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Introducing Trumpet & Horn’s ‘The Flower Shop’

So thrilled to be introducing you today to The Flower Shop by Trumpet & Horn. A new collection of uniquely modern-vintage engagement and wedding rings that is utterly romantic and oh-so-feminine…..

Introducing Trumpet & Horn's 'The Flower Shop'

Flowers have long been associated with romance. It was ancient Rome when young brides first wore flower crowns in their hair and carried bouquets, while in the Elizabethan era even Shakespeare spoke of the romantic power of a bouquet and in the Victorian era flowers were full of meaning with marriage proposals often accompanied by tulips, given as a declaration of love.

Some of Trumpet & Horn‘s unique flower engagement rings echo the shape of the blossom that shares their name, while others borrow the hue of a flower’s delicate petals. Mimosa flowers, for example, are known for their soft pink center and zinnia plants are known for the tiny, colored buds along the center of their flowerette.

Modern Pink Emerald Engagement RingEmerald & Diamond Wedding Ring

Each ring is newly made in Los Angeles with ethically sourced gemstones and practices. And each design can also be customized to accommodate your budget, style, and unique love. So you are sure to find the perfect engagement ring for the one you love from The Flower Shop.