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Espousing a fresh and unique take on the experience of getting married, Grace Loves Lace are a revolutionary Australian design house defining a new era of bridal fashion; for the free-spirited bride unbound by monotony and tradition.

Specialising in unique, timeless and sophisticated luxury wedding dresses handmade from only the finest French & European lace and silks . What really sets them apart though is the quality of their fabrics, their unique designs and the flexibility of their fits. Unlike traditional wedding dresses with uncomfortable boning and impractical textiles, their designs are effortless and comfortable, thanks to a stretch component incorporated for an easy fit.

Better still, they sell their collection exclusively online (with the exception of their showroom destinations) at the wholesale price point – less than half the recommended retail price! They pride themselves on distancing their brand from the retail market and everything it represents. You will not find Grace Loves Lace products overpriced and swimming with the tide in bridal stores.

All for you, the Grace Loves Lace Bride: the avant-garde, the free spirited, the rule breaker, the earthen, the gypsetter, the vintage goddess, the chic modernista, the true bohemian beauty. The bride who throws it all to the wind, who is reckless in her passion, nomadic in her joy, progressive in her beliefs, knows exactly what she wants, and always, always bets everything on love.


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