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Chic Vintage Bride – Nancy Wieting

All too often my Chic Vintage Brides are celebrities, members of the aristocracy or royalty. But whilst I confess to a penchant for their sparkling tiaras and glorious gowns, the brides and weddings I love most are those of the every day folk. Those that would have been celebrated with friends and family, where the bride would likely have walked to her local church on the arm of her proud father, down streets lined with friends, neighbours and well-wishers. Those brides whose dresses would have been made my local seamstresses, rather than global fashion houses; and whose flowers may have come from a grandparents garden. Who, without the impressive jewels and riches married in inspiring style, like this week’s lovely 1920s bride……

Chic Vintage 1920s Bride - Nancy Wieting

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Though her dress may have been simple, that veil is exquisite! And don’t you just love the handkerchief hemline? The beautiful Nancy married Clarrie Wieting in Brisbane, Australia in 1925. The rest of their story though is up to your imagination. Which in a way I quite like, being able to dream up my own happy ending for this sweet couple……