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The Most Beautiful Veils for a Vintage Bride

I don’t know about you but I was quite sad to come to the end of the series of Spring themed Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons last week! Or at least I was until I started thinking about what I could share with you this week!! And I decided that I have been somewhat neglecting the all important bridal hair accessories of late. Because, for all the importance we as brides put on the dress, it is after all the accessories that truly make us feel like brides – when else in your life will you have the chance to wear a veil?? So today, I thought I would share 5 of the most perfect veils for a vintage loving bride…..

The Most Beautiful Vintage Wedding Veils

1. Juliet Cap Veil

Popularised by brides in the 1920s few veils have a more distinctly vintage aesthetic than the Juliet Cap Veil (which actually date back to the 16th century and were named after the Shakespeare heroine whose head they adorned) Worn low on the brow and tight to the head, and held in place by either an embellished bandeau or a crown of flowers, they make a bold vintage statement for today’s modern bride. Take a peek here and here for examples of them being worn by beautiful vintage brides.

Nymphe des bois veil and halo set, #800 from Mignonne Handmade's 2014 CollectionVeil & Halo SetMignonne Handmade

Juliet Cap Veil from DananiBeaded Scallop Juliet VeilDanani

Juliet Cap Veil from Sibo DesignsLace Juliet Cap Veil – Sibo Designs

Whilst inextricably linked to the Art Deco era, the juliet cap veil was also the accessory of choice for the chic and more traditional brides of the 1950s – think Jacqueline Bouvier when she married JFK. Worn a little further back on the head, the look is more elegant and subtle…..

Juliet Cap Veil from Sibo DesignsCrystal Adorned Juliet Cap VeilSibo Designs

Juliet Cap Veil from Gilded Shadows Juliet Cap Veil from Gilded ShadowsIvory Lace Cap VeilGilded Shadows

Juliet Cap Veil from Twigs & HoneyEmbroidered Lace & Silk Juliet VeilTwigs & Honey


2. Birdcage Veil

Perfect for the bride who doesn’t want to wear a full veil, but still wants to add the touch of glamour and mystery that only a veil can create. Whilst often pictured as thin bands of tulle and associated with the understated war-time weddings of the 1940s; birdcage veils come in a variety of materials, lengths & designs, so suit a bride wishing to channel any era from the 1920s to the swinging ’60s!

Birdcage Veil from Gilded ShadowsPolka Dot Birdcage VeilGilded Shadows

Birdcage Veil from Agnes HartBirdcage Veil from Agnes HartSilver Screen Goddess Birdcage VeilAgnes Hart

Birdcage Veil from Erica Elizabeth DesignsSilk Flower Trimmed Birdcage VeilErica Elizabeth Designs


3. Mantilla Veil

An eraless choice that exudes romance, the mantilla veil hails from 17th century Spain where they became fashionable following the introduction of beautiful Spanish laces. Defined by its wide lace edging, and circular shape that almost hugs the body, it is worn attached by a comb or pins so discreet as to be invisible. Mantilla veils require loose hair or low updos to allow the veil to drape and fall as it was designed to – a ballerina bun or sleek chignon won’t work for this veil!

Mantilla Veil from Agnes HartLace Mantilla VeilAgnes Hart

Mantilla Veil from Sibo DesignsTimeless Romance Mantilla Veil – Sibo Designs

Mantilla Veil from Erica Elizabeth DesignsAlencon Lace Bridal VeilErica Elizabeth Designs


4. Flyaway Veil

Pouffy and fabulous the flyaway is a shorter length veil (between the top of the shoulders and elbow length) and is made from two or more layers of fabric. Typically worn away from the face and attached to the crown of the head with a comb it looks so cute paired with a tea length wedding dress. Take a look at a couple of chic vintage brides wearing them here and here.

Flyaway Veil from January Rose BridalDouble Layer VeilJanuary Rose Bridal

Flyaway Veil from Twigs & HoneyDouble Layer Teardrop VeilTwigs & Honey

Flyaway Veil from Camilla ChristineKate VeilCamilla Christine


5. Drop Veil

Last but not least, the veil made famous by Grace Kelly and popular again recently by Kate Middleton. The timeless drop veil gives the appearance, as its names suggests, of having been softly dropped on your head. Like the Mantilla veil anything used to hold it in place should be almost invisible. Typically elbow length at the front, but sometimes longer at the back, the drop veil is perfect for the bride who wants to add some vintage romance to her look, but without alluding to a specific era. It also suits fuller and more elaborate wedding dresses, as its simplicity means it doesn’t compete and it is the perfect accompaniment to my favourite bridal accessory – the crown!

Drop Veil from Erica Elizabeth DesignsHydrangea Drop Veil – Erica Elizabeth Designs

Drop Veil from  January RoseGuipure Lace Drop Veil – January Rose Bridal

Drop Veil from Twigs & HoneyLux Tulle Drop VeilTwigs & Honey

Oh these so make me wish I had worn a veil! Which one is your favourite? I love them all!