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Introducing the Delicate Floral Bridal Accessories of Elibre

There is little that excites me more than finding a talented new wedding industry professional be they a designer, photographer, planner or florist. When I stumble across someone whose work makes my heart beat a little faster, or oooh and aah at my screen, I just can’t wait to share them with you. And that is exactly how I felt when I discovered the beautifully delicate and feminine bridal headpieces of Elibre…..

Bridal Headpieces Inspired by Nature from Elibre Handmade

Strictly speaking, Elisa the lovely lady behind Elibre discovered me. But from the moment I read her email and clicked the link through to her store, I was SO glad she had! In fact I couldn’t resist adding some of her pretty pieces to my Etsy Page (did you not know CVB is a Tastemaker on Etsy?? Pop across here to see my favourite pieces from Elibre and all of my other discoveries) Elisa is a Venice based artisan boutique who sells her delightful bridal headpieces – vines, veils, crowns, brooches, combs and bands on Etsy. Inspired by nature Elibre‘s collection of flower adorned pieces is a charming mix of elegance and whimsy that are perfect for the bride looking for just a little something for her hair – and that I know you are going to love as much as I do.

Floral Lace Headband from Elibre HandmadeFloral Bridal Vine from Elibre HandmadeFloral Bridal Combs from Elibre HandmadeBridal Blusher Veil from Elibre Handmade

As a firm believer that handmade products have a soul that mass produced items simply can’t replicate, Elisa creates every single one of her pieces by hand with love. “I work in my studio based near Venice, Italy, surrounded by nature my main source of inspiration. I’m attracted by the particular shapes of flowers, berry vines, entwined twigs and all concerning the world of flora and this is my starting point for creating a piece . Each piece means a lot to me. Behind them there is a story that tells of commitment it takes to realize it, uniqueness that sets it apart and great satisfaction to see the raw materials change and transform through my hands where a wire is transformed into an intricate crown and a piece of fabric becomes a delicate flower.” And wanting to ensure each pieces is shipped safely she even takes care of the packing and delivery.

Floral Bridal Comb from Elibre HandmadeFloral Bridal Comb from Elibre HandmadeBridal Hair Brooch from Elibre Handmade

How lovely is that butterfly hair comb and brooch? One of the things I love most about Elibre, is the unique designs Elisa creates (the rhinestone hair wrap being another one of my favourites) As well as being pretty as a picture, they are like nothing I have ever seen before. And many of the designs can be made in silver or gold; or flowers created in blush or white depending on your own personal style and colour theme.

Bridal Hair Vine from Elibre HandmadeBridal Hair Combs from Elibre Handmade

With her style, imagination and eye for detail it is clear Elibre isn’t just Elisa’s passion, but her calling that was obvious even when she was little. “My passion for fashion, accessories and everything concerning wedding was born when I was a child, when I stayed for hours drawing and sewing clothes for my dolls with small pieces of unused fabric. When I grew up, I realized that this was my way and after graduating in fashion design and some work experiences in the fashion industry, I started to create accessories for my friends, then for the friends of my friends and so on….. encouraged by my family, Elibre was born.”

Silver Bridal Comb from Elibre HandmadeBridal Crown from Elibre Handmade

“For me it is a great pleasure to realize special creations for the most important occasion in a woman’s life and for that reason my priority is to create accessories that make a bride feel beautiful, self-confident and at ease on her big day.” And when she’s not hard at work creating dream accessories for her brides? “When I’m not working you can find me walking in the prairies with my two beautiful sons or making cakes or sweets for the family. Also I like going on vintage markets to discover  treasures and antique jewelry – my other big passion.” Oh Elisa, a woman after my own heart!

Mini Veil from Elibre HandmadeBlush Bridal Flower Crown from Elibre Handmade

The crazy talents of the artists, designers and creatives on Etsy never fail to amaze me – I so wish I had found this little trove of treasures when planning my own wedding! These are just a few of my favourites from Elisa’s current collection, You can see more of her pieces on Etsy at  www.etsy.com/nz/shop/Elibre. You can also keep up to date with the latest Elibre news and special offers by following on Facebook and Pinterest.

Oh and of course keep an eye out here on Chic Vintage Brides for you are sure to see more of Elisa’s pretty bridal headpieces here soon!




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