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Introducing the Exquisite Floral Bridal Hair Adornments from Yelena Accessories

If you are a follower of Chic Vintage Brides on Instagram, or have paid a visit to either the Little Book of Chic or Boutique of late, you may have already caught a glimpse of the heavenly creations of London based designer Yelena Smirnova. Well today I am proud to be able to introduce you properly! The purveyor of handcrafted floral bridal hair accessories that truly are works of art Yelena Accessories is a name that once familiar with you will not forget…..

Romantic Bridal Headpieces from Yelena Accessories

The art of flower making is a delicate tradition that is shrouded in secrecy with origins that reach back through the centuries. But Yelena learnt her skills from her grandmother who was a flower maker – and there is no doubt she has absolutely mastered the art!

“I began to learn the art of making flowers in the 1990s. My grandmother, who was a seamstress and a flower maker, taught me the basic techniques and passed on her antique tools to me. The art of making flowers stretches back over centuries. It’s a meticulous, long, but very creative process. I get my inspiration from art, folklore and fairy tales, but the beauty of nature is one my main sources of inspiration.

Looking at the flower, I not only enjoy its beauty but think about how I can create it from fabric. I can spend hours studying real flowers, their stamens, colours, shape of their leaves and petals to understand how they’re joined together…sometimes pulling them apart and converting them into patterns. It’s the most exciting part of my working process! Constantly experimenting with colours, forms and texture I strive to create new and exciting pieces that stand out for their originality and elegance with a nod to vintage design.”

Mia Headband from Yelena AccessoriesRosalie Bridal Hair Comb & Valentia Headdress from Yelena AccessoriesKira Bridal Hair Comb Yelena AccessoriesAmelia Floral Vine & Flora Hair Comb from Yelena Accessories

Whilst having only recently discovered Yelena’s work, her designs have quickly captured by heart with their romance and ethereal delicacy. Each piece is made with meticulous precision – every single petal, stamen and leaf sculpted with skill using only the very finest silk, chiffon, lace and organza. With pieces centred around flamboyant poppies and chrysanthemum to delicate roses and daisies, Yelena’s designs are fresh and modern, a boho brides dream, but with a definite nod to vintage design.

Victoria Delicate Floral Crown from Yelena AccessoriesRosabella Headdress & Eliza Crown from Yelena AccessoriesFlavia Floral Bridal Headdress from Yelena AccessoriesCelina Hair Comb & Ophelia Flower Circlet from Yelena AccessoriesCeleste Bridal Hair Accessory from Yelena AccessoriesFiona Hair Ribbon & Eugenia Bridal Hair Comb from Yelena AccessoriesDaisy Bridal Headdress from Yelena Smirnova

See what I mean? I am completely smitten with all of these pieces – especially the romantic Rosalie… Oh and you should see Verbena! Oh no, this isn’t the full collection, but rather just a few of my personal favourites, so be sure to pop over to Yelena’s website at www.yelenasmirnova.co.uk to see the rest.

If you love her style, but aren’t sure which design would best compliment your dress and look, why not ask the designer. She is always happy to lend her expert advice. Or for something completely unique, you could commission a bespoke design in a fabric or colour to match your dress! The designer explains “Most of my floral hair accessories can be recreated in a fabric and colour to match a bride’s wedding dress and accentuate her individuality.” An investment piece that can be passed down to your daughter and granddaughter, I can not think of a more perfect way to complete any bridal look!

You can also see Yelena’s beautiful pieces being worn by real brides and keep up with all of the latest from Yelena Accessories by following on Facebook and Instagram. Oh and do keep an eye out on these pages, as I hope this will be the first of many posts featuring Yelena’s beautiful designs!



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