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5 Perfect Palettes for a Summer Wedding

Good morning! If you have been a regular visitor of Chic Vintage Brides, you will by now be familiar with these 5 perfect palettes posts. They have become a bit of a popular and regular feature since you all loved my 5 Perfect Palettes for an Autumn Wedding so much. To date we have looked at Winter and Spring and with days getting longer and Spring almost over for many of you, I decided for this week’s Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons that I should complete the series with 5 of the most fabulous colour combinations for a Summer wedding. As always, you will have the chance to have your say in which one is to become the next CVB inspiration board! All you have to do is comment on this post or pop across to Chic Vintage Brides’ Facebook page and like whichever one you love the most. I don’t think it’s going to be an easy decision as these could be the prettiest wedding colour palettes yet! You have a week to decide from…..


1. Starting with possibly the most romantic in the form of beautiful blush and shades of pink. With a wash of greyed jade that keeps it from being sickly sweet, this palette is dreamy (and that’s coming from a girl who doesn’t like pink!) Versatile enough for any venue, I can’t help imagining it in a gorgeous garden setting…..

5 Beautiful Summer Wedding Colours - Blushing BeautyBouquet ~ Easton Events, Photography ~ Jose Villa via Once Wed


2. Possibly the most traditional palette associated with Summer, I love the freshness of a bold red, white and blue. And whilst it often does, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean nautical! For those of you not getting married on or near the coast think instead of fresh juicy strawberries or 4th of July celebrations…..

5 Beautiful Summer Wedding Colours - Strawberry FieldsPhotography ~ Ruth Eileen via SMP


3. Shades of grey may not be the first colour you think of for a Summer wedding, but with a hint of blue it is more sophisticated and stylish than you might expect, not to mention romantically moody – especially in a coastal setting…..and I am loving neutrals right now, aren’t you?

5 Beautiful Summer Wedding Colours - Summer NeutralsPhotography ~ Jose Villa via SMP


4. What could be more summery than an explosion of fresh citrus fruits? And that is exactly what this colour palette of brights reminds me of! Mix together lemon yellow, lime green and a lovely zesty orange with grapefruit pink and your wedding will pop with a fun retro vibe!…..

5 Beautiful Summer Wedding Colours - Summer CitrusPhotography ~ Anna Delores via SMP


5. And last but not least, inspired by Hydrangeas, a heavenly palette of warm blues and linen, with more than a hint of vintage charm. With just a touch of greyed jade too, these delicate hues are elegant and opulent, especially mixed with a splash of gold!……

5 Beautiful Summer Wedding Colours - Hydrangea HazeBouquet ~ PEONY Art Decoration Studio, Photography ~ Anastasiya Belik Photography via Burnetts Boards

Yep, these are definitely my favourite so far!! If you’re new to CVB (congratulations on your engagement & welcome!) or missed AutumnWinter or Spring for any reason, you can take a peek at them herehere and here. Or for more Summer wedding ideas pop and take a look at some of my past inspiration boards herehere, here, and here!

Oh and don’t forget to let me know which of the above you love – I think mine has to be the elegant Summer Neutrals! Simply leave me a comment below with your favourite, or head over to Chic Vintage Brides Facebook page and ‘Like’ whichever palette you prefer. You never know, I might just make it my next inspiration board!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,