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Elegant & Ethical Engagement Rings from S. Kind & Co

With Christmas, and proposal season, just around the corner, I can think of no better time to introduce you to one of my latest discoveries: the beautiful ethical engagement rings of S. Kind & Co…..

Ethical Modern Vintage Engagement Rings from S. Kind & Co

S. Kind & Co is the creation of old friends, Sophie & Jacob. Together they craft the most gorgeous ethical engagement rings (as well as wedding bands to compliment them) in their NYC studio. Combining contemporary techniques and antique style their pieces perfectly capture the timeless beauty of vintage engagement rings with the sophistication of modern design; encapsulating the ‘modern vintage‘ trend that we are all loving right now.

Better still though their creations have a special quality that sets their rings apart from any other, and that is they are 100% ethical! Refusing to ignore the problematic nature of the jewelry industry, Sophie & Jacob strive to create rings that do no harm to either people or the environment. What does this mean? Well, they only use gemstones that are either reclaimed or recycled, lab created (like Mossanite) or that can be clearly identified as originating in a region that uses ethical mining practices. They exclusively use recycled precious metals, they only choose independent craftspeople and local family owned businesses (their precious metals are recycled by the family owned casting house they work with), and every year they donate to several deserving causes that are important to them.

Above all else though, S. Kind & Co engagement rings are absolutely stunning! Just take a look for yourself…..

Ethical Modern Vintage Engagement Rings from S. Kind & COUnique Ethical Engagement Rings from S. Kind & CoUnique Ethical Wedding Rings from S. Kind & Co

It is clear to me, from our conversations and from their work, that this is more than just a business. Hand crafting jewelry is a life long dream (the duo met silver smithing at an arts camp when they were 12!), a real passion, a calling almost. Sophie & Jacob explain “We have a deep fascination with the past and tremendous respect for the future. Our families have been making jewelry since 1872 and we are honored to continue the tradition.”

Jacob’s great-great-great grandfather’s established a jewelry company called S. Kind and Sons in 1872 and Sophie’s great-great grandfather founded Hurwitz Jewelry in East St. Louis in the 1890s. So you see jewelry is in their blood!

Blue Modern Vintage Engagement Rings from S. Kind & CoOpal Modern Vintage Engagement Ring from S. Kind & CoEthical Modern Vintage Engagement Rings from S. Kind & Co

As with any good engagement ring, the centre stone is at the heart of each design… “Each engagement ring is designed to the specifications of the center stone so it will be perfectly proportioned. Jacob considers every detail and what will look most beautiful with that particular gem: what recycled metal color to use, the style and design of the ring, the side stones, it’s very involved and delicate work. We love working with antique and vintage cut gemstones and setting them in clean modern rings, as well as the opposite, setting a very interesting and contemporary looking gemstone in a an ornate antique style ring.”

Ethical Mossanite Engagement Rings from S. Kind & CoRose Gold Ethical Engagement Rings from S. Kind & CoEthical Sapphire Engagement Rings from S. Kind & Co

“Working with artisan gem cutters, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on interesting antique cuts, like Rose Cut Montana Sapphires. The result is a collection of one-of-a-kind ethical engagement rings that are the perfect marriage of antique style and contemporary design.”

Blue Ethical Engagement Rings from S. Kind & CoUnique Ethical Engagement Rings from S. Kind & Co

What I love most about S. Kind & Co’s engagement rings, is that each has their own unique style: from the stones cut and colour, to the setting, to the precious metal Sophie & Jacob used, and of course the source; each one is one of a kind and truly exceptional. They are heirlooms of the future and I envy any bride-to-be who is lucky enough to wear one.

These are actually just some of my favourite from their collection, so be sure to pop across to Sophie & Jacob’s website skind.nyc to see the rest. You can also read more about their story here, and keep up with all of the latest S. Kind & Co news by following on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Oh and do keep an eye out on these pages, as I hope this will be the first of many posts featuring their stunning sparklers!




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