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Aisle Style

Aisle Style – 20 Gorgeous (and DIY-able) Drapes

I think it is fair to say that in all of our excitement Mr E and I somewhat overlooked our ceremony room and aisle decor. I can’t say it is a regret, because there is nothing about our day that I regret; however if I had the chance again I might try to look at our space a little more creatively. There are so many utterly gorgeous and fabulously clever ideas out there for creating a stylish aisle and that all important frame or backdrop for your photos, whatever your budget and venue.

So far in this new Aisle Style series I have shared 10 of my favourite ceremony decor ideas and taken a closer look at arches in all of their guises – floral , wood and paper; elaborate, simple and rustic. Today I have what is possibly the most simple and DIY-able idea for you, with 20 of the most gorgeous drape decorated aisles……

Aisle Style - Drape Decorated Aisles

Lace Drapes by Linda Chaja

…..after all drapes are just 2 (or more) hanging pieces of fabric! But as simple an idea as they are, drapes can soften the most industrial venue, add elegance to a beach setting or add warmth to autumnal and winter weddings. Whether you are getting married indoors or out, looking for bold or neutral…..

Aisle Style - Indoor or Outdoor Drapes

Circus Drapes by Megan Thiele Studios & Ivory Drapes by Josh Elliot Photography

…..in a glam or rustic setting, simple drapes can create a pretty and unique ceremony backdrop.

Aisle Style - Glam or Rustic Drapes

Glam Drapes & Rustic Drapes by Byron Loves Fawn

Aisle Style - Glam Drapes

 Simple Drapes by Laura Murray Photography

Aisle Style - Beach Drapes

Beach Drapes by Alea Lovely

Aisle Style - Backyard Drapes

Backyard Drapes by Theo Milo Photography

Aisle Style - Woodland Drapes

Woodland Drapes by Ellagraph Studios

Aisle Style - DrapesAisle Style - Drapes

 Linen Drapes by Natasja Kremers

Aisle Style - Drapes

 Wrapped Drapes by Mirelle Carmichael Photography

Aisle Style - Drapes

 Lace Drapes by Jon Schaff

Aisle Style - Drapes

Tied Drapes by Carlie Statsky Photography

Aisle Style - Drapes

 Autumn Drapes by Hetler Photography

Aisle Style - Drapes

 Window Drapes by Christina Szczupak

Aisle Style - Rustic Glam Drapes Vineyard Drapes ~ Amanda k Photoart

Aisle Style - Woodland Drapes

Aisle Style - Woodland Drapes

 Oak Drapes by The Nichols

Aisle Style - Drapes

 Vintage Drapes by Feather & Stone Photography

Aisle Style - Drapes

  Tulle Drapes by Peter Loves Jane

Aisle Style - Drapes

 Vintage Hanging Drapes by Made U Look Photography

If you are feeling inspired and want to try to create your own drape adorned pergola…..

Aisle Style - DIY Drapes

 DIY Flower Pergola by Anthomanic

What do you think of these drama adding drapes? Any favourites? Do take a peek at my earlier Arch post if you’re not drawn to drapes and keep an eye out for the Aisle Style next post!