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25 Gorgeous Vintage Engagement Rings

After the Christmas holidays lots of you newly-engaged brides-to-be will be lucky enough to be shopping for the perfect engagement ring (perhaps there are a few romantic beaus planning a Valentines proposal too?) With an almost limitless choice nowadays of retailers, rings, settings, stones, size, gold – and price!; there can be few purchases more exciting, or daunting, than choosing the ring you will love for a lifetime. Many discerning modern brides however, including celebs like Scarlett Johannson, Penelope Cruz, Emily Blunt & Kate Moss, are looking to the past for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind engagement ring. I have long had a love for vintage rings (ever since I was a little girl allowed to play shop with my Nan’s precious jewels) But it’s not just their unique glamour and utterly timeless style that makes me love them so; it is their history, the stories of love locked in them, to me there is nothing more beautiful than owning a piece of jewelry with a past.

So. this weeks Snippets, Whispers & Ribbons is for all of you looking for your own heirloom to cherish and treasure. I have scoured the wide world of the web for the 5 most gorgeous vintage engagement rings from 5 of my favourite eras (or styles) to wow, inspire and beguile you. From Victorian to Mid Century, diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire, they are all absolute stunners! If you see something you like, simply click on the image to be taken straight to where you can discover more about it (and buy it!)….. oh and just wait until you see the vintage Tiffany & Co!

25 Gorgeous Vintage Engagement Rings

1.  Victorian Engagement Rings

Rings of the Victorian era have a very specific style, flower clusters or halos around marquise cut gems were very fashionable at the time as were coloured and semi precious stones like turquoise, opals, peridot, garnets as well as pearls, which makes for some very pretty and unique rings for today’s bride-to-be…..

Victorian Diamond Engagement RingVictorian Sapphire Diamond Engagement RingVictorian Trilogy Engagement RingVictorian Diamond Engagement RingVictorian Pearl Engagement Ring 1 ~ Trumpet & Horn, 2 ~ Artifact Vintage on Etsy, 3 ~ Brilliant Earth, 4 ~ Erstwhile Jewelry, 5 ~ Trumpet & Horn


2. Edwardian Engagement Rings

Engagement rings of the Edwardian era are by far the prettiest though. Far more delicate than their Victorian counterparts, diamonds became more popular, mounted in elaborate settings decorated with milgrain and intricate filigree. Engagement rings of this period make real statement pieces, but are not for the bride who wants a traditional wedding band!

Edwardian Diamond Engagement RingEdwardian Diamond Engagement RingVintage Edwardian Engagement RingEdwardian Engagement RingEdwardian Engagement Ring 1 ~ Trumpet & Horn, 2 ~ Erstwhile Jewelry, 3 ~ Brilliant Earth, 4 ~ Erstwhile Jewelry, 5 ~ Trumpet & Horn


3. Art Deco Engagement Rings

Of all the eras, Art Deco is my absolute favourite when it comes to engagement rings! During the 1920s and 1930s focus on the centre stone increased, and the clean square lines & geometric shapes typical of the period’s architecture replaced the ornate and elaborate settings of the Edwardian era, but the use of coloured gems and milgrain remained. So, both decorative and simple, elegant and bold, Art Deco engagement rings make a sophisticated style statement….

Art Deco Engagement RingDiamond Art Deco Engagement RingArt Deco Engagement RingArt Deco Engagement RingArt Deco Engagement Ring1 ~ Trumpet & Horn, 2 ~ Erica Weiner, 3 ~ Brilliant Earth, 4 ~ Erstwhile Jewelry, 5 ~ Trumpet & Horn


4. Mid Century Vintage Engagement Rings

After WWII fashion and rings because a lot more simple. Milgrain and filigree all but disappeared and the classic statement solitaire became the fashion – although often flanked by far smaller diamonds, sapphires or emeralds. Engagement rings of the Mid Century are perfect for the modern bride looking for a ring of ‘simple’ design with timeless elegance…..

Vintage Engagement RingVintage Engagement RingVintage Engagement RingVintage Tiffany Co Engagement RingVintage Engagement Ring1 ~ Trumpet & Horn, 2 ~ Erica Weiner, 3 ~ Brilliant Earth, 4 ~ Erstwhile Jewelry , 5 ~ Trumpet & Horn


5. Coloured Engagement Rings

Of course if you’re looking for something other than diamond, then a vintage engagement ring is the way to go! For coloured gems were in vogue throughout the Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian and Art Deco eras so whether your stone of choice is ruby, emerald, sapphire or something all together different, you are bound to find something you love. Take a peek at just a few I found…..

Art Deco Ruby & Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage Yellow Diamond Engagement RingArt Deco Emerald Tiffany & Co Vintage Engagement RingVintage Inspired Black Diamond Engagement RingEdwardian Sapphire Engagement Ring1 ~ Brilliant Earth, 2 ~ Trumpet & Horn, 3 ~ Erstwhile Jewelry, 4 ~ Rare Earth on Etsy, 5 ~ Trumpet & Horn

Oh how desperately I want an emerald art deco ring *sigh* one day! If this post has you thinking of going vintage for your engagement ring, be sure to read these Top Tips from experts Trumpet & Horn first and pop across to Chic Vintage Brides Engagement Ring Pinterest board for lots more beautifully blinging rings (there are almost 400 pins you know!) Oh and once you’ve found your ring, don’t forget to check out The Mrs Box!