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Chic 1920s Inspired Boudoir Shoot

Peaches & Twine Boudoir

Almost 9 years after getting married, if there is one thing I wish I could go back and do (apart from give everyone at our wedding just one more hug) it would be to book a boudoir shoot. Not as a present to my husband, but as a gift to myself. To celebrate me, and my body, at such a magical and momentous time in my life. I think to be able to look back at those images now, let alone in 20, 30 or 40 years time, and say “that was me” would be something really special…..

Boudoir shoots really can be so beautiful, and I hope sharing styled editorials like today’s inspires more of you to book one for yourself. Inspired by the Art Deco era, it features a pretty palette, flawless styling and timeless fine art photography that captures the romance and sensuality of the era perfectly….

Photographer Hannah of Peaches & Twine Boudoir shared these words about the inspiration behind this beautiful boudoir….. “For years, I have been fascinated with the 1920s. Our minds go immediately to the Gatsby, flashy, flapper icons, but I kept dreaming of a traditional, 1920s housewife, and what that would look like in her everyday world. Her day to day life, how she passes the time, being hulled up in her home, dreaming of the women making history around her…..”

Art Deco Inspired Boudoir


Isn’t it perfection?? I love everything about it, from the pretty splashes of pink, the styling of the bride and of course the dreamy photography….. Thankyou to everyone involved in creating this beautiful boudoir, but especially to Peaches & Twine Boudoir  who photographed it so perfectly. If you love their fine art style of photography and would like to see more of their work you should head to their website at www.peachesandtwineboudoir.com and be sure to find and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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Credits & Contributors

Photography: Peaches & Twine Boudoir || Venue: Peaches & Twine Boudoir Studio || Floral: MIRA Events + Design || Styling: MIRA Events + Design | Wardrobe Styling: Jolienne Collection || Hair: Sarah Lujan || Makeup: Carolina Takahashi || Model: Cheyenne West || Lingerie: Jolienne Collection || Submitted via Matchology