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11 Beautiful Winter Wedding Colour Palettes

As I remember all too well, choosing your wedding colors is not as easy as it may sound! There is so much to consider when picking your palette: you want one that not only suits your chosen venue, but also compliments your bridesmaids, one that’s not too feminine for your groom and his guys, but oozes romance all the same (it is a wedding after all) and then of course you want it to reflect your personalities, style and not forgetting your chosen season – but without being cliched!

So, with the holiday season drawing closer and feeling it was well past time we took a look at some perfect palettes for a Winter wedding, today I have rounded up 11 (yep, 11 it was just IMPOSSIBLE to narrow down all of these beautifully inspiring images and colors to 10) of my favourite color stories for a celebration in the cooler months – and we’re not just talking about the traditional red, gold and green! Featuring fuchsia, pale pink, grape and greyed jade, these are palettes that will wow with their unique take on Winter…..

Dusky Blues & Greyed Jade

And I’m going to start with a romantic twist on the traditional frosty blues that we know look so stunning for a Winter wedding. These heavenly hues are softer and more subtle but no less beautiful – and might I add super flattering for your bridesmaids….. If it is a little too cool for your tastes, you can always add a hint of palest pink for a touch of warmth!

Romantic Winter Wedding Color Palette - Dusky Blue & Greyed Jade

Bouquets ~ Bare Root Flora // Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Jenny Yoo // Photography ~ Shannon Von Eschen Photography via Wedding Sparrow


Fig & Fuchsia

From the romantic to the strikingly unusual! Fig & Fuchsia is the palette for a bold bride looking to make a statement with an opulent colour scheme that is guaranteed to wow your guests. The pops of pink and gold against the dusky plum and slate blues work so well, and will add warmth as well as richness to any Winter wedding! Oh and ripe figs and fresh berries make the perfect topper to any cake – take a look here to see what I mean!

Bold Winter Wedding Color Palette - Fuchsia & Fig

Vintage Engagement Rings ~ Trumpet & Horn // Ring Boxes ~ The Mrs Box



Neutrals are always a good idea and even more so in Winter when these colors are so abundant in nature! This is an ideal palette for a barn or rustic inn wedding, somewhere you can keep the palette pristine and pure, with just a hint of greenery to soften it.

Oh and if you’re not convinced that brown can be anything but boring, take a peek at this pretty palette – it is one of CVBs most popular – and this snowcovered Winter wonderland wedding!

Neutral Winter Wedding Color Palette

Gingerbread Snowflakes ~ Chasing Delicious


Red & Slate

Somehow managing to be both stylishly masculine and beautifully feminine this rich colour combination gives a contemporary twist to the traditional Winter hues. Embrace the season, and save a few $s, with some unexpected treasures, such as feathers, in your floral arrangements to give them that lush foraged feel……

Beautiful Winter Wedding Color Palette

Bouquet ~ Bare Root Flora // Photography ~ Shannon Von Eschen Photography


Snow Dusted Pine

A gorgeous Winter wedding palette that is just perfect for the current greenery trend! Snow dusted pine mixes fresh blue greens with silver and splashes of neutrals, and whilst it would most definitely suit a rustic setting, it would also look oh so dramatic in a more formal venue. Just think silver instead of wood chargers, and chandaliers as well as candelabras, mixed with more formal greenery to create stately tables….. very Downton Abbey!

If you love this, then you will definitely want to see this stunning Winter wedding inspiration board in similar colours, or for the more formal take on the scheme take a peek here.

Neutral Winter Wedding Color Palette - Snow Dusted Pine

Event Design ~ Michelle Leo Events  // Photography ~ Jacque Lynn Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs


Gold & Grape

This palette is even prettier than this picture suggests! Rich grape reds mixed with gold make for a luxurious and warm colour scheme that would be perfect for a floral filled affair; and is surprisingly versatile, suiting a multitude of venues as well as seasons – don’t you think it would look just as lovely in Autumn, Spring or Summer?

Stunning Winter Wedding Color Palette - Gold & Grape

Naked Wedding Cake ~ Aleksandra Senina // Photography ~ Aleksandra Sashina via Chic Vintage Brides


Peonies & Wood

This complex palette of neutrals with pops of pretty exudes romance! And whilst it might be an unusual choice for a Winter wedding, I wanted to show that this mix of masculine neutrals and feminine pinks can look so chic, especially when grounded by some cool blues – with Vibernum Berries being the perfect shade! I do so love when bouquets feature berries, don’t you?

Romantic Winter Wedding Color Palette

Bridal Bouquet ~ Twisted Willow // Photography ~ Heather Roth Fine Art Photography via Chic Vintage Brides


Frosty Blues

Nothing says Winter quite like the cool tones of Frosty Blues. A beautifully masculine colour palette it is perfect for a same sex wedding, or a celebration that is romantic without being too girly! (Want to see how this might look in a wedding? Take a peek at this timeless take on it)

Masculine Winter Wedding Color Palette

Mens Attire ~ H&M // Photography ~ Rebecca Hollis Photography via Chic Vintage Brides


Spice & Cool Waters

A palette with a hint of Autumnal warmth I love this combination of spicy oranges and cool blues! Sophisticated, and masculine, it also has a vintage vibe thanks to its aged tones. I think a rustic barn setting like in the image below make a fabulous backdrop…..

Winter Wedding Color Palette - Spice & Cool Waters

Event Design ~ Beargrass Gardens Florals And Events // Floral Design ~ Beargrass Gardens Florals And Events // Photography ~ Rebecca Hollis Photography via Chic Vintage Brides


Winter Pinks & Grey

A balance of cool and warm tones collide in this palette to create a truly breathtaking color story for a romantic Winter wedding! The key to keeping it chic, is to keep the brighter shades to just a pop – think a hint in florals and stationery, rather than bridesmaids dresses! Done right it is a sophisticated combination that is guaranteed to be loved as much by your groom and his men, as by your bridesmaids.

Unique Winter Wedding Color Palette

Wedding Stationery ~ Red Calligraphy // Photography ~ Heather Roth Fine Art Photography via Chic Vintage Brides

Midnight Blue & Copper

Perhaps my most favourite of all though is this dramatic and romantic palette of blues. With highlights of copper and jade it is a contrasting palette of light and dark with a dash of winter magic – how stunning would it be for a New Year’s Eve wedding? I love this bride’s choice of a midnight blue wedding dress, but if it’s not for you ivory, or perhaps gold, would look just as beautiful.

Stunning Winter Wedding Color Palette - Midnight Blue & Copper

Floral Design ~ A Very Beloved Bloom // Photography ~ Manuela Kalupar via Chic Vintage Brides

What do you think? Are any of these tempting you with a Winter wedding? I know most couples dream of a sunny Summer celebration, but as a Winter bride myself (New Year’s Eve in fact!) I can honestly say it is the most wonderful time of the year to say I do.

Now, if you are hoping for a snow dusted affair but none of the above have set your heart aflutter, don’t despair because there are lots of gorgeous Winterwedding color palettes in CVBs archives! How about a rich golden plum, or for something a little more unusual take a peek at this non-traditional trio – I think you will love it!

Do let me know in the comments below, or over on Facebook, which one is your favourite and it might just be CVB’s next inspiration board. Oh and if it’s none of the above that’s ok, let me know anyway because I am always on the look out for beautiful new colour palettes.