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The 5 Best Wedding Splurges from Wedding Planner to the Stars Mindy Weiss


Mindy Weiss is one of the most sought-after party planners in the country, and has worked with celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Sofía Vergara and many others. She is regularly featured in publications such as People, US Weekly, The New York Times & The Wall Street Journal, and is also the author of every bride-to-be’s must read ‘The Wedding Book: An Expert’s Guide to Planning Your Perfect Day–Your Way‘ – an indispensable guide to help you plan the wedding of your dreams, whatever your budget and style. And today I couldn’t be more excited to say that Mindy is here on Chic Vintage Brides to share some of her expert insights with us!

The Top 5 Wedding Splurges || Wow Factors for Your Wedding || 5 Unforgettable Wedding Details

The 5 Best Wedding Splurges from Wedding Planner to the Stars Mindy Weiss

Now we all know that when it comes to weddings (or any celebration) details can make all the difference – to the look, the feel and the lasting impression on your guests. So, if budget is no question, what are the elements and details that in Mindy’s experience make a difference? What are the nice-to-haves that should become must-haves for those lucky brides with bigger budgets? Well, I will let her tell you – and there are definitely a few surprises here!

“By the time you invite your parents’ friends and hire a band and pay the florist for twenty centerpieces, there’s rarely any money left for extras. But should you have the funds, these are the splurges that deliver a lot of bang for your buck:

1. Extra waitstaff at the meal.

A hotel or caterer will typically provide 1.5 waiters for every three tables. When staffing is light, one side of the room might be finished eating while some tables are still waiting for their main course. Make it two waiters for every three tables and you’ll get much faster service.

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Reception

Photography ~ Yvette Roman Photography

2. Professional lighting.

Lighting can make a setting come alive by highlighting the standout features in a room and adding dimension. It also casts a flattering glow that makes everyone look great in photos. See chapter 21, “Creating the Look,” for more information.

Chandeliers Wedding Lighting

Photography ~ Aaron Delesie

Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Lighting

Photography ~ Amy & Stuart

3. Continuous music – or an after-hours DJ.

Most bands will take three to four breaks throughout the evening, during which they’ll typically plug in a playlist. If you can afford the extra fee, they’ll add extra musicians and play seamlessly. Or for those younger guests who want to burn up the dance floor late into the night, hire a DJ.

Stunning Wedding Ceremony Styling

Photography ~ Elizabeth Messina

4. Guest menus.

A printed menu really ups the ante and makes a wonderful keepsake for your guests.

Elegant Wedding Place Setting

Photography ~ Elizabeth Messina

5. Extra prints.

Have your photographer make extra prints you can send out to select guests with your thank-you notes.

Elegant Wedding Reception Lighting

Photography ~ Braedon Flynn Photography

Remember, your budget is not only a way to keep your spending in check, but it’s also a handy organizational tool that can help remind you of what’s left to be done. But you won’t be able to start to get a sense of how things stack up until you’ve solidified the two most important elements of your wedding: the date and location. ”

See? Who would have thought to prioritise extra wait staff? But she’s right, if you’re throwing a big celebration with 200+ guests, the last thing you want is some tables still waiting to be served their starter when you’re already finished!

Mindy will be back in a week or two with some more expert tips – this time for those of us on a tighter budget! But in the mean time, you might want to check out her book ‘The Wedding Book: An Expert’s Guide to Planning Your Perfect Day–Your Way‘ – it covers everything from how to get the most out of Pinterest (and other social apps) in your wedding planning, to managing those all important food sensitivities and how to keep costs down for bridesmaids!

The Wedding Book by Mindy Weiss

Please join me in saying a huge thankyou to the lovely Mindy for joining us today and for sharing her words of wedding-planning wisdom! It really was a pleasure talking to such a style maven and legend of the wedding industry. As someone whose work I have followed and adored right from when I first started perusing wedding blogs whilst planning my own big day, it has been something of a dream come true.

Thanks Mindy, I can’t wait to read what advice you have for us next time.