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Gorgeous Gwendolynne Gowns

I am a little ashamed it has taken me so long to post about ‘Gwendolynne’, particuarly as I fell in love with her designs the moment I saw them. It is no surprise that through her beautiful bridal gowns Gwendolynne Burkin has established herself as one of Australia’s fashion purists; she works with intuition, avoids fashion trends, and remains true to her own sense of style….

Gwendolynne Pandora

Gwendolynne GD284-Ava

Gwendolynne GD284-Ava-back

These gorgeous Gwendolynne gowns on the runway at The L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) are from her spectacular 2012 collection. Clearly inspired by the Art Deco era with its linear designs and embellishments, but all topped with a modern twist.

“I love working with beautiful exclusive fabrics and designing my own embellishments. My design philosophy is to create timeless beauty; I choose to work in small quantities in order to maintain  quality, exclusivity and longevity.”

Gwendolynne GD262-Winnona

Gwendolynne GD289-Sienna

Using some of the most exquisite fabrics, such as French, Swiss and Italian lace; in rich tones of champagne, pearl and oyster; and decorated with intricate beading, Gwendolynne’s gowns are cut to float and drape like liquid so that they not only look stunning but you can see would feel amazing as well. The distinctive necklines – from boat necks, plunging backs and halter necks, embody the vintage inspired Gwendolynne style…..

Gwendolynne GD283-Clea

Gwendolynne GD274-Sabine

Gwendolynne GD274-Sabine-back

Gwendolynne GD281-Tai

I for one can not get enough of this collection….

Gwendolynne GD279-Rochelle

Gwendolynne GD278-Violet

Gwendolynne GD286-Astrid

And her boutique in Fitzroy, Melbourne is almost as worth going to see as the Bridal Gowns – beautifully styled in the same era as the designs, it would be impossible not to feel like Daisy from The Great Gatsby!

Gwendolynne Salon

Gwendolynne Salon(Images from Gwendolynne)

Gwendolynne’s relentless pursuit of timeless beauty ensures her gowns appeal to vintage and contemporary brides, any bride wanting to invest in designs that can be worn again and again.