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10 Beautiful Wedding Dress Hangers


When it comes to planning your wedding it’s all in the details, and to make your day perfect no detail can be deemed too small! One detail that is all too often overlooked (I know I did!), is something beautiful on which to hang your wedding gown. Because after that long search to find your dream dress, you don’t want your photographer capturing it on the standard plastic hanger do you?

10 Beautiful Hangers for your Wedding Day

Photography – Rebecca Yale

10 Photoworthy Hangers for your Wedding Dress

So, for that all important picture of your bridal gown elegantly held aloft somewhere, before you slip it on to walk down the aisle, here are 10 of the most beautiful – and truly photo-worthy – wedding dress hangers…..

1. Arrow Wedding Dress Hanger

Arrow Bridal Gown Hanger



2. Vintage Brass Hanger

Vintage Brass Hanger

All Picked


3. Painted Hanger

Painted Hanger

David’s Bridal


4. Wedding Dress Hanger

You can actually personalise this one with lace or fabric from your own wedding dress!

Wedding Dress Hanger

Gryphons Acquisitions


5. Rose Gold Sequin Wedding Dress Hanger

Rose Gold Sequin Wedding Dress Hanger

Gryphons Acquisitions


6. Minimal Rose Gold Hanger

Minimal Rose Gold Hanger

Akito Avalanche


7. Personalised Hanger

Personalised Hanger

Z Create Design


8. Lace & Velvet Wedding Dress Hanger

Lace & Velvet Wedding Dress Hanger

Gryphons Acquisitions


9. Personalised Hanger

Personalised Bridal Hanger



10. Gilded Bow Hanger

Gilded Bow Wedding Gown Hanger


I’d quite like to see a few of these hanging in my wardrobe – I especially love that gilded bow! Whatever your style and budget though, there’s a hanger for you.

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