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Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons #50

Happy New Year everyone! Oh wow doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year break as much as I did – I had some much needed down time with Mr E (and Cheeseburger, of course) and feel thoroughly refreshed and…. well, quite simply raring to go! I am so excited at the prospect of all that 2013 might bring, after such an amazing 2012 the possibilities are endless…..

I have long thought though that you need to have aims and aspirations (not resolutions) at the start of a new year, I see it as part of making dreams a reality. So I always start my year writing a list of 9 (not 10….don’t know why, it would drive Mr E, with his OCD for even numbers potty, but 9 it has always been) last year CVB and its fab new birthday look was one of those 9 (with a big tick against it), this year I feel Chic Vintage Brides deserves a list all of its own.

(Image Source Blossoming Visions)

So this week’s (rather tardy – apologies but they have taken some careful consideration) Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons is dedicated to my aims and aspirations for Chic Vintage Brides for 2013… I suppose they are effectively my promises to you, because (as if I could ever forget) my little blog wouldn’t be half as exciting without you the lovely readers, followers, contributors, sponsors and passers by.

I am going to start the New Year with a little post shuffle, so my first aims and aspirations are to:

1. Feature more Real Weddings….lots more! After all they are what I found most inspiring when Mr E and I were immersed in wedding planning. Here’s 3 I already have for you….

Felicity & Ant from Bayly & MooreFelicity & Ant from Bayly & Moore

Sally & Paul from Goldsmith & Co Photographers  Sally & Paul from Goldsmith & Co

Heather & Justin by Whitewall PhotographyHeather & Justin from Whitewall Photography

So if you are a photographer and would like to be featured on CVB do drop me an email!

2. Post more fashion – Brides, Grooms, Bridesmaids, Mothers of the Bride, Flowers Girls and Ring Bearers, I am going to tackle them all in true Chic Vintage Brides fashion.



3. Eek and this might be one for later in the year, to be involved in an Inspiration Shoot – organiser, contributor, photographers assistant 🙂 I don’t mind what I do, I just want to witness and be a part of an Inspiration Shoot, and when I am receiving images like these is it any wonder??……

Momental Designs Runway to Reality Inspiration Shoot

Momental Designs Runway to Reality Inspiration Shoot

Amor Eterno Kirra Sun  PhotographyAmor Eterno Kirra Sun Photography with Flowers by Julia Rose

Vintage Bridal Shoot by Josie Richardson Vintage Bridal Shoot by Josie Richardson


4. Bring back Sunday Style Icons – I haven’t posted one since June and I miss them terribly. These are the women after all who inspired my love of all things chic and vintage to begin with! Here are a few of the women on my list to feature this year

Sunday Style Icons


5. Feature reader’s Chic Vintage Brides. This has long been something I have wanted to do but have always been slightly nervous of asking, but my hope is to start featuring the wedding photos and love-stories of readers Mums, Nans and Great-Nans – so Chic Vintage Brides becomes more than just a wedding catalogue of the rich and famous (although I do love a Royal wedding). I started proceedings by sharing my very own Nan & Grandad’s wedding….

Chic Vintage Bride Joan Dowden


6. Create more Inspiration Boards! They are after all some of your favourite posts….and mine!

Inspiration Boards


And because I want Chic Vintage Brides to be somewhere brides and couples can find more than just inspiration, somewhere they can find the photographers, designers or cake makers that can make their wedding dream a reality…

7. I am going to search far and wide for the newest, brightest and best wedding professionals to fill Chic Vintage Bride’s directory and pages!

As someone who had no Facebook account until October 2011, I am a terrible at it (personally and professionally) So this will be the year I truly tackle Social Media, starting with:

8. Increasing my Facebook posts! Sharing the beautiful and inspiring things I find whilst wandering the world of weddings.

Chic Vintage Brides on Facebook


9. And Pinning more regularly….. I am a pinaholic (over 7,000 pins attests to that) but my pinning is sporadic at best -very all or nothing (its part of the problem of being so easily distracted) So this year I aspire to be a more organised and regular pinner….. on all of my 111 boards!

Chic Vintage Brides on Pinterest


What do you think? Have I missed anything that you would like to see more of on Chic Vintage Brides? And how about your own aspirations (not resolutions, remember) for this New Year?