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Aisle Style – 10 Beautiful Ceremony Decor Ideas (for any budget and location)

I remember with such clarity the emotion of seeing my soon to be husband, standing at the end of an aisle lined with everyone we love most, waiting for me! And no memory is more magical than when we were finally pronounced ‘husband’ and ‘wife’; and we waltzed back up the aisle hand in hand as Mr & Mrs with beaming smiles upon our faces – it was and is the happiest moment of my life so far. Each of these magical and momentous memories occurred in one place, which is why finding the perfect venue and creating the perfect aisle and backdrop for your ceremony is as important as finding the perfect wedding dress!

So whether you are planning a vintage, modern, rustic or glam wedding; at the beach, in a chateau, your garden, a woodland copse, or a barn this post is chocka with the 10 most beautiful ceremony decor ideas for any location and budget!……

Aisle Style - 10 Beautiful Ceremony Decor Ideas for any budget and location


Best suited to outdoor venues, arches can be created from opulent flowers, or crafted from rustic branches

Ceremony Decor - Arch

Ceremony Decor - Arch

Ceremony Decor - Arch(Image Source ~ One, Two, Three)

Oh and if you love the idea of creating a romantic aisle arch, take a squiz at my first Aisle Style post – it is packed with 30 of the prettiest arches you ever will see!


Drapes can soften the most industrial venue or add warmth to autumnal and winter weddings.

Ceremony Decor - Drapes

Ceremony Decor - Drapes

Ceremony Decor - Drapes (Image Source ~ One, Two, Three)


So simple and yet so effective, and doors can add a drop of colour that will make your photos pop!

Ceremony Decor - Doors

Ceremony Decor - Doors (Image Source ~ One, Two)


There is power in words and they make (a great DIY project!) a meaningful backdrop as well as beautiful reminder for after the big day.

Ceremony Decor - Words

Ceremony Decor - Words(Image Source ~ One, Two)


What can be more beautiful (or purse friendly) than working with what nature offers you. Trees make the most wonderful backdrop for an outdoor wedding – as well as offering protection from rain or the heat of the sun.

Ceremony Decor - Trees

Ceremony Decor - Trees (Image Source ~ One, Two)

Floral Backdrops

There are so many ideas for creating backdrops from flowers as simple as hanging single rose stems, to bouquets in bottles or entire walls of blooms; all equally as effective and stunning!

Ceremony Decor - Floral Backdrops

Ceremony Decor - Floral Backdrops

Ceremony Decor - Floral Backdrops(Image Source ~ One, Two, Three)


Another form of floral backdrop worthy of a post all to themselves are wreaths – perfect for indoor and out, ideal for creating impact without breaking the bank (and they make fabulous portrait props!)

Ceremony Decor - Wreaths

Ceremony Decor - Wreaths

Ceremony Decor - Wreaths(Image Source ~ One, Two, Three)


There is nothing more effective at creating a romantic ambience than candle light; but candles or electric lighting can result in the most exquisite photographs!

Ceremony Decor - Lighting

Ceremony Decor - Lighting(Image Source ~ OneTwo)


What could be more perfect than using your beautiful venue as the backdrop!

Ceremony Decor - Building

Ceremony Decor - Building

Ceremony Decor - Building (Image Source ~ One, Two, Three)

Natural Backdrops

Breathtaking scenery, be it snow capped mountains, emerald rolling hills or sandy beaches, make for the most unforgettable backdrops and incredible images!

Ceremony Decor - Natural Backdrop

Ceremony Decor - Natural Backdrop

Ceremony Decor - Natural Backdrop (Image Source ~ One, Two, Three)

So many beautiful ideas, which do you love? Don’t forget if you favour Aisle Arches to take a peek at my first Aisle Style post. But don’t worry if your preference is another because I have drapes and lighting posts in the pipeline! And do let me know if you think I have missed one, as I shall add it to my list!