughter of President Woodrow Wilson, married William Gibbs McAdoo (the Secretary of Treasury), in the Blue Room of the White House on May the 7th, 1914. She was just 25 and he was 51.

Chic Vintage Edwardian Bride - Eleanor Wilson(Image Source)

I would love to find a photo with more detail of her dress. The lace you can just glimpse around the neckline and over her shoulder in the top image looks beautiful. Her bouquet was rather incredible too – is that lily of the valley and some sort of lilies? And I love how the trailing ribbon has been showered with posies too!

Apparently the celebration was a small affair attended by a few White House staff and the families of the bride & groom (very different to a president’s daughter’s wedding today!) Eleanor did have two absolutely darling flower girls, though sadly I have been unable to discover their names. I love how they are carrying their flowers, and their composure for two such youngsters.

Chic Vintage Edwardian Bride - Eleanor Wilson's Flower girls(Image Source)

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