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Beautifully Hand Stamped and Personalised Vintage Silver Wedding Cake Serving Sets from Dazzling Dezignz

How many of us grew up using dinner services or cutlery sets that our parents were given on their big day? Or even remember grandma making tea in beautifully ornate and delicate cups and saucers she had proudly been using since her wedding? I remember the most precious pieces being safely tucked away or displayed in cabinets, to be gazed upon adoringly by us grandchildren and saved only for the most special of special occasions. And remembering this I can’t help but feel a little sad that with thoughts of our new life so top of our mind (Mr E and I moved to the other side of the world just a few short weeks after our wedding) we never stopped to think about keepsakes of our big day and loved ones. Because it is not the monetary value of these gifts that make them precious, but the memories and well wishes they contain. Our wedding was full of love and laughter and it is a day I will always remember and think of often, I do so wish we had more reminders of it though. We have our beautiful photos and I have just recently (some 3 and a bit years later) taken an embroidered handkerchief we were given by my lovely sister-in-law to be framed; but if I could have my time again, I would gather more keepsakes to cherish and bring back those memories, and I would definitely make sure we had one of the beautiful vintage silver wedding cake serving sets from Dazzling Dezignz…..

Beautiful Vintage Silver Wedding Cake Servers from Dazzling Dezignz

Oh yes, Dazzling Dezignz is my idea of heaven on the internet! A little boutique store on Etsy, owned by the lovely Elisa who lovingly finds, polishes and hand stamps each and every piece, it is a veritable Aladdins cave of vintage silverware and cutlery – just the perfect place to find those all important finishing touches and keepsakes of your big day; or the most thoughtful gifts for any friends or loved ones exchanging vows. Each set comes beautifully wrapped, including a tag with all of the known information (like the brand, pattern and date) about the piece!

Love Laughter & Happily Ever After Vintage Silver Wedding Cake Serving Set

You + Me = Awesome Vintage Silver Wedding Cake Serving Set

Aren’t they just fabulous? I love the You + Me = Awesome set from the 1960s, it is just so cool! The lovely set below Elisa has hand stamped with Mr & Mrs on the forks and Just Married on the server, dating from the 1950s (just imagine its history already) the lovely flower pattern on the handles is rather aptly named ‘Exquisite’…..

Mr & Mrs Just Married Vintage Silver Wedding Cake Server Set

In the below trio Elisa has beautifully paired forks from the 1950s with a server from the 1960s creating an almost perfect match and a completely unique one of a kind set …..

Mr & Mrs Just Married Vintage Silver Wedding Cake Server Set

She even has a set just waiting to be custom stamped with whatever words you would like ~ but be quick because she only has one in this particular pattern! The Cake Server is from the 1940s and the pattern is called ‘Queen Bess’ whilst the forks are from the 1950s – so they aren’t an exact match to the server, but they make a charming couple with their flower adorned handles….

Custom Stamped Wedding Cake Server Set

Elisa’s creative talents don’t just stop at Wedding Cake serving sets though, oh no, she has packed Dazzling Dezignz full of swoonworthy silverware! Like these delightful ‘And they lived happily ever after’ teaspoons…..

And they lived happily ever after teaspoons

Or the perfect cake forks for the bride and groom, this set dates from the 1930s (Elisa has pieces going as far back as the 1920s!) ~ wouldn’t they just make the most fitting finish to the wedding breakfast…..

Bride & Groom Vintage Silver Wedding Forks

Or how about a complete cutlery set like this elegantly ornate knife and fork set sweetly stamped with ‘I Do’ and ‘Me Too’…..

I Do Me Too Vintage Silve Knives & Forks Set

I Do Me Too Vintage Silve Knives & Forks Set

Or this gorgeous Bride & Groom set, with their Art Nouveau pattern, dating from the 1940s…..

Bride & Groom Knives & Forks Set

For a set that can be lovingly used every day after the wedding though you could choose a set stamped with Mr & Mrs, like these darling forks, date stamped on the handles (there can be no excuses for forgetting an anniversary with these!)…..

Mr & Mrs Forks Date Stamped

Mr & Mrs Forks Date Stamped

Or these super cute Mr & Mrs forks (whose pattern is perfectly named ‘Eternally Yours’) from the 1940s that have the sweet addition of a Mo and Lips…..

Mr & Mrs Lips & Mo Forks

Mr & Mrs Lips & Mo Forks

You can choose to have them with just Mr & Mrs though if you wish…..

Mr & Mrs Vintage Silver Forks from Dazzling Dezignz

Or remember your wedding every time you sit down to dinner by choosing a knife & fork set like this gorgeous set from the 1930s…..

Mr & Mrs Vintage Silver Knives & Forks Set

Mr & Mrs Vintage Silver Knives & Forks Set

So beautiful, they aren’t just gifts or keepsakes, they’re heirlooms! I love Elisa’s work so much – I have already ordered a special spoon for Mr E’s tea 🙂 Wedding or no, a few of these Mr & Mrs pieces are going to appear on my Christmas Wish List this year.