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Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons – CVBs 2nd Blogiversary

Well today is the day Chic Vintage Brides actually turns 2 and I feel we have marked the occasion with applomb – I hope you, the people for whom all of these celebrations have rightly been for, are all feeling spoiled rotten (with your 25% Discount at Mignonne Handmade, 15% Discount at Noaki and up to 30% Discount at Bella Figura) I certainly feel like the cat that had the cream….or rather the cream filled birthday cake!

Marilyn Monroe

How else could I finish the week and the birthday celebrations but with a special Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons sharing your pick of Chic Vintage Brides posts. Here are your top 5 posts from my little blog over the last year, starting with…..

5. The lady who continues to be named one of the most iconic brides of all time, some 57 years later! I am not in the least surprised that she was also one of your favourite posts of the last year. Such a natural beauty, screen legend and style icon…… Grace Kelly

Style Icon - Grace Kelly


4. It is fair to say Downton Abbey had me at hello! Since the sweeping opening scenes of season one I have been completely enamoured (Mr E says obsessed) with the opulent costumes, characters and those caustic one-liners delivered by the Dowager Countess! And after the season two Christmas special I have never looked forward to a season as much as I did season three, and it appears I wasn’t the only one!  The wedding of Mary and Matthew did NOT disappoint did it? (but I confess I did prefer poor Edith’s wedding dress, controversial I know! and I think we all hoped for a happier end for the newlyweds)

Downton Abbey Series 3


3. As a New Year’s Eve bride myself of course I may be a little biased in my belief that it is by far the most beautiful, meaningful and best times to get married. But it seems whether it was due to the date, colour palette, or stunning wedding dresses included in the post, a lot of you agree with me as my Peach & Gold New Years Eve Wedding Inspiration Board was by far the most popular of the year…..

New Years Eve Isnpiration Board


2. There is no doubt from the numbers that you were as excited by my re-visit of the enduring Flower Crown trend as I was…. it is no wonder Chic Vintage Brides Pinterest board, packed with over 400 pictures of the most glorious flower crown examples, is followed by over 1 million of you! It would definitely be my choice of headwear for a woodland vow renewal (which one day I will convince Mr E to do)

Flower Crowns


1. But by far the most popular post was inspired (unsurprisingly) by a comment from a Chic Vintage Brides follower (you guys rock!) Mismatched bridesmaids dresses, as well as being super on trend, are the perfect solution for the modern bride with bridesmaids dotted all over the country. There is a combination to suit every wedding theme, colour scheme and bridesmaid, with this trend anything goes and the post covered pretty much all of them…… I am so glad you liked it!

Mismatched Bridesmaids

It has been quite the week, and as I slump back in my chair, with a glass of wine in my hand and a contented smile on my face a thought occurs to me “oh my god….. how will I top this next year?!”

Thank goodness I have 365 days to think about it! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!