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Chic Vintage Bride – Florence Edith Savage

Yay, I am so honoured, chuffed and beyond excited to be sharing with you today the first reader submitted Chic Vintage Bride! What does that mean? Well, usually I spend hours scouring the internet for a pretty dress, a familiar name, the perfect picture of a happy bride & groom to share with you each Wednesday. Today’s incredible Chic Vintage Bride at her gorgeous Edwardian wedding however was sent to me by one of you! Which is something I always secretly hoped might happen, one day, and now it has I couldn’t be happier. I am happy that my little weekly posts have inspired you to search out those family treasures hidden away, and share them so they might be enjoyed, swooned over and cherished once more. So without any further rambling, let me introduce you to Lizabeth Souness‘s great Nana, the first (hopefully of many) Chic Vintage Bride from you…..

Chic Vintage Edwardian Bride - Florence Savage

Lizabeth’s great grandparents, Florence Edith Savage and Alexander Ernest Flower were married in 1899 in Forrest Gate in England – wasn’t their day glorious? There are so many things I adore about this picture – the dapper men, the fabulous hats, the bride’s gorgeous bouquet and orange blossom headpiece….I could go on! But thanks to Lizabeth my absolute favourite thing, that makes me smile each and every time I see it, is something that I probably would never have noticed….

“To my Nana’s horror there is a broomstick behind her mother on the right. Nana was a legend in our family – a woman of great mystery who was always immaculate in her dress and presentation; and this unwitting addition to the scene did not amuse her : )”

Thank-you Lizabeth for sharing such a treasured moment and memory of your wonderful family with us! If this post has inspired you and you would like to share your family’s Chic Vintage Brides (from Victorian to the 1960s – I can’t bear to think of the 70s as vintage yet :)), then please do send any pictures (greater than 650 pixels wide) through to me at [email protected] with Chic Vintage Bride Submission in the subject box.