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Wedding Wisdom – Vintage Wedding Cars

On the morning of my wedding I awoke at our venue, and there were definitely benefits to this! But I can not even begin to count the number of times I have read that a bride’s favourite moment was the journey to the venue with her father, or the car ride to the reception with her new husband…. it’s those quiet moments to take a breath and reflect. Plus, of course there’s the perfect photo opportunity that a gorgeous vintage wedding car provides…..

Vintage Wedding Cars - Photography by Eliza ClaireFranky – Love My Dress

Vintage Wedding Cars - Photography by Lev KupermanKarla & Phil – Ruffled

Vintage Wedding Cars - Photography by Sarah YatesLacey & Ben – Ruffled

Wedding Car - Photography by Corey Sleap

Arrival – Corey Sleap Photography

So, what are the most glamourous wedding cars, perfect for a chic vintage bride??….. Well I am certainly not going to attempt to answer that one! I look at a car and see a colour and could not begin to name any makes or models, so I am going to hand over to the professionals at Absolute Wedding Cars……

Vintage Car - Photography by Eliza ClaireFranky & Carl – Love My Dress

A wedding is one of the most memorable events in one’s lifetime. Although ephemeral by their very nature, weddings capture an indelible moment in time, to be relived countless times over in a couple’s photographs and happy memories. It goes without saying that the big day needs to go perfectly, and one of the key aspects in pulling off a fantastically classic wedding is the type of wedding car to be used (indeed, arriving at an otherwise fancy event in a mid-1990’s family sedan may have a few visual drawbacks) It is for this reason that many couples choose to hire a vintage car to make the event truly memorable. To lend an air of sophistication and elegance to any wedding, here are some of the most popular choices…..

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

This luxury vehicle was one of the most sought-after cars from the mid 1950s to the mid 1960s. It is a large, sleek vehicle that boasts a powerful yet famously silent engine. The mere presence of this car alone demands attention, and while big may be impressive, the elegant interior is just as amazing for the lucky couple who is riding inside.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Rolls Rouce Silver Cloud

Maserati Quattroporte

With a name like Maserati, one knows that the car will be defined by speed. Indeed, this vehicle can reach up to 170 miles per hour, although rarely should such a fast getaway from a wedding be necessary. Still, many younger couples will choose this model due to its unparallelled power as well as the sleek and sexy design.

Maserati QuattroporteMaserati Quattroporte

The Beauford

Although the name may fail to strike a familiar chord, all one has to do is to imagine the stylish Clark Gable movies of the 1930s. More likely than not, the Beauford was a centrepiece. This plush convertible was and still is the definition of style and should a wedding be lucky enough to enjoy a bit of nice weather, the bride and groom can roll away in class with the wind whipping through their hair.

Absolute Limousines Beauford

The Beauford

Absolutely beautiful I am sure you will agree , my favourite is definitely the Beauford, so recognisable from those old Hollywood movies! I think it is fair to say though that such beauty comes with a considerable price tag (with prices starting at the tidy sum of £300) but I do believe the price may be well worth the experience with memories that will last a lifetime!

Are you thinking of hiring a vintage car for your wedding? Have any of these grabbed you?




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