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Claire Pettibone’s 2012 Beautiful Beau Monde Collection

Previously, I have refrained from sharing the glorious creations of the Wedding dress designer of today’s post, because sadly she is currently not stocked in Australia or New Zealand – it would be cruel to tease you with such beauteous bridal gowns as these, if they are not available here…..

Lace Edwardian inspired Bridal Gown - CLAIRE PETTIBONE Marcelle

 However, with her simply breathtaking 2012 collection, Beau Monde, clearly inspired by my favourite period – la belle epoque (my obsession is only growing thanks to the incredible second series of Downton Abbey), plus the MOST exciting news I could no longer resist…….

Edwardian inspired Claire Pettibone bridal gown - Provence

CLAIRE PETTIBONE 2012 Bridal Gown Lumiere

Claire Pettibone has long been one of my favourite designers, but with the oodles of decadent lace, elegant sleeves, illusion necklines, and pretty pastel colours in her Autumn 2012 collection, so Edwardian, transporting brides to  a “languid summer in the French countryside” she has achieved absolute vintage bridal perfection!

Edwardian inspired Bridal Gown - CLAIRE PETTIBONE Lyon

Antique gold, French toile and tapestries inspired the textures and details in the 2012 collection and the styling with the soft, vintage updos and gorgeous floral bridal crowns was exquisite – so very French country.

Lace strapless gown from CLAIRE PETTIBONE Pirhouette

Capped sleeve Bridal Gown - CLAIRE PETTIBONE Brigitte

Momental Design‘s Kristy was one of the lucky few to spend time in Claire’s booth at the NYC Bridal Week, getting up close and personal with the gorgeous gowns (I’m so envious)

“I felt frozen in lovely time warp of Victorian fuss meets modern muss.  A page in my sketchbook was full before I knew what happened.  If I have to draw a trend from my experience capturing the Pettibone details it would center around one prediction.  Romance is here to stay.  Pinks and pales, laces and languid layers are our history and our future. ” See the sketches inspired by collection on the Momental Design website‘.

CLAIRE PETTIBONE 2012 Beau Monde Mademoiselle Wedding Dress with Illusion Neckline

 The designer herself, inspired by her own whimsical childhood fantasies of fairies and princesses, says:

 “When I design a collection I strive to make a woman feel as special as the delicate creation she is wearing; take her to a enchanted time and place where women are princesses and magnificent goddesses.

It has always been my desire to create exquisite feminine clothing using the finest fabrics and precious details; to combine a vintage feeling with modern style.”

Art Deco bridal dress - CLAIRE PETTIBONE Sophie

What Claire never fails to remember is that a bride is seen standing at the alter as well as you coming down the aisle, and therefore each and every one of her gowns is designed to create a complete and unforgettable statement. Details on the back of her dresses are never forgotten – or forgettable!

Edwardian inspired bridal gown CLAIRE PETTIBONE Toulouse

CLAIRE PETTIBONE 2012 Bridal Gown Toulouse Back Detail

Capped Sleeve, lace bridal gown - CLAIRE PETTIBONE Ooh La La

CLAIRE PETTIBONE 2012 Bridal Gown Ooh La La Back Detail

Art Nouveau inspired Bridal Gown - CLAIRE PETTIBONE Jolie

CLAIRE PETTIBONE 2012 Bridal Gown Jolie Back Detail

This gown is just so reminiscint of Art Nouveau works of Alphonse Mucha!

Alphonse Mucha

Edwardian inspired, capped sleeve, coloured Bridal Gown - CLAIRE PETTIBONE Genevieve

CLAIRE PETTIBONE 2012 Bridal Gown Genevieve Back Detail

  Capped sleeve Bridal Gown - CLAIRE PETTIBONE Belle

CLAIRE PETTIBONE 2012 Bridal Gown Belle Back Detail

 The use of French toile gave designs Toile Francais and Amelie a chic vintage flair.

Long sleeved, french toille bridal gown - CLAIRE PETTIBONE Toile Francais

CLAIRE PETTIBONE 2012 Bridal Gown Toile Francais Back Detail

Spaghetti strap bridal gown - CLAIRE PETTIBONE Amelie

CLAIRE PETTIBONE 2012 Bridal Gown Amelie Back Detail

(All images from Vogue Australia)

It is little wonder that Australian and New Zealand brides-to-be are happy to fly all the way to America to buy a Claire Pettibone bridal gown! But the good news, I am so excited to share, is that shortly they won’t need to – Claire Pettibone IS coming to a Bridal Boutique in Australia! For the moment I must remain tightlipped, Claire is still in conversation with the boutique, but I hope to be able to provide you with boutique information and timings soon, so watch this space.

These dresses are Edwardian inspired ethereal perfection, beautifully silhouetted they are sure to have you floating down the aisle!