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20 Stunning (and Budget Friendly) Single Stem Bouquets

Whilst the trend of recent seasons has been for large, organic, cascading bouquets brimming with blooms and greenery, I know they’re not for everyone. So, whether its budget or style that puts you off these lush creations, today I have the perfect alternative for you. Instead of carrying a big bouquet of flowers, consider making a statement with just one stylish stem…..

20 Stunning Single Stem Bouquets

Single stem bouquets, much like the single tier wedding cake, create a look that is both effortless and edgy. More than that, they allow us to see the beauty in the detail of your chosen flower, and they really let your wedding dress shine! But best of all? They take almost no time and no $s to create, so they’re the perfect choice for the DIY bride or anyone on a tight budget.

Although any flower you love could be your bloom of choice for your bouquet, those with big petal filled heads work best – roses are of course the classic choice, but peonies, proteas, hydrangeas, magnolias and sunflowers all make gorgeous single stem bouquets too. And whilst I couldn’t find any examples online, my neighbour growing up used to grown the most incredible bloom chrysanthemums, and so I know they would also make a beautiful bouquet. Not convinced? Just take a look at these…..

1. White Hydrangea

White Hydrangea Single Stem Bouquet

Jordan Brittley via SMP


2. White Protea

Protea Bouquet

Lisa Hessel Photography via Every Last Detail


3. Flower Girl Peony

Flower Girl Peony Single Stem Bouquet

KT Merry via SMP


4. Bridesmaid Single Rose Bouquets

Single Rose Bridesmaids Bouquets

Nathan Westerfield via Southern Weddings


5. Red Rose

Single Red Rose Bouquet

Alea Lovely via Swooned


6. Closed Magnolia

Closed Magnolia Single Stem Bouquet

Buffy Dekmar Photography via Wedding Chicks


7. Pink Rose

Single Bloom Bouquet

This Modern Romance


8. Blue Hydrangea

Hydrangea Single Stem Bouquet

Bespoke Brides Photography via The Wedding Scoop


9. Faux Flower

Single Stem Faux Flower Bouquet

D. Park Photography via The Overwhelmed Bride


10. Single Stem Rose

Single Stem Rose Bouquet

Anneli Marinovich via Bloved


11. Open Peony

Open Peony Single Stem Bouquet

The Photography of Haley Sheffield via Ruffled


12. Sunflower

Sunflower Single Stem Bouquet

Buffy Dekmar Photography via SMP


13. Magnolia

Magnolia Single Stem Bouquet

Tracy Enoch Photography via Glamour & Grace


14. Single Closed Rose

Single Closed Rose Bouquet

Alea Lovely via Ruffled


15. Dahlia

Dahlia Single Stem Bridal Bouquet

Elizabeth Messina via Inspired by This


16. Flower Girl Peony

Single Stem Peony Flower Girl Bouquet

Diana Marie Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs


17. Yellow Rose

Yellow Single Stem Rose Bouquet

Jose Villa for Magnolia Rouge


18. King Protea

Protea Single Stem Bouquet

Blush Wedding Photography via Ruffled


19. Open Magnolia

Open Magnolia Single Stem Bouquet

Jose Villa via Southern Weddings


Or to really make a statement you could go with…..

20. Glamelia (or Composite) Bloom

A glamelia, or composite, bouquet is when a florist (or bride) uses the petals of many different flowers to create one magnificent large one – like the rose below. The name ‘glamelia’ goes back to the 1940s when during WWII camelia blooms were very expensive, so brides took the petals of inexpensive gladiolas and made them into the more expensive looking flower – so the ‘gla’ from gladiolus and ‘melia’ from the camelia were joined to coin the term ‘glamelia’. However they began, they are something of a work of art, so certainly won’t be one of the more budget friendly single stem bouquets….but wow they really are beautiful!

Glamelia or Composite Bouquet

Ashley Biess Photography via Ruffled

See, it is true what they say, simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication! And I for one hope to see much more of the simple single stem bouquet, they are the epitome of chic. If you’re still not convinced though and are looking for more bouquet ideas, then take a peek at our fabulous series of bouquet recipes or these blooms for the mid-century loving bride, or for more opulence these Art Deco inspired bouquets. And for something inspired by the seasons I have for you: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter