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20 Gorgeous Autumn Boutonnieres

With mornings here in the still sunny Hawkes Bay feeling distinctly chilly and the leaves beginning to turn I decided it was time to say goodbye to Summer and embrace Autumn. So, today I am turning my attention to the husbands-to-be in our lives and looking at some seasonal Groom inspiration. This will be my fourth post looking at Boutonnieres (after Winter, Summer and fun & quirky alternatives to the flower boutonniere) and  I think Autumn may be my favourite season of all for Grooms fashion! It is a season full of beautifully rich, deep colours that are uniquely unisex like that lovely burnt orange, emerald, rich plum red and of course tasty chocolate brown. In fact there was such an abundance of fantastic Autumn Boutonniere inspiration: woodsy, rustic, creative, chic, vintage and elegant; that I struggled to keep this post to just 20!……

Autumn Leaf Boutonnieres - Pantone Fall 2013 Colour KoiAutumn Orange Boutonnieres – Floral & Leaf

Leaf & Rose Autumn Boutonniere

Leaf & Rose Boutonniere

Scrabble Boutonniere

Scrabble Boutonniere

Bright Autumn Boutonnieres

Bright Vivacious Autumn Boutonnieres

Autumn Boutonnieres

Autumn Boutoninieres

Button Boutonnieres

Button Samba Boutonnieres

Feather Boutonniere

Feather & Pinecone Boutonniere

Feather Boutonniere

Feather & Eucalyptus Boutonniere

Succulent Autumn Boutonnieres

Succulent Autumn Boutonnieres

Plum Key Autumn Boutonnieres

Key Autumn Boutonnieres

Autumn Brown Cone Boutonniere from Etsy
Brown Cone Boutonniere

Yarn Boutonnieres

Yarn Boutonnieres

Blue Autumn Boutonnieres

Blue Autumn Boutonnieres – Blue Ribbon & Blue Flower

Rainbow Dried Flower Boutonniers from Etsy

Rainbow Dried Flower Boutonnieres from Cherubino Crafts on Etsy

Autumn Boutonnieres

Autumn Boutonnieres – Subtle & Teal Ribbon

Autumn White Boutonnieres

White Autumn Boutonnieres

Woodsy Autumn Boutonniere

Woodsy Autumn Boutonniere

Are you planning an Autumn Wedding? What sort of bout can you see your man sporting? I ♥ the country chic of the feather bout on the herringbone suit, such a fab choice of feathers!

I think Pantone’s Autumn 2013 rich colour palette will be equally great for bridesmaids, as well as grooms, so keep an eye out for a post coming soon!