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La Belle Epoque – Inspiration for an Edwardian Wedding

I couldn’t get yesterday’s beautiful Edwardian Chic Vintage Bride out of my head (did you see her? Wasn’t her dress utterly exquisite?) So feeling all inspired by the extravagant and opulent ‘Belle Epoque’ period, one of my absolute favourite eras, I pulled together this little teaser of an inspiration board……

Belle Epoque Wedding Inspiration Board

Alphonse Mucha Champenois, Wedding Dress ~ Jolie by Claire Pettibone, Diamond Pendant ~ Opera by Brilliant Earth, Groom ~ Clary Photo via Grey Likes Weddings, Book ~ Indigo Dreams, Diamond Ring ~ Bella from Brilliant Earth, Hair Comb – Victoriana, Bouquet ~ Tonya Joy, Invitations ~ Pepper & Joy 

‘La Belle Epoque’ french for ‘Beautiful Age’ refers to the period of great peace, prosperity and scientific progress at the end of the 19th century, before the outbreak of World War I. It was a time of opulence and decadence, optimism and delectation never seen before or since. The period saw the end of the pompous and sombre Victorian era and a move towards a less self-restrained and stuffy society, with a ‘joie de vivre’ which sparked the Art Nouveau movement, the women’s liberation movement and a move towards softer, less form-fitting fashion (think the Dowager Countess compared to Lady Grantham).

Mr E and I had Alphonse Mucha designs for our table numbers and stationery on the day, I absolutely adore his style and it epitomises Art Nouveau and La Belle Epoque.

Alphonse Mucha - Champenois

For a bride inspired by the Edwardian era or La Belle Epoque there can only be one designer, the inimitable Claire Pettibone! (take a peek at all of her collections here) Her beautiful designs and catwalk styling never fail to evoke the romance of the era, recalling a golden age of long summer afternoons and garden parties…..

Claire Pettibone - Jolie

I love the hint of colour in Jolie, but if you are looking for a wedding dress more traditional in colour but equally Edwardian then let me tempt you with the gorgeous Gladys, an absolutely unforgettable gown with a white chantilly lace peplum and cameo sheer back…..

Claire Pettibone Wedding Dress - Gladys

Jewellery of the era was elaborate, romantic and artistic, inspired by nature it often featured floral designs. Brilliant Earth have just launched an exquisite Belle Epoque Collection of 8 pieces including rings, earrings and the most glorious pendant necklace that recreates the grace and elegance of the Edwardian era but using conflict free diamonds and eco-friendly, recycled precious metals…..

Brilliant Earth Belle Epoque Collection

Left ~ Milgrain Studs and Flower Studs; Centre ~ Opera Pendant ; Right ~ Bella and Lyra

Don’t you just love the Opera pendant? Are you as enamoured with La Belle Epoque as I am? If you want more Edwardian or Art Nouveau inspiration don’t forget to take a peek at CVBs Pinterest boards!