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Love Birds – Oh So Sweet Wedding Cake Toppers

I want to share a new infatuation of mine…….

Bird Cake Toppers(Source Style Me Pretty)

Bird wedding cake toppers! I don’t know what it is about them, they have won me over with their sweet, rustic charm. They’re a little bit kitsch, so cute and they make me smile!

Bird Cake Toppers

Bird Cake Toppers(Source One Love Photo via Tamryn Kirby)

When planning our wedding we spent AGES looking for something to top our cake – something romantic, significant to us, something we could keep, (and not too expensive)…. I wish I had found some of these bird toppers a year earlier, because in the end we had nothing!

I love the stout round painted ones…..

Raspberry Pink Bird Cake Toppers (Ruffled)(Source Ruffled)

Vintage lovelies made of felt…….

Peach Grey Wedding Cake Toppers(Source Ruffled)

The spindly legged…….

Bird Cake Toppers from Style Me Pretty(Source Style Me Pretty)

The brightly coloured……

Bird Cake Toppers from Style Me PrettyStyle Me Pretty)

There is a bit of a trend for them at the moment so there is an abundance of styles for you to choose from – materials, colours, features; Love Birds for any wedding. Here are my favourites…….

Vintage Bird Cake Toppers on EtsySpindly Legged Papier Mache Love Birds Tuck and Bonte on Etsy

Cotton Bird Cake Toppers on EtsyCute cotton birds from Cotton Bird Designs on Etsy

And they do lace!!

Lace Bird Cake Toppers on Etsy

Shabby Chic Bird Cake Toppers from EtsyShabby Chic Wooden Birds from Glitz Worldz on Etsy

Felt  Bird Cake Toppers from EtsyBright Felt Birds from And Bear on Etsy (the very ones featured in that Style Me Pretty real wedding!)

Autumnal Bird Cake Toppers from EtsyAutumnal from The Girl in Yellow on Etsy

Monogrammed Bird Cake Toppers  on EtsyMonogram Birds from Britannia Drew on Etsy

Rustic Chic Bird Cake Toppers on EtsyRustic Shabby Chic from Humble, Heart and Home on Etsy

Vintage Bird Cake Toppers on Etsy

Vintage birds from Sue Beehb on Etsy – I love the brides outfit!

Hand Painted Bird Cake Toppers on EtsyRed Light Studio on Etsy

And look at the uniformed groom……

Hand Painted Uniformed Bird Cake Toppers on Etsy


SO Cute Bird Cake Topper from Emilie Friday on EtsyOh SO cute birds from Emilie Friday on Etsy

Papier Mache Bird Cake Topper on EtsyClever You on Etsy

Vintage Bird Cake Toppers on EtsyTuck and Bonte on Etsy

Sweet, romantic and whimsical, how can you not be won over by these – I am already married and I still want to buy them…all!