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One of a Kind from Doloris Petunia

Incredibly, considering their success story, I only recently discovered Doloris Petunia – stumbling across their Aladdin’s Cave of a store on Etsy,  via a post of one of their pieces on Pinterest. Since discovering them however I have completely fallen in love with their wonderful one of a kind, statement sashes, cuffs, necklaces and bandeaux……

Art Deco Bandeau by Doloris Petunia


Classic Crystal Bandeau from Doloris Petunia

Aren’t their bandeaux exquisite?! Each one equally intricate but distinctive and different.

Almost 3 years since starting on Etsy, Doloris Petunia has gone from selling a few handmade pieces to being featured in all of the top fashion magazines, worn on the red carpet of the The Emmy Awards, and sold in retail stores on every continent (excluding Antarctica).

One of a Kind Necklace - Bayadere, from Doloris Petunia

One of a Kind Crystal Sash from Doloris Petunia

Created by the incredibly talented Courtney Prince Miller, and named after her adorable pooch who goes by Lolita (because she is a bit of a flirt apparently), Doloris Petunia specialises in one of a kind, because its the new black, statement accessories – for brides and lovers of the bold and beautiful.

One of a Kind Pearl Vintage Necklace from Doloris Petunia

One of a Kind Cuff - Gold from Doloris Petunia

Courtney was inspired by the struggle she experienced finding  the perfect accessory when she got married. “I was looking for something that I could not find anywhere. I did not want to detract from my dress, but I also wanted a unique piece of jewelry that was completely reflective of who I was and that would also look stylish to my grandchildren 50 years from now. So I started to experiment with designing cuffs in a new way. I worked in all of the details that were important to me — symbols, colors and even family heirlooms — and made the piece so it was completely molded to my wrist size. It’s my most cherished handmade possession.”

One of a Kind Cuff from Doloris Petunia

The colours available are wide (rich and glorious) and the designs are perfect – modern, vintage or just personal, every bride will find something they love.

One of a Kind Cuff by Doloris Petunia

One of a Kind Earrings from Doloris Petunia

One of a Kind Blue Necklace from Doloris Petunia

Based in LA, where she lives with her husband and Lolita, Courtney draws inspiration from nature – as well as music, apparently all of her pieces have a soundtrack. She finds creativity on demand something of a challenge “Being artistic when you feel like it is fun, but doing it day in, day out is intense in a way I have never experienced in any other job. When I think about the trust my clients place in me though to create something special for them, I am not only honoured, but I also rely on that trust to get myself back on track if I’m stuck.”

One of a Kind Blue & Peach Statement Necklace from Doloris Petunia

Sadly, at the moment Courtney and the team are only taking custom orders on a case-by-case basis, all be it for the best reason – overwhelming demand (but always feel free to ask)  They are still stocking plenty of their one of a kind original items on Etsy and on their swanky new (actually currently still WIP) website – go look see!