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Introducing Wedding Finishing Touches from Aristocrafts

Hello lovelies! I have such a delightful hidden gem to share with you today. I seem to have spoken a lot recently about keepsakes and cherished wedding gifts. And I don’t mean those much appreciated items from your gift registry, but rather the personalised, heartfelt gifts from your nearest and dearest; because its these simple treasures that are kept and cherished, that bring back precious memories for years to come and that may even go on to become family heirlooms. One of our most loved gifts from our wedding was a delicate hanky that my lovely sister-in-law gave us, embroidered with our names and wedding date – it has recently just come back from the framers and I can’t wait to hang it! And it is exquisite, heirloom quality keepsakes to be treasured that Aristocrafts specialises in – and not just for the Bride & Groom!…..

Sponsor Introduction - Aristocrafts

Aristocrafts is a Madrid based boutique seller on Etsy who sells the most beautiful handmade accessories for the whole wedding party – and I mean the whole wedding party! From the bride & groom, to the Mothers and Fathers and of course bridesmaids and groomsmen – you will find something for everyone in this sweet little store. Inspired by the opulent lifestyles of European aristocrats in eras gone by (hence the name) Monica is the lovely lady behind the store and every piece in it. She personally designs, sources and creates each item and her love for her work shines through in everything she does. “Ever since I was a child, my two biggest passions have been weddings and creating, and bringing the two together is a dream come true for me. My mind is constantly coming up with new ideas and I’m always on the hunt for special fabrics, laces, rhinestones and anything beautiful and unique. I work only with first class materials to create high quality products.”

Funnily, Monica and I discovered early on in our friendship that we share a love of hankies (as well as a somewhat shameful history of ‘borrowing’ the most lovely ones from our much loved Grandmas) and it was her breathtaking designs I initially fell in love with. Believe me when I say, if there is one thing EVERY bride needs on her big day, it is a pretty hanky – and you won’t find prettier than these…..

Ivory Silk and Swarovski Wedding Hanky from Aristocrafts

Gold Lace & Ivory Silk Wedding Hanky from Aristocrafts

Luxury Ivory Lace Wedding Hankie from Aristocrafts

Monogrammed White Wedding Hanky from Aristocrafts

But it won’t just be the bride that needs something to catch those tears on the day (I so wish I had thought to buy one for my very emotional Mum) Luckily Monica has created some especially gorgeous pairs so your Mum and Mother-in-law can wipe away their tears of joy with one of these elegant beauties…..

Mother of the Bride & Groom Silver Pearl Wedding Hanky

Mother of the Bride & Groom Gold Lace Wedding Hankies

Mother of the Bride & Groom Gold & Silver Lace Wedding Hankies from Aristocrafts

Monica puts so much thought  into each and every piece in Aristocrafts, I love how so many are personalised with initials and monograms.  “I create each one of my items thinking about what a bride & groom might desire for their wedding day, or to give to their mothers or bridal party as a treasured keepsake from their special day. And this is the heart of my products: they are designed with the bride & groom in mind.” In one of our first conversations, when talking about these lovely personalised gifts and how much the ones we received meant (and continue to mean) to us, Monica said “I think these are the heirlooms that are closest to our heart, because they have so much of the giver’s love in them.” And she is so right!

Father of the Bride & Groom Cufflinks from Aristocrafts

Father of the Bride & Groom Pocket Square from Aristocrafts

Father of the Bride Pocket Square from Aristocrafts

For the Father of the Bride, Groom and Groomsmen Monica has created boutonnieres, pocket squares and cufflinks that are guaranteed to be loved well after the wedding day…..

Silver Boutonniere by Aristocrafts

Groomsmen Pocket Squares from Aristocrafts

Personalised Groomsmen Pocket Squares from Aristocrafts

For your bridesmaids she has created unique necklaces, cute little toiletry bags and monogrammed hankies…..

Monogrammed Necklaces for Bridesmaids from Aristocrafts

Personalised Makeup Bag from Aristocrafts

Embroidered Monogrammed Necklace from Aristocrafts

Bridesmaids Monogrammed Hanky by Aristocrafts

And just recently she has added some of the most gorgeous bridal accessories to the collection, including these stunning art nouveau and art deco inspired hair combs in mother of pearl and tortoiseshell…..

Mother of Pearl Comb by Aristocrafts

Art Nouveau Tortoiseshell Comb by Aristocrafts

Art Nouveau Mother of Pearl Comb by Aristocrafts

Aren’t they just so pretty? I could so see one gracing the dressing table of Lady Mary in that unforgettable first series of Downton Abbey! I so adore Monica and her lovely work I couldn’t be happier or more excited to be able to let you in on the well kept secret that is Aristocrafts.




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