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The Great Gatsby Collection from Tiffany & Co

I don’t know about you but I am so excited about the release of Baz Luhrmans much anticiapted The Great Gatsby!

Baz Luhrman's The Great Gatsby

As if I wasn’t already, it has me seriously swooning over all things Jazz Age and Art Deco. And just when I thought I couldn’t be any more excited about this film, I read about its creators collaboration with the jeweller that epitomises the sumptuous fashion and exuberant spirit of the ‘roaring’ 1920s, Tiffany & Co!! Apparently much of the inspiration for the film’s stunning designs came straight from the Tiffany archives…….

Carey Mulligan in Tiffany & Co Jewellery in The Great Gatsby

The Art Deco era witnessed an absolute frenzy for all things Tiffany. The store became the arbeiter of style and taste after it started advertising in Vogue magazine. Tiffany’s brilliant diamonds and lustrous pearls adorned Hollywood’s leading ladies and became the screen darlings of the Jazz age – nothing burned brighter in black and white! And Tiffany’s latest collection for the film itself, a collaboration with costume designer Catherine Martin, has certainly created some heirlooms for the future. Take a seat and cast your eye over these sparklers!…..

The Great Gatsby Collection Daisy Hand Ornament

The Daisy Hand Ornament is an exquisite piece of fresh water pearls and brilliant round diamonds. Created to move gracefully with every gesture, with the daisy motif of diamonds in platinum accented with pearls beautifully reimagining Jazz Age fashion.

Great Gatsby Collection Yellow Diamond Daisy Brooch from Tiffany & Co

The Daisy brooch is a dazzling diamond set platinum piece with a Tiffany Yellow Diamond, which radiates a clear, constant light, at its centre.

Great Gatsby Collection Diamond and Seed Pearl Bracelet from Tiffany & Co

Evoking timeless elegance and romance, this platinum bracelet of 5large round brilliant diamonds surrounded by lustrous seed pearls and sparkling diamonds form a beautifully intricate design reminiscent of chinoiserie.

And my absolute favourite piece, the Savoy Headpiece, seen here worn by Daisy (the beautiful Carey Mulligan)…..

The Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby Collection Savoy Headpiece from Tiffany & Co

This magnificent headpiece of freshwater pearls, and round brilliant diamonds (of over 25 carats!!) absolutely brings Daisy Buchanan to life.

Great Gatsby Collection Savoy Headpiece from Tiffany & CoOf course no Flapper girl would feel complete without some chandalier earrings, distinguished by their sleek geometry.

Art Deco Drop Earrings from Tiffany & Co

I adore this ring, pairing black onyx with bezel-set diamonds, bubbles in a champagne glass, creates such a statement piece……

Great Gatsby Collection Diamond and Onyx Ring from Tiffany & CoAnd of course the perfect Art Deco accessory, the Tassel necklace. This one created of lengths of lustrous pearls accented with diamonds set in platinum – perfect for swirling!

Great Gatsby Collection Pearl Tassel Necklace from Tiffany & Co

If diamonds and pearls aren’t for you though how about this beautiful sapphire which set in an Art Deco style ring of diamonds is a celebration of chic.

Great Gatsby Collection Sapphire Ring from Tiffany & Co

The Great Gatsby (Film Image Source The Great Gatsby  Jewellery Image Source Tiffany & Co )

Well that’s my Christmas list done 🙂

From what I have seen the jewels sizzle on screen as much as the stars they adorn….. I can not wait to see this film!

How about you? Has anyone seen it yet?? Tell me all!!